10 Online Careers You Can Start with Little to No Money

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In today’s digital world, it’s fairly easy to get started making money online. The hardest thing is picking a niche. This post goes over several online careers you can start with virtually no money.

These are not ‘get rich overnight’ schemes. They’re legitimate online careers with potentially huge sources of income. Make no mistake, in the beginning they do take a bit of work. You can start a successful online career with no money if you’re focused, dedicated and consistent and treat it as a business that you work at every day and not just whenever you feel like it.

Companies, corporations, services, entrepreneurs and brands are all representing their business online.  Like many other brands, you can also begin your online business with a well-designed website that supports your product or service type. Here are some excellent online careers you can start with little to no money. 

10 Online Careers You Can Start Today with No Money

It’s a lot easier than you might think — thanks to the internet, it’s actually quite simple, requiring much less startup capital than you might imagine.

With a combination of drive, determination, and skill, your online career can start almost immediately.

Here are 10 that you could literally start today.

1. Online Careers – Virtual assistant

With so many companies operating these days without a physical office location, it has opened up multiple remote opportunities for virtual assistants to handle a wide range of tasks. These include customer service duties, answering phones, setting appointments and screening emails.

Heck, some Pinterest Virtual assistants I know are commanding $50 an hour for their services to bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

I pay my Pinterest assistant almost $400 a month just to manage my Pinterest account which saves me a lot of time and effort.

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You can start small with a single client and then once you identify your specialty or an area you want to focus on — social media customer service, for example — you can then begin to take on more clients, thus increasing your earning potential.

2. Online Careers – Business Coach

If you’ve been in a particular field for a long time, leverage your knowledge and become a coach, teaching students from all over the world.

Here’s the thing about the internet, it allows you to reach anyone that is interested, regardless of their geographical location.

All you need is a quality website to get started. An excellent course production platform I recommend is Podia.

With the Podia platform, you can create and upload beautiful courses to sell. 

I created one of my social media courses Mastering the Art of Social Media on Podia and sell it on Amazon. 

If you’re not comfortable with the technical aspects of creating a course (on Podia there are virtually none, being that it’s a drag and drop system) you can always outsource it to someone on Fiverr.

3. Online Careers – Freelance Digital Content Creator

The world belongs to content creators now! There’s a content revolution going on because every business in the world needs top content!

Virtually every business is doing some form of content marketing these days — it’s been the buzzword for the past several years, but for good reason — it works. With everyone trying to capture attention, demand for excellent writers and creators is at an all-time high.

If you’re a freelance writer, the tips in this Freelance writing post have been super successful in turning wannabe writers into paid career authors.

AI has transformed the way creators create content whether in written form or stunning digital art. With the power of AI content anything you can imagine can be created in literally minutes vs hours or weeks.

Photosonic digital AI art

Anyone can publish content, but very few businesses are creating compelling content that commands attention and converts their audience into revenue. If you are a skilled writer there is plenty of lucrative opportunities waiting for you.

See below how to become a successful content creator in the article below.


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@cybermom24 Get paid good money to write #writers #workfromhome #contentcreator #bloggers #blogtips #makemoneyonline #makemoney @cybermom24 ♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

4. Online Careers – Open an eBay or Amazon store

Gary Vaynerchuk American serial entrepreneur and author is a huge fan of garage sales, saying, “The garage sale eBay conversion has some of the biggest margins in the world.” The concept is very simple: buy low and sell high. – Resource Entrepreneur

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Along with blogging, I also sell items and have a store on Amazon and eBay. With the marketing tools they have they make it very simple and fast to set up and start selling.

Yes, they do take a commission but it’s worth it to promote your items on the most famous ecommerce sites in the world.


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This is also a great option if you’re looking to raise some quick money for your new business. Hit the garage sales on the weekends and bid in the evenings. Retail arbitrage!

Love to shop and earn? Read this:

How to Earn Money with Shopstyle Collective

5. Online Careers – Build an e-commerce store

With several print on demand solutions available, it makes starting a t-shirt or apparel company much more affordable than it was years ago.

In the past, you would have to order large quantities of clothing, in multiple colors and sizes, forcing you to guess what was going to sell.


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Shopify helped turn even something as simple as tee shirts into 100K businesses practically overnight with their global outreach.

They partner with Oberlo and Amazon and make online e-commerce selling as simple as possible even for beginners.

shopify logo

6. Online Consultant

Consulting can prove to be a very lucrative business, granted the person offering their service knows what he or she is talking about.

What are you an expert or authority at?

Focus your website on delivering services and provide and deliver those services in a way that you stand out and separate yourself from others.

Consulting Ideas:

  • Blog consultant
  • Social media consultant
  • Tax consultant
  • Wellness consultant
  • Design consultant
  • SEO consultant
  • Financial consultant
  • Life coach
  • Relationship consultant
  • Pinterest Consultant! (I’ll say it again – Successful bloggers pay big $$$ for help with Pinterest!)

