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Selling digital products online is the best way for a content creator to share knowledge online, build up an audience and create passive income consistently. There’s little maintenance involved and the rewards can be tremendous. If you’re on the fence about it due to fear of technology, read my post How to Create Digital Products With No Tech Skills. There are several platforms you can use to build up your library of digital products and start selling online. Read on to learn about the 13 best platforms to sell your digital products.

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Why You Should Start Selling Digital Products Now

According to Global Market Insights the eLearning Market size will be worth over $375bn by 2026

“The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to temporary closure of businesses and educational institutions, limiting public gatherings and maintaining social distancing to contain the spread of the virus. This has positively impacted the market with increasing number of organizations switching to virtual learning and buying experiences.”

“This has also led to a growing demand for technology-enabled teaching and training. Rapid adoption of advanced cloud technology by market players is supporting the technology proliferation. eLearning market players are partnering with content providers to offer training and education to employees and students.”

“Online platforms, are offering certified and university-affiliated courses that offer lucrative opportunities to aspiring students. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further encouraged institutions to adopt digital means. According to the World Economic Forum, in March 2020, approximately 73,000 or 81% of K-12 students attended lectures through the Tencent K-12 Online School.” – Resource

Here’s a list of some of the top platforms we recommend for selling digital products from simple ebooks, videos, software, subscriptions, templates, videos, and any other digital goods you can think of.



13 Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products

Send Owl

Send Owl is a platform that allows you to sell digital products simply and easily. You can sell to customers via social media through a button, or link. Sell through your website or blog or through email. They have features that offer a built-in affiliate system so you can share your link with others who can promote your digital products for you.

They offer a pre-checkout and post-payment upsells, detailed analytics, and discount codes. They accept credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and even bitcoin.

They are one of the lowest priced models and many bloggers including myself love them. They also have whats called a ‘pay what you want’ module.  The standard plan is $15 per month for 30 products and 3GB storage.



Gumroad allows creators to sell digital products including subscriptions, rentals, license keys for software and pre-orders. Another popular platform with bloggers due to their affordability, prices start at $10 per month.

They offer codes and the ability to share previews through social media and selling through affiliates as well.


Easy Digital Downloads

This WP plugin lets you sell digital products directly through WordPress. It features discount codes and download activity tracking. You have the ability to set the file download limit and link expiration in the settings. Easily view stats and create custom reports.

The basic version is free but if you want extension you will need to pay for them. The pricing plan which gives you access to email support and extras starts at 99/yr.


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Teachable vs Podia – Compare Side by Side


Podia is the platform I use to house my Academy and digital products. I just love it because you don’t need any tech or coding whatsoever. It’s completely drag and drop. You can market your products using their promo tools and they have upsells, coupons and discounts. They also offer email, the option to create a membership, and an affiliate program where you can set your rates. The platform is so user friendly you can be up and running in a few hours!

Why Offer a Membership Site With Podia?

They have 2 types of plans the Mover and the Shaker plan which offer different options. They don’t raise the price no matter how much you sell which is great!

You can read my complete and detailed review of Podia with all the options they have here.



E-junkie is an eCommerce platform that enables users to market their digital products using all the tools you need. It also includes an affiliate program. E-junkie is free to try for 30 days no credit card needed after which it’s basic plan starts from $5 per month.



Some people think Shopify is only for physical products but you can actually sell digital products here as well. And if you may want to sell physical products in the future this is a great platform because you won’t have to switch!

Shopify is one of the #1 ecommerce platforms that handles everything for you such as your site hosting, updates, and security. You just pay a single $29 monthly fee.

There are loads of apps, themes and 24/7 support available. If you want to sell directly from your website you can simply link it up to your existing menu as well. They also have a built in payment system taking care of everything you need to sell online.

How to Launch Your Shopify Store for a 6 Figure Business

Shopify logo


Teachable is a highly popular online course creator platform that hosts your courses so you don’t even need a website if you don’t have one.

There’s a free plan available so you can get started without paying a dime.

You can customize everything from images, text, logos, fonts, colors etc. Their easy to maneuver drag and drop interface makes adding your content a breeze.

Communicate with students, track their progress, and get detailed insights and analytics about how they’re doing.

The basic plan is free but for every course you sell you’ll pay a $1 plus 10%. So if you have a course that costs $200 you’ll pay Teachable $21 per sale. The cheapest plan is $29 per month. On this plan, you’ll also be charged an additional 5% on each sale. To avoid paying any commission at all, you’ll need to be on the Professional Plan for $79/month.

teachable online coaching challenge


PayLoadz is an eCommerce platform that enables sellers to market products like eBooks, photographs, video games and design assets.

They offer bulk product importing, multi-currencies, automated delivery, eBay auctions and an affiliate system.

They have a 14 day trial for just $1 after which there cost starts at $19.95 per month.

List Your Business With US!

Creative Market

Creative Market is a giant eCommerce platform specifically for digital assets such as graphics, fonts, photos, themes, social media templates, eBook covers and more. They boast over 3 million + design assets that are made by an active community of talented creators. I purchase designs from them frequently.

They too have an affiliate program. Prices for individual assets are anywhere from $5 to $500 and up.

Creative Marketplace – Media Kit Templates

foodie social media instagram


Selz is an online market place created to help users monetize their websites to grow their business. Whether you have a health business, beauty business, ebooks business, photography business, clothing business etc.. Selz can help you monetize it anywhere and everywhere!

They have both a free and a professional plan. With their FREE plan you can enlist 5 products where a 5% success fee is deducted from the sale. A pro plan costs $27 per month. Minus credit card fees.



Sellwire is an eCommerce analytics-oriented based platform that has features such as order tracking, file management and promotional offers. Their pricing starts at $9 per month. They market themselves as being the most affordable, flexible and the easiest to use platform.


Simple Goods

With Simple Goods the key word is simple. All you have to do is register an account, upload your content, add a custom pop out checkout (if you have a website), or use its hosted payment pages (if you have no website) to receive payment. In other words, you don’t have to set up a shop or storefront.

They have a free model which is limited to 3 products and a 3% charge on all sales.



WooCommerce is toted one of the best eCommerce platforms in the world. What everyone loves about it is that it is a completely free WordPress plugin, and you can use it to sell both physical and digital products.

WooCommerce itself is completely free, but you do need a WordPress website which requires a domain name and web hosting.

There are lots of WooCommerce plugins and extensions that you can use and many of them are free, or have a free version. However you might want to pay more for plugins and tools to add extra functionality.

The WooCommerce templates they offer make your store look professional and help boost sales.

WooCommerce has dozens of payment gateways available as add-ons including all the top payment services.

We recommend using either Bluehost or SiteGround for affordable website hosting because they offer the best WooCommerce hosting options.



We hope you enjoyed this post of the 13 best platforms to sell your digital products. Making an informed decision is important but don’t labor over it too long! Getting started and building your store is the important part.

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13 best platforms for selling digital products