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Scour the internet for ‘how to make passive income’ and you will naturally be bombarded by thousands of different articles and ways to make passive income dollars from a multitude of places. Some good, some bad. With that being said there are many legitimate, creative and proven ways to make more passive income this year either full time or in your spare time virtually from anywhere. Let’s review some of the best ones!

There are many, many scams out there to earn passive income. Any site that promises to make you riches overnight OBVIOUSLY is not legit and anything that sounds too good to be true definitely is! 

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Keep in mind that when you aim to work for money in any form it’s a good idea to have a passion behind it. You never want to do anything just to earn a fast buck. It will eat away at your mind, your soul and ultimately you will not stay with it long enough to create anything worthwhile because your heart isn’t in it. In all likelihood you will lose your purpose and passion and quit. 

So, with that being said it’s vital that you find a project or niche that not only satisfies your financial needs but also your inner purpose. 


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Sell Your Stuff for Passive Income

What’s one person’s trash…

I know everyone’s heard of this before, but I had to list it because it is a good way to earn extra money without putting up a ton of capital.

There are so many apps and programs out there now that you can use to make money by selling items. Also known as ‘retail arbitrage’. 

Heck, my friend recently sold his car off one. 

Everyone has extra items laying around used or new or that can be picked up and resold from ‘box stores’ that can be re-sold on the following sites: 

17 Apps to Sell Anything for Quick Cash

If you have a talent for creating things like jewelry, crafts, purses, printables, even Wigs you can make your own and sell them on

And honestly, once you set up your account selling online is pretty neat! Platforms like Amazon and Shopify and Ebay basically teach and do everything for you and keep track as well.

Granted they do take a cut in the form of commission, but their platform can’t be beat.

You can also have your store running at any time of the day or night, 365/24/7 in any season, or pause selling items when necessary.

  • Otherwise known as ‘Retail Arbitrage‘ – If you don’t have any items to sell in your house you can even search for items on sale or discount from Walmart or Target that can be bought and sold for a profit. Amazon even has a bar code scanner app that you put on your phone or sell Live! 
  • You simply scan the barcode of a tag in a store and see what it goes for on Amazon. Many times, it’s significantly marked down in Walmart and sold on Amazon for 2-4 times the price! I’ve used Alibaba and Ebay to purchase and sell products online as well with success.
  • The shipping from China can take a long time and cost a bit, but with Aliexpress they expedite the products faster for a reasonable cost especially if you buy in bulk.

If you want to take if further and become a professional online ecommerce seller set up a simple site on Shopify, WordPress or SquareSpace, promote it on Social Media and you can create for yourself a profitable E commerce business.

With drop shipping options (where goods are shipped from the manufacturer directly to the customer) this makes the process much easier, and you don’t have to store any products whatsoever.

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  • I’d start by going to: They’re free to join and not difficult to see if it’s something you’d be interested in doing. Yes, it can get boring doing all that clicking and it does take some time – but hey, you’re getting paid to answer surveys for research and the greater consumer good:)
  • I would recommend setting up a different email account though to separate it from your main email as it can get quite crammed! This way you can sign up for as many as you like.
  • You can earn free products too, free samples, miles and gift cards. I am not a huge fan of survey sites but some people swear by them as a great way to earn extra cash.

More Ways to Passive Income Dollars from Home

Investing for Passive Income

The best long-term approach to have money for extra cash on hand for the future or for when you’re ready to retire is investing.

Whether it’s a 401K, mutual funds or index funds. Anyone can invest affordably these days with all the competitive rates out there for little to no fees. is one that lets you purchase stocks, ETFs, Crypto or Bonds for No Fees.

  • Sign up is quick and easy and works great on your mobile app or desktop. also has some of the lowest fees out there.
  • Vanguard and others also have ‘targeted’ retirement accounts set for your particular retirement date. I like these because they shift its asset allocation over time, automating the retirement investing process. They’re also designed to avoid losses. But please remember that there are NO guarantees when it comes to investing. But historically US stocks have performed well over the long term – averaging rates of 5-6% or more. 

Go to for some of the best beginner investing advice.


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Best Side Hustles for Passive Income

Create Printables or Digital Goods for Passive Income

Many individuals do extremely well selling e-Printables or digital goods on Etsy, on their websites, on their social media platforms or even locally.

There have even been some extremely ambitious bloggers who have made up to TWO MILLION A YEAR selling ePrintables online!

Some have even sold $900 of E-Printables in one weekend.

This course I recommend by Cody and Julie of Millenial Boss can show you exactly how to start a successful digital printable business from home.

They specialize in teaching people how to launch and create printables simply on Google docs and Canva.

This course is so popular they sometimes have a waitlist.

Check out their FREE workshop to see what it’s all about: FREE EPRINTABLE WORKSHOP

Or sign up here: How To Create Your Own EPrintables from Anywhere

create and sell printables on etsy


The 12 Most Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

Sign up and work for Airtasker!

