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The secret to effective copywriting is to create instant clarity among your readers and to ultimately persuade them to take a particular action. It’s a short form of text salesmanship but there’s really a lot more to it than that. The art of skillful copywriting is making your reader WANT to engage with you by intriguing them with short copy. Copywriting is a powerful art-form and the field is literally exploding. Virtually every industry needs professional copy nowadays. Below are some simple hacks and strategies that can be easily implemented to bring your business to life and give your business or blog the edge it needs to win more clients and increase your business.

Copywriting Strategies to Improve your Business and Increase Your Sales 

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Where Copywriting is Used

Good copywriting is the first step to help make more sales and create more signups. It can create higher converting blog posts. Writing autoresponders and emails that grab attention and bring in sales on autopilot.

Let’s discuss how to improve your copywriting!

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Learn How to Write a Click Worthy Headline 

Headlines are the first things people read, in the topic and in the email subject line. Headlines are the key propeller in driving your reader to take action or feel a certain way.

Do they provoke >Shock>fear>anger>interest>hope>desire>conviction?

“We are content snobs and have roughly less of an attention span nowadays than a goldfish.”



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Headlines have a huge responsibility these days. They have to grab your readers’ attention, be seductive, intriguing, magnetic, captivating and persuasive enough for them to click to open it, be further intrigued to look for information they need, potentially read the article, drive search traffic and encourage others to read your news as well!

Yikes! Not an easy feat.

There are over 2 million blog posts created daily –

Make your headline crystal clear, meaningful, and relevant, with the right keywords immediately.

In one survey, by, 85% of business owners said search term marketing (including organic search and PPC) was the most effective customer acquisition strategy for them. – 

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Know Who You’re Writing For

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make while writing copy is losing sight of their audience. Too many people start to get off track and start writing about me, me, me when it should be about them, them, them!

People today are numb to ads. I know I am. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of them from a very young age. Advertisers and copywriters have to be super clever to catch you attention.

Brands, companies, blogs and businesses have to employ different tactics now to grab the attention of their target audience to truly engage them.

Think of those Mayhem commercials from Allstate. Hilarious and well done right?

Except copywriters have to carry this off in one sentence.

At its core, copywriting is a form of inbound marketing. It’s designed to pull readers in and provide relevant and valuable information in bite sized form.


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Write Simpler, shorter form

More often than not, simpler, shorter captions generate the most engagement.

Nike, Chanel, Maybelline or Loreal uses stunning visuals to be certain, but they’re captions are equally as captivating. Can you imagine if this weren’t the case?

“Writing is human but editing is divine.” – Stephen King

Get to the heart of your message but in a fun, intriguing, seductive or captivating or even controversial way.

Avoid using too many adverbs.

Most adverbs, especially ending in -ly can be cut from your caption. They’re just not interesting.

Case in point:

  • The lake isn’t terribly pretty – it’s stunning
  • The couch wasn’t really expensive – it is plush
  • The cannolis aren’t incredibly delicious – they’re divine.

Don’t use adverbs as crutches.

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Quick tips for copywriting and readability

You can get a readability app like Hemingway to see if you’re being too wordy. But these tips can also help:

  • State your thoughts as simply as possible and then play around with them
  • Use short words whenever necessary
  • How short? Very short! Remember KFC’s ad FCK? I rest my case. Could have been a serious debacle but it turned into a major homerun for the company!


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Write with Narrative Urgency

Every sentence you write as a copywriter must serve a purpose.

Your first sentence is the grabber. The most important. The second must propel the reader forward and so on and so forth.

If it loses your reader, they are onto the next web page in a nano second!



Focus on your customer

The rate at which content is being spewed out today is unfathomable! Each day 25,000,000 pieces of content are shared on Google!

So what you have to say has to be good and you have to make it count for something.


Just the Facts Ma’am

Sharing facts and figures, accurate data and stats can help lure your audience in.

Copywriters have been using this technique for some time now. You have to make your content believable, and instead of trying to convince people with mere words and opinions, reviews and what not they simply show solid facts and numbers.


