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How to Maximize Your Revenue Over the Holidays and Beyond

It’s the holidays and everybody is geared up to start shopping for the important people in their lives. But what do you do if more cash is flying out of your wallet than going into it? How can you replenish all that money that’s going towards special food, goodies, gifts, entertainment, celebrations, outfits, holiday gatherings, trips and so forth? Of course, you can go out and pick up a seasonal temporary job but who really wants to do that? Here are some lucrative ideas you can do to maximize your revenue over the Holidays and beyond. Some don’t require you to even leave your house.

In this situation, the internet is truly your best friend. There are literally thousands of money-making opportunities available online right now. The internet never sleeps. There is always something that needs to be done.

Simple tasks and careers listed below can lay the groundwork for a successful season where you make your readers happy and maximize your earnings very quickly for the Holidays and beyond.


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Some work is for business owners who just don’t have time to take care of tasks themselves.

Though that might seem like a bad thing, it is actually a good thing. If they are too busy or just don’t want to do it themselves, that means more opportunities for you to make some quick cash for the holidays.

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Being a freelancer gives more sense of freedom over your schedule, the type of projects you do, and allows you to be the own boss over your own work. While also allowing you to earn more revenue over the Holidays and beyond.

It’s becoming a more popular choice than ever.

To be a freelancer you have to be willing to work hard and roll with the downsides.

A Virgin Media Business survey predicted that by 2022, 60% of the workforce will have work-from-home jobs, and according to The Guardian, ⅓ of employees think that by 2036, the daily commute will be a thing of the past.

With that being said, for me there’s no chance in hell I could ever go back to working for someone else after being a freelancer who pulls in a full-time unlimited income working for myself.

The freelance job popularity rate has been increasing sharply over the past few years.

The pro tips in this eBook can help you get started and learn what to avoid!


how to build your epic online business



More people enjoy the idea of managing their own schedules and not working for someone else.

In fact, another survey (prior to Covid) by Forrester Research showed that three-quarters of workers will eventually be working from home.

Update – since the Covid-19 Pandemic these numbers have exploded even more!

Freelancing is a different form of work. Instead of being an employee in a company or doing a specific job with a fixed time period.

Clients hire freelancers to complete specific projects and tasks.

Freelancing can be done through a variety of sources and in a variety of niches whether you’re a writer, editor, graphic designer, human resource specialist and many others.

Let’s get started!


High paying freelance careers to ramp up your revenue over the Holidays


  1. Advertising/Marketing Specialist

Advertising companies are traditionally associated with freelancing work and offer a number of freelance jobs in the marketing and advertising sector.

Agencies may require a number of freelancers to complete their tasks on time and avoid losing any clients.

Many PR specialists or growth hackers are self-employed and take on various campaigns from home. Previous experience or knowledge in this field is required.

If you have a strong portfolio in this career this could be the one for you.

It can help to earn over $5,000-$10,000 per month while working from home.

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  1. IT Consultant

A freelance job as an IT Consultant is increasing rapidly to increase efficiency and improve the structure of IT systems. It will further enhance your specialized knowledge and skills.

Experience is extremely important to have success in this field and to work effectively as a freelancer.

Codeable hires and offers the best WordPress freelancers for those seeking help with their WordPress sites.




  1. Translation gigs 

Working as a translator or a transcriber helps you in increasing your knowledge about translating industry.

It does not only require your advanced skills in language but also how well one understands what is to be translated.

Requires certification for your country.



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  1. Design and Illustration

Nowadays the services of being a Freelancer designer is required in almost every field.

The responsibilities as a designer vary from their area of work and depend on the company as well.

This freelance service demands the importance of style with which a designer or an illustrator works.

Visme and Elementor are two companies that are hiring over the holidays and beyond!



  1. Article and Blog Writing

Skilled writers can enjoy freelancing by making blogs or work as a writer for a number of freelance websites. Average Salary a beginner freelancer can earn through article writing is $15-$50 per hour.

Some can earn even more if you work for a highly popular publication.

There’s a huge demand for content out there. It’s a great time to be a freelance writer and a booming $400 billion dollar industry!

These 115+ sites pay $50-$200 per post!Updated!

Read about how to be a successful content creator and how I make $600 per day blogging for other companies


6. Copy Editing

Copywriters are salespeople with typewriters.