This company serving Australia and the United Kingdom is a freelancer’s dream platform. 

Put all your handy skills to work doing anything from administrative work to catering, handyman tasks, gardening, photography, website design and much more and get paid up to *$5,000 per month – Based on the median top 50 tasker’s monthly earnings. 

Become an Uber or Lyft driver 

If you have spare time, get paid to drive others around and make some great extra cash!  

You can choose which areas and routes to drive and pick your schedule. 

Create Content for Passive Income Dollars

I love writing and creating content but not everyone does.

However, every business and industry online need great content nowadays. 

You don’t have to do it all yourself anymore. You can create content in bulk for social media, Google ads and white papers with advanced AI software today.

Creating content for businesses in the form of copywriting or creative digital images on a freelance or part time basis is a great way to earn thousands of dollars extra this year.

Start an Affiliate Marketing Blog for Passive Income Dollars

To be perfectly honest creating a blog from scratch is a tough gig.

It’s very simple to set up but takes a lot of time to get it ranked online and monetized correctly.

To create a blog from scratch you’d have to do all this:

  • Create a goal, a purpose, a message or products and services to share that adds value to people’s lives.
  • Pick a web hosting company like BlueHost, SiteGround, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress
  • Choose a particular niche or a set of niches and write about what you are passionate about, and how you can help others with that passion and make money from it. 
  • Promote your blog on social media platforms consistently and get followers who share the same interests! There are bloggers out there making 6-7 figure income a month have quit their full-time jobs, and those who make very little. It all depends on your level of dedication. 
  • Get your blog pages ranked high on the most popular search engines like Google. Growing a following can take some time but with the right effort and the right formula the work can be rewarding, and the income can be quite lucrative!
  • Read my post The 1 Million Dollar Blogging Recipe, a step-by-step guide to get all the details.

However, if you start with a ready-made affiliate marketing blog that has all the content set up for you, is ranking on Google and is already making money, you’ve saved yourself years of work.

If you’re in the market, Flippa is the #1 platform that has tons of successful websites, domains and affiliate marketing blogs that are ready for the taking.

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Be a Virtual Consultant for Passive Income Dollars

Gone are the days when you had to go into the office to help someone with their business.

I’ve made thousands of extra dollars offering my social media and content writing services to others. And so can you.

There are also entry level or middle of the road skills you can have such as data entry, scheduling, inbox management, customer service, email marketing, proofreading and chat monitoring. 

These aren’t so specialized that you’d need to go back to school to learn them or spend a ton of time studying. The more positions or experience you have the higher you can increase your rate from $20 to $50 per hour or more. 

Answer Surveys for Passive Income

Some of you may be tired of hearing this. But if you’re short on extra cash and have the time it’s one of the easiest gigs out there.

Some of the highest paying Survey companies are:

  • Swagbucks
  • Inboxdollars
  • VIP Voice
  • eMiles
  • SpringBoard panel
  • PointClub
  • Vivatic
  • OnePoll
  • Valued Opinions
  • MySurvey
  • Ipsos
  • Survey Bods
  • Hiving
  • Global Test Market
  • Opinion Outpost
  • The Opinion Panel Community
  • Branded Surveys
  • New Vista Live
  • Pinecone Research
  • PanelBase
  • iPoll
  • Harris Poll
  • MindMover


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Become an Affiliate Marketer

This is my top recommendation for earning thousands of extra dollars this year.

Why? Because you don’t have to be responsible for any products, storage, a website or deal with customer service.

You write sponsored (authentic) product reviews online for companies online (that millions of companies are seeking) or on your website or social channels and you could potentially make you thousands of dollars in passive income over the next year.

I say potentially because it is all dependent on what you put into it. Like everything else worthwhile.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme.

As one of the top earning affiliate marketers said who earns upwards of $150,000 per month – “If you’re not earning money through affiliate marketing, then you are leaving money on the table”. – Michelle Schroeder Gardner 

How to succeed at affiliate marketing, and you don’t even need millions of page views or tons of followers to start making money.

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Do Online Shopping for Passive Income

Use Ebates and Swagbucks for your online searches and shopping. With Swagbucks you can earn Amazon gift cards, cash and more. If you’re doing online shopping through Macy’s, Amazon, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. you may as well get paid for it! Go through their site each time you shop online and they will reimburse you a percentage.

They have many other retailers too.  Swagbucks is like Google, when you do a search, you get rewarded with Swagbucks and then when you have enough you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, and more.


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As you can see there are plenty of ways to earn passive income dollars from anywhere in your full or spare time. There is a niche for everyone and based on the needs of those around you, you can set up your business and be off and running in virtually no time on a shoestring budget.

Follow me for more ways to earn more money and make your digital business an online success from the start with exclusive tips, tactics to live the life of your dreams online!

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