Focus on developing your brand to the point where companies recognize and want to hire you but if you start out with a just couple of clients on the side it can make an awesome side hustle and have a snowball effect from there.


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7. Online Careers – Affiliate marketer

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. It’s a 6.8 billion dollar industry. And digital advertising is only growing more popular!

Successful affiliate marketers earn between $1,000-$100,000+ per month.

There is a HUGE range of affiliate offers to promote, each paying you for every lead or sale you are responsible for generating.

You can promote these offers to an email list that you build, via a blog that you operate and across social media.

You can do affiliate marketing without a blog or website but to be really successful I highly recommend you have one.


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8. Online Careers – Social-media influencer

Yes, this is a real career. Influencers today are leveraging their following to make huge dollars online. 

You don’t even need a huge following on social media – just a dedicated one. As an influencer you could be earning a regular living promoting products and collaborating with brands. 

Some social media influencers with high engagement can earn upwards of $1,000 or more per post, and for good reason: it works. Brands wouldn’t be shelling out that kind of money if they weren’t seeing a return. 

Read more!


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9. Online Careers – Vlogger

YouTube creators who crush it can make millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue. Now, these are few and far between, but there is also a healthy population of creators that are making a comfortable living vlogging by reviewing or promoting products.

It helps your edge to have an interesting concept or story — people subscribe to channels that they can relate to.

Just like a company needs a unique selling point to push a product, you need a have a unique angle if you want to gain traction and attract a vlog following.

@shaymitchell DITL – aka DAY IN THE LIFE- get it? #ditl #dailyvlog #vlogger ♬ original sound – Shay Mitchell

10. Online Careers – Graphic designer/web developer

If you are a graphic designer or know how to write code, then there is a massive audience just waiting to hire you.

As a freelancer, you control your hours, and you get to pick and choose who you work for. You set your price, pick your projects and end up doing what you love while earning a comfortable living.

Check out this massive list of companies that hire remote workers in various niches.

How to Find High Paying Remote Work

Make sure you scrutinize the market where you wish to enter: 

  • Research on the potential market
  • The utility of the product or services for the people or customers
  • Competition and contenders
  • Investment and Collaborates

After doing your research for your online career you will be ready with the idea that can be effective to invest in and developing the commercial profile online for your business.

Photosonic AI digital art
Use the power of AI to create images in seconds!


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But this is not all, your website creation has a major role to play in the success story of any brand. Make sure you do your research well. 

Bonus Tips: Features of a Successful Website 

If you decide to have your own website in order for it to be successful it must have the following features:

Responsive website design:

Online marketing or internet marketing greatly claim the requirement of the website to be responsive. Accordion to the Google mobile indexing algorithm change the mobile-friendly sites will be indexed first.

Moreover, to acquire more relevant traffic the website must have the display that is versatile to all screen types.

Creating a blog section:

The blog section attached to the main website is like a virtual home. It can reduce the bounce rate with the blog providing informative posts that can entice the web visitors.

The traffic will be greatly increased by 434% by adding a blog to your website. – Content Marketing Institute

Simple and story type layout:

With a lot of pages on the website, the audience gets confused and leaves it. According to the web design trends of 2017, the site should be designed in a single page.

With a hero image or a small video depicting the services or product type, can be interesting.

Content is King:

It’s the content on the web page that holds the viewers to the site. It should be relevant, informative without much of jargon. It must provide the answers that can be the frequently asked question FAQ. Not to forget the most important part the content must be unique.

With that being said there is so much content on the web these days your content has to be full of value to the user. If you’re going to put it out there make sure it’s the best resource to the user in mind.

How do you do this? Utilize the power of AI! 

Photosonic AI digital art image generator


Content Marketing Trends You Need for Your Business

Easy navigation:

The navigation section with a long list of a drop-down menu is of no use, rather can make your business website clumsy and can confuse the visitors.

This can result in less traffic generation.

Search engine optimization:

To earn the complete awareness of the masses for your business the website must rank well in the search engine results.

SEO is the advanced technology that can ascertain the maximum exposure of the business website when searched with related keywords.

Read my strategy guide for simple tips.

SEO Strategy Guide for Beginners

Social media optimization:

Social is the new SEO. Why not take the benefit of the most populated sites, that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

People worldwide connect to these sites regularly and with interesting content, businesses can earn relevant traffic, sales, and recognition.

The Ultimate Social Sites to Increase Your Traffic

Mastering The Art of Making Money with Social Media 

Email marketing:

Help grow your blog with Constant Contact email marketing

Sending some FREE offers to the mail users can promote your brand and the offers can interest them to go for the product as long as they trust you as an authority in your niche.

15 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Pay per click is a paid option for marketing your business with an ensured conversion. Yes, you’re paying for ads but you only pay for clicks you receive, you have an incredible range of targeting options and more control of how you reach potential customers among other factors like SEO and more.

Benefits of PPC Marketing 

Start your blog in less than 10 minutes!


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