You can make a lot of money as a copy editor or copywriter over the holidays.

A copy editor is someone who reviews and corrects written material to improve its accuracy, readability, and grammar.

Copywriters are different from content writers and these freelancers specialize in writing shorter content for brands and businesses.

They are in high demand as great copywriters are few and far between.

The charge rates depend on each individual’s skills. Don’t sell your skills short!

Copywriter vs. Content Writer – Which Do You Need?


7. SEO Specialist

There is a huge demand for qualified SEO Specialists in the freelance world.

And with this job, you can make excellent revenue!

Every website, company, and blog out there want to rank high in the SERPs and nowadays it’s very difficult to do so. 

With Google having over 200 ranking factors and numerous updates each year it’s no wonder.

If you can get certified as an SEO specialist, you will have a special set of skills that will make you highly sought after.

Then you can build up your own testimonials on your website to get a high influx of personal clients or work for a company that specializes in SEO or digital marketing.

You can specialize in technical SEO, On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO or a combination and earn even more.


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8. Earn Revenue over the Holidays – Help Others with Daily Tasks

Moving in another direction – people are always seeking help with their homes. Especially around the holidays.

No matter what, around the holidays people are always super busy and there’s never enough help.

Many folks will gladly pay someone else to take on the task of decorating or organizing their homes! This might entail putting up or taking down decorations, organizing items or offering decorating advice.

This also has great potential for turning into a full-time year-round position!

Task Rabbit which I mention in this extensive post for how to make more money over the holidays on a part time or full time schedule.

100 Creative Ways to Make Money On and Offline


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9. Virtual Assistant (Pinterest)

The growing popularity of Pinterest has not gone unnoticed by businesses — everyone from bloggers to large brands turn to Pinterest to engage audiences and increase sales.

Although Pinterest is great for growth, it also takes a huge amount of time.

Wanting to reap the rewards of Pinterest mega traffic, but not wanting to spend hours on end pinning, many small businesses and bloggers opt to outsource their work to virtual assistants.

Many of these VAs have developed full-time careers and opened their own agencies managing Pinterest on a monthly basis for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

Revenue potential of $25-$50 per hour and up. 

Become a Pinterest VA
Pinterest VA’s are commanding 5 figure salaries helping bloggers and business owners manage Pinterest. Become an expert at this niche and start your own business!


10. Social Media Consultant/Scheduler

Social media consultants and managers earn a healthy living whether over the holidays or not.

Social media is a vital necessity for every industry regardless of niche.

Companies rely big time on social media to get the word about their businesses and boost growth, engagement, and revenue.


cnn social media pay scale

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11. Earn Revenue over the Holidays – Sell products or goods online

If you have a passion or hobby for making things you can sell on Etsy. Even if you don’t you can sell these printables on Etsy and earn passive income.

Etsy is a phenomenal platform to connect your product with potential buyers all year long.

Etsy Printables to Sell Online

No matter what your niche you can sell your goods online by opening up your own Etsy shop.

Have unwanted gadget items? Sell old electronics online through Gazelle or ebay. 

Trade-in your old laptop, cellphone or tablet for $50 to $100 or more depending.

If you can design digital items, you can sell them for a share of profits on sites like CafePress.

All it takes is some design software.

Logos, inspirational sayings, and trending designs sell for huge profits and appeal to the masses.

Shopify is an excellent platform for this as well. If you don’t want to deal with creating the site yourself hire someone on Fiverr to set it all up for you for a nominal amount.


Shopify logo

Fiverr is wonderful for digital services such as graphic design, digital design, short audio or video clips, editing services, copywriting, social media, and everything for an online business.

Fiverr Freelancers


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Choose a job you enjoy and one that will maximize revenue over the holidays and beyond

With confidence and experience, one can earn more revenue over the holidays or create a viable career as a digital online freelancer

Nowadays Freelancers constitute 20% of the country’s workforce (and growing every day!) and work with a number of companies to help them meet their business goals.

Some freelancers, like myself, have even turned their “side-hustles” into full-time gigs.

It is not entirely true that you need a lot of experience before working as a freelancer, but for beginners, it is essential to have passion, demonstrate enthusiasm, and a consistently reliable, great attitude towards work!



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