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Many people are interested in knowing exactly how blogs make money. In fact, it’s one of the first questions people ask me when they find out I’m a blogger. Hopefully you’re already aware there are numerous ways of monetizing and profiting from your blog. In fact, you as a blogger shouldn’t ever rely upon just one form of monetization. Here are 11 of the some of the most profitable freelance services that you can offer on your blog. Some you can do yourself if you have the time and the talent, and some you can even outsource to others to scale for even more profit.

11 of the most profitable freelance services to offer on your blog:


This post contains some affiliate links meaning I may get a small commission with no extra charge to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information.


When you’re just starting out as a new blogger and don’t have much traffic, the best thing you can offer is your services.

The reason for this is because when you provide useful services you get to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

You build up your clientele, gain helpful testimonials, and word quickly spreads via social media and your inner circles that you are the ‘go to’ person to call.

In this way your blog becomes your 24hr ‘storefront’ for all your services and from there you can add other components of monetizing strategies to go with it!


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11 Profitable Freelance Services to Offer on Your Blog

1) Freelance Content Creation

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Did you know that many bloggers make a side income by creating valuable content for others?

If you already have a blog, why not make some extra money by creating content online?

Every business and industry needs more content these days! And with AI digital generators anyone can create stunning and relevant written content or digital images!

Not only that, if you have a brilliant eagle eye or design skills you can also provide proof reading, general editing, design recommendations or copy-editing services.

The link below gives you access to over 100 Sites that pay $50 – $200 and up for articles, posts, eBooks and content. 



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2) Graphic Design

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If you have graphic design experience, you have mad skills that will be in fierce demand by the majority of industries.

Your blog is a perfect place to showcase your best work and make some great money.

Offer your digital graphics via AI digital art generators, Photoshop, Canva, or InDesign services for Pinterest images, social media graphics, blog design, logos, eBook covers, sales pages and more!


3) Freelance Photography

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Thousands of bloggers are searching constantly for styled stock photographs to use on their blogs and social media.

If you have a DSLR camera, some decent props and a good eye maybe this is the service you should offer.

Many bloggers purchase a low-priced subscription from various brands like Styled Stock, Haute Stock and many others which makes the creative process that much easier and so much less time consuming.

You could specialize in a certain photography niche like cuisine, fashion, real estate, landscapes, beauty, floral designs, business, children, weddings, nature or even a blend.

4) Freelance Web Design


Web design services are a highly marketable business that you can offer on your blog.

If you are familiar with WordPress or Squarespace, Weebly and others you can provide a benefit to so many businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t want to deal with the technical aspects.

It’s a plus of course if you are familiar with coding, HTML and CSS. But nowadays there are brilliant companies like Webflow and elementor that allow you to create professional and stunning websites that don’t require any coding or use of a developer.

You don’t necessarily have to be able to build a site from scratch either. There are multiple platforms that provide easy drag and drop templates available.

Of course, the more skilled and more examples you have of sites you’ve designed the more profits you will earn.

Advertising your services on various digital nomad, work from home, blogging or entrepreneurial FB groups is a way to get additional business from all over the globe.

It will be especially easier to draw even more traffic to yourself if you pick a specific type of niche blogger to cater your designs to. i.e. food blogger, mommy blogger, technical blogger, travel blogger etc.

Build a website with no developer!



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5) Profitable Freelance Social Media Management

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Even though there are multiple amazing automated social management programs out there like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, SmarterQueue, Buffer, etc. businesses still need people to manage them.

Content consistently needs to be created in the form of posts, video, answering posts, building engagement, networking and growing with audiences.

If you enjoy working with social media platforms this could be a great service for you to provide.

Social media managers make between $25-$75 per hour depending upon your demographic.

As your own boss you decide how many hours you want to work which makes it one of the most flexible careers out there.

Take this course by my friend Jenny for all the ins and outs on how you can get started.

How to be a Social Media Manager in 1 Month!

You can choose to specialize in a certain niche, for example social media for Health care, Dentists, Entertainment, Veterinarians, or Hospitality.

That can help brand you as an expert in one particular field rather than being too spread out in various industries.

Or, you could even market yourself to be an expert and specialize in a singular social platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook and teach others how to get traffic from those sites in particular.