Make Connections with Your Audience

In order to connect with prospective customers, you must make an immediate emotional connection at some level. Hence, this is why some sales people may try to take a personal approach but what some don’t get is that it has to be done with tact as well as tied into the customers potential issues and not theirs.

Be more INTERESTED in solving your readers issues than interesting – their lives, their history, their story.


be more interested than interesting


Naturally, the tone of your copy should change depending on your demographic.

After all, you wouldn’t speak to a Gen Z Gamer who’s looking for Mortal Kombat 11 in the same tone as a Gen X new Grandmomma seeking the best baby pack n’ play.

Of course, depending upon your niche, if you’re trying to communicate B2B (biz to biz) you can be a little more informational and technical because you’re speaking with someone who is in a similar field as you.

Persuasive, well written copy boils down to understanding how to stir up the right emotions to convince your potential buyer to purchase from you as a business.


“The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightening and lightening bug” – Mark Twain.


Copywriting Statistics

Do you actually know how important copywriting is? These stats will show just how relevant copywriting is to brands and companies. This can help understand why the big push exists for copywriters that has sprung up in the recent years.


  1. The top 3 results in Google earn 60% of all clicks

If you rank here your visibility significantly increases the number of leads and the amount of traffic you earn. If you’re on page 3 you simply don’t count. Copywriting can help. Through high-quality content creation, SEO optimization, and a blend of rock-solid content strategy a professional copywriter can develop a plan to rank well for any given set of keywords and topics.


     2. 50% of all mobile searches are local

If you have a blog or brand that you want to advertise locally, copywriting is of utmost importance. Most local brands don’t understand how to reach mobile users.

A professional copywriter is or should be well-versed in local SEO techniques and can help businesses make the changes they need to make certain their content ranks high and meets the needs of local searches.


      3. Leads from SEO have a higher closing rate

Leads that come from SEO tend to close at a higher rate than those from direct mail per say or other outbound methods. It’s also less expensive and improves the overall bottom line for the company.


       4. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to earn a higher ROI than non-bloggers

Blogging is a top strategy to reach out and connect with potential customers and educate and inform. Businesses today are wise to create a blog on their website with reputable and well developed content. A good copywriter can help any company strengthen its brand voice and provide additional value to its customers.



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Map Your Strategy

Boosting sales starts with continually engaging people and tailoring your message to the right people at the right time.

How do you do this?

Good question! Because even if you have the most amazing content ever written in the history of the world, you could be missing out on sales if that message isn’t getting to the right people!

“The answer lies in bridging the gap between where your audience lives and what you do as a business owner, so your message is relevant to them.”


That means you should create an overall messaging strategy to your targeted potential customers for your business with subcategories that include:



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Think about how these channels work together and who in your demographic could be absorbing content differently.

Then tailor your messages accordingly to your buyer personas. 


“When marketers blogged daily, 82% of them earned new customers” 

Create Buyer Personas

Assigning buyer personas is literally naming, with real names, who these individuals are that are represent your audience. 

How do you find these buyer personas?

Through your email lists, social media communications, forums, website comments, webinar sign ups, blog comments, phone calls etc. Anyone who has expressed an interest in your business should be put into your buyer persona database.

Then you have to give them detailed demographics and include a background.

How they found you, where they interact with you, who else they are associated with, keywords and search term analytics etc.

You should also include whether they are primary or secondary audiences.

Most important to note in their synopsis are their Actions and Goals. 

What is the purpose of their interest in you? How can you help them? 

How to Easily Segment Your Customer Base for Higher Conversions

Example of a Buyer Persona:


buyer persona

How to Acquire Buyer Personas?

In order to get accurate data from your target audience you have to send out surveys (I heard that groan!) or questionnaires or you can put a Google form on your website or blog, or ask for input via an email auto responder such as Aweber etc.

Once you receive your feedback you have a clearer vision of who your audience is and what they’re looking for so now you can formulate the exact type of content around that.

“Your customer can’t tell you. It’s your job to discover the difference between your customer’s ‘perceived state and their desired state’ and then determine how you can offer value. “

Your marketing efforts will yield a higher rate of return, you won’t be spending money needlessly because you will know exactly who you are targeting.

