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If promoting your website or blog is high on the agenda for 2022 and beyond, our list of the most valuable social bookmarking sites on the internet will give you a huge push in the right direction.

Whether you’re aware of social bookmarking or have only just encountered the term, our advice will equip you with the tools and knowledge to unlock the full potential of this truly incredible digital strategy.

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What is social bookmarking?

 Social bookmarking is a digital process that has existed for almost as long as the internet itself.

It is a process in which users can store, organize, and manage “bookmarked” web pages.

 Users can visit a social bookmarking site and then save and share web pages with other people on that website.

This is a great way for fans to share content that they love and feel passionate about.

For businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, it’s the perfect way to gain increased traffic to a website homepage or specific piece of content.


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How to use Social Bookmarking


When adding a new bookmark to the directory, the use of tags (which are essentially lie keywords) allow other users to find the content by browsing bookmarks related to the topics and tags that pique their interest.

Social bookmarking is, when used to its full potential, a very powerful tool that brings a host of rewarding features.

These include but are not limited to;


  • Enhanced SEO because search engines will crawl the social bookmarking sites for content and web pages,
  • See quality traffic from users that have found your site and bookmarks while actively seeking websites and content like yours,
  • Secure extra traffic from social sharing while also appearing on other social bookmarking sites without excess effort,
  • Improve your domain authority with search engines and website users alike for low bounce rates and improved visibility,
  • Gain further sharing by actively encouraging social bookmarking from your web pages with social buttons.


When creating a social bookmark entry, it’s important to remember that search engines are an integral feature.

Consequently, then, you must ensure that the post is supported by accurate and detailed information.


First and foremost, you must create a profile that includes your URL and a profile image.

Following this, you’ll need to add a title, description, and tags.

Given that search engines will analyze the title and description for your URL, it’s vital that you employ the necessary levels of accuracy.


Last but not least, you need to ensure that the bookmarks you intend to save and share are relevant for the audiences and the tags being used.

Crucially, you need to find social bookmarking sites that have large followings and will get indexed by search engines too.


As such, using the list below of the best social bookmarking sites in 2021 is a crucial step in the blueprint for your digital marketing success.

Here they are!


The Ultimate List of 101 Social Bookmarking Sites


Given its longstanding history within the digital marketing and user experience, many of the top social bookmarking sites have existed for several years.

However, there are a number of new entrants as well as smaller social bookmarking sites that have grown in reputation and presence in more recent times.


Unsurprisingly, Google ( sits at the top of the pile once again in 2020 – psst, it’ll probably stay there in 2021 too.

Here are 100 more sites that you should aim to use for optimal results over the coming year and beyond.


Twitter | Click Here

Reddit | Click Here

Tumblr | Click Here

Pinterest | Click Here

Buzzfeed | Click Here | Click Here

Diigo | Click Here

High Bookmark | Click Here

SEO All In One | Click Here

Timepa | Click Here

Flipboard | Click Here


Sociopost | Click Here

Akonter | Click Here

Tefwin | Click Here

Fark | Click Here

Bookmarking Fit | Click Here

Storify | Click Here

Yoomark | Click Here

Online SEO | Click Here

Zeegal | Click Here

My Site Vote | Click Here

FastListing | Click Here


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LVCEL | Click Here

Pearl Trees | Click Here

Cheezburger | Click Here

Open Faves | Click Here

News Me Back | Click Here

Link Arena | Click Here

Stumble Upon | Click Here

Bookmarks.Wedigg | Click Here

MakingUpCodes | Click Here

24Monitor | Click Here


social media influencer


Bibsonomy | Click Here

Bookmark4You | Click Here

Folkd | Click Here

Biz Sugar | Click Here

Tuff Social | Click Here

InfoMapp | Click Here

SEO Ranking | Click Here

Freeposting | Click Here

Free Bookmarking | Click Here

Coco Island News | Click Here


branding promo republic



One Two Fine | Click Here

High PRSB | Click Here

MySaveNShare | Click Here

Bookmark Tag | Click Here

Edavio | Click Here

Veslonyc | Click Here

TourBR | Click Here

Zeegal | Click Here

WP SEO Online | Click Here

WP SEO PlugIN | Click Here


social influencer


Bookmarking City | Click Here

Tea Luck | Click Here

Abraiz | Click Here

SEO Books | Click Here

Edu Hub | Click Here

Sharedais | Click Here

Add This Mark | Click Here

Video Bookmark | Click Here

Blurpalicious | Click Here

TT Link | Click Here




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Plurk | Click Here

BookmarksMyWebs | Click Here

Collect Fan | Click Here

Classic Click | Click Here

Newsvine | Click Here

SlashDot | Click Here

On Dashboard | Click Here

Windowly | Click Here

Btcearn | Click Here

MyBigSEO | Click Here


social media image by socialbuzzhive[/caption%5D

Vixe SEO | Click Here

Ayan SEO | Click Here

Live SEO | Click Here

SEO ECourse | Click Here

Zordis | Click Here

Indofeed | Click Here

Dzone | Click Here

Bookmark Bay | Click Here

360 Votes | Click Here

Favoritis | Click Here


MySpace | Click Here

FansGrow | Click Here

DesignFloat | Click Here

Best SEO Tools & Plugins | Click Here

My Bookmark | Click Here

Click One | Click Here

5et | Click Here

Bookmark Tag | Click Here

Free Ticket Open | Click Here

Days4Listing | Click Here

promo republic

Yemle | Click Here

Wilderness Act | Click Here

Fortune Teller Oracle | Click Here

URDU SEO | Click Here

SEO Boxs | Click Here

Freesocial SEO | Click Here

SEO Toolkit | Click Here

SEO Posting | Click Here


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