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6) Freelance Coaching/Auditing

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I notice that more and more bloggers are offing a coaching or auditing services on their blogs.

If you’re a successful blogger and have digital skills and want to teach others I highly recommend this service.

Certain bloggers charge $99 for a one-on-one personal strategy call or $799 per bundle session or more depending on their experience and success rates.

You don’t necessarily have to coach blogging either – there is a vast array of areas you can give advice on, granted you are an expert in the subject.

Some examples are health and fitness, personal finance/budgeting, life coach, legal, resume writing, relationships guidance, social media, digital services, spiritual, organization, public relations, copywriting, computer software, tax advice, etc.

The options are endless!

7) Profitable Freelance Copywriting

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To be a successful copywriter is to have a special gift.

After all, if your audience won’t even click on your first headline why would they ever want to read your article?

However, if you hate writing or it’s too time-consuming AI writing generators can take care of it for you!

Good SEO copywriting is key to the first step in making a sale.

Specializing in teaching people how to write brilliant copy that sells is an invaluable gift.

Copywriters will always be in need in a variety of businesses.

Bloggers, marketing and advertising agencies are seeking talented copywriters to write high converting sales pages, email campaigns, sales funnels, online ads, titles, and more.

Try writesonic for free!



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8) Profitable Freelance Email Marketing

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Email marketing is absolutely crucial for inbound sales and keeping in touch with your audience.

The money is indeed in the list. Don’t put off starting your email list!

Email is 100x more powerful than social media.

With social media you have your customers attention for but a brief moment, but with email you have the ability to communicate with your audience for a much longer period.

Email is similar to copywriting in that you have to have the special ability to capture your reader’s attention in the subject line so they actually want to click and open your email.

Not always an easy task.

Many bloggers dread email marketing. I was like this in the beginning.

I hired another blogger who specialized in email marketing to take this dreaded task off my hands by designing opt in forms and landing pages.

You can add this service to your blog and make some excellent money designing email packages and templates for bloggers and/or businesses.


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9) Pinterest VA

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I’ll say it again! Pinterest VA’s are desperately needed these days!

With over 400 million blogs out there and Pinterest being the main form of advertising to get traffic, it’s no wonder!

I have my own Pinterest VA and I couldn’t do what I do without them. 

Someone had to take the task of pinning off my hands.

Even though I use Sprout Social for social media automation, which is a fantastic automatic scheduler that saves tons of time, my accounts still need to be managed and looked after.

It’s so wonderful to have a Pinterest VA to handle all the designing, posting, describing, optimizing, taking care of joining group boards, managing tribes, re-sharing, and scheduling of my pins.

If you can offer this service others are certain to seek you out! 


Become a Pinterest VA
Pinterest VA’s are commanding 5 figure salaries helping bloggers and business owners manage Pinterest. Become an expert at this niche and start your own business!

10) Profitable Freelance Branding Services

elevate your brand

A brand is the visual representation of your business.

How else would anyone recognize top companies like Pepsi, Nike, McDonalds, Starbucks and others without their branding and logos?

Every business needs a brand. Yes, even small businesses and blogs.

If you have a knack for pulling together colors, styles, looks, visuals you may be a true ‘brander’ at heart.

Use your skills to your benefit to create a unique cohesive look for your clients and profitable service for yourself.

The Importance of Branding Your Small Business and Blog


11) Profitable Freelance Technical Services

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Are you good at the technical stuff that comes with having an online business?

Some, if not most bloggers did not come with built in technical skills.

I had to learn most of them on the fly for the little amount I do know.

But if you are talented or experienced at WordPress, website development, creating PlugIns, installing themes or templates, creating infographics, or making videos, imbedding code, deciphering analytics, performing SEO services, setting up an eCommerce store, then why not bank on those abilities?

This would be a fantastic service to offer.

I know many bloggers who just want to focus on producing valuable content.

With everything I do as a blogger I love to outsource technical aspects that would take me hours to someone who could do it in a few minutes!

Elementor is hiring now!



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What Profitable Freelance Services Will You Offer?

These are just some of the top services that bloggers offer on their sites that generate a lucrative income monthly. 

If you can think of more or happen to offer any other freelance services on your blog, please comment below!

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