Otherwise, you are literally guessing, wasting time and shooting in the dark!


Don’t Waste Your Readers Time

Above all time and attention are 2 of the most precious resources we have today.

We don’t want to force a reader to spend time reading something we could of communicated in 20 seconds.



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Get Busy Copywriting

Believe it or not one of the biggest differences between bad copy and good copy is typos.

Even if you have awesome ideas, if your copy is filled with grammatical and spelling errors, you’re going to lose credibility with your customers real fast.

You may not be taken seriously, or you may not be trusted.

Do your business a favor and make sure your copy is easy to read and error-free.

After you write your copy, read it again or hire a professional proofreader.

Because the last thing you want is one of your reader’s pointing out your errors for you:(

Also, what you say in your blog posts is vital to building trust, and good copy and the way in which you relay it is sometimes even more important.

People don’t often remember what you said but rather HOW it made them feel. 


people remember how you made them feel

Reciprocity is Key 

Giving back is crucial. In this day and age of information being available at the touch of a fingertip you’ve got to give, without any expectations of getting anything in return.

And I believe all valuable information should be free! College Education…Healthcare! But alas, I’m stray off topic…

The only thing you can hope for is that they come back to you for better, solid, worthwhile information, a product or advice.

And hopefully when you do have something worthwhile for sale, they will trust you enough to purchase it from you because they know you deliver a good quality product or service.


SEO Copywriting is a Must!

Copywriting and SEO are no longer two completely separate things. They are partners intertwined.

Even if you have the best products and services in the world if your content isn’t written where users can easily find them you’ll have a harder time boosting sales.

SEO Strategy Guide for Beginners

SEO copywriting is a specialized form of online writing that:

  • Contains keyphrases – words your reader types into a search box (with intent) to find the information he/she wants
  • Helps online content rank higher in search engines
  • Increases traffic to your site based on your goals

There is nothing worse than reading a short uninformative blog post and finding the keyword phrase 20 times written exactly the same way within three paragraphs (keyphrase stuffing).

Google is much smarter now. You’re not just writing for the spider bots, you’re writing for people and your written content must be high-quality content for Google to position it in the top spots.

“The best SEO is great Content” – Seth Godin 

Create SEO content that grabs your readers attention, is optimized for the correct length (1500 – 3000 words is ideal), answers your readers questions, provides value, has inbound and outbound links, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, uses headings and tags correctly, has relevant content, does the Tango and knows all the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody in Greek…then that is the beginning of an SEO friendly post! 🙂

If you need help optimizing your posts for SEO correctly and don’t have time, let me help you.


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Never Forget a CTA

Your website, email, social media posts, YouTube Vid – always needs great CTAs (that’s a Call to action) in addition to great copy to boost sales.

After reading about how your product or service can benefit someone, you need to make it really clear on what you want your customer to do.

How many times have you seen a video begin and then the speaker says “don’t forget to leave a comment and like and share below!”

This is so important! It gives direction and effectively persuades customers to take action!

Start your CTA with a strong command verb like “buy,” “download,” or “subscribe” “share” this post.

Be enthusiastic about it but not overly pushy. If you have a true following, they may naturally get in the habit of doing this. But if you are just starting out, ask them to leave a comment politely or ask a prompt type question such as:

“What are some of your favorite social channels that bring you the most traffic?”

Or, “Would you be interested in receiving 50 Email Opt in Ideas That Convert Your Audience in 2 Minutes?”

This also could also play into people’s FOMO. If they know they can get something of VALUE (especially if it’s FREE) they may just want to take advantage for fear of missing out.


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Final Thoughts on Copywriting

Boosting sales through excellent copy is an amazing thing and can dramatically help nearly any business!

Good copywriting today should provide education, inspiration and satisfaction that is useful to readers and potential buyers.

But having the wrong copy may be leaving your well dry.

You may not see instantaneous results but through these strategies you will slowly but surely begin to see a more positive conversion rate, create a better experience for your readers and potential customers and be seen as an authentic, trustworthy and credible source.

Not to mention receive higher rankings on the Big G! 🙂

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