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In this desperate economy everyone could use some quick cash! Sometimes you just need to get rid of items in your house or garage! When I moved to Florida, I needed to sell my stuff quickly, and I wish I had known about these 18 apps to sell anything at the time! Having a tag sale is so labor intensive, exhausting and time-consuming. But with these 18 apps, you simply post, click and sell! Read on!

These are the top 18 Apps to Sell Anything for Quick Cash!

Facebook (Meta) MarketPlace

Facebook marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an easy, convenient way to buy and sell in your area or online.

There’s something for everyone from accessories to furniture, to clothing, gifts, jewelry and household items.

Take quality pics, describe in detail, give a price, respond quickly and sell! You can even target potential consumers in your exact desired demographic areas.

InSelly (Instagram)


To use Inselly, connect your Inselly account to your Instagram account. Fill in your contact and pricing information, and you’re ready to go.

Once your Inselly link is set as the link in your profile, followers can click on it to shop your items.

All, you need to do is take some quality photographs of the item you want to sell, your phone will do fine, and then simply write a small description of it, state your price, and then use some hashtags, like “#for sale”, and you’ll soon have potential buyers viewing it.

Inselly does not charge any sales commissions. Inselly Shop is completely free.

How To Buy

  1. Go to using your instagram username and password. Authenticate Inselly.
  2. Look for item/s you want to buy using the search bar
  3. Contact buyer/s for additional details such as shipping fee (if not included in the price) and the item’s shipping date and expected time of arrival.
  4. Pay by clicking the Paypal button.
  5. Wait for your item/s.

How To Sell

  1. Take a Photo. Snap a Photo, using Instagram Application in your Smartphone
  2. Add the tag #inselly. Simply add a tag #inselly to a picture, and several relevant category tags.
  3. Sell on! Log in to, click on “YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE” tab to add details about your item.
desktop with electronics
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With the Vinted app, you can sell and swap fashion items, like clothing and shoes.

If you’re looking to clear out your closet quick, then Vinted is the app for you.

Snap some few photos on your phone, state your price and add a short description and you’ll be ready to sell.

This app offers a plethora of useful features, like tracking capabilities for packages, and flexible payment options, like PayPal and bank transfers.

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Of course, everyone is familiar with eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces, with 187 million buyers globally. You can sell items one of two ways on eBay – via auction or fixed-price listing.

The auction setting is probably the app’s most well-known feature. You simply upload a photo of what you’d like to sell, set the starting bid, and set the length of the auction. (You can do 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.)

Keep in mind that once an auction ends, you are contractually obligated to sell the item for the winning bid. Buyers can also bid on items using eBay’s automatic bidding system, which automatically bids in increments higher than the last bid.

Sellers on eBay are paid in a variety of ways, including Paypal, credit or debit card, merchant credit or debit card, or payment on pickup (if your buyer is going to pick up the item in person). Another fun eBay fact?

The most expensive eBay sale on record was a Gigayacht, which sold for $168 million!!

Selling and buying online


Wallapop is a fairly new app that boasts more than 13 million users.

Using the app, you can sell items, from vintage clothing to books, to people in your local area.

It’s available in a wide range of major cities, like NYC and Los Angeles.


Depop is a fun selling platform, which allows you to open your own little shop from your phone.

It’s an image-focused virtual flea market that combines elements of eBay and Instagram.

This app focuses on vintage fashion, clothing, books, illustration, art, books and records.

With it, you can create beautiful listings for your items, and you can even apply in-app filters to your images.


If you love flea markets, yard sales, vintage stores or car boot sales, then Shpock is the app for you to make quick cash.

This unusually named app, which refers to the fact it acts as a “SHop in your POCKet”, allows you to sell a plethora of used, second hand, and vintage items to people in your local area.


Marcari is great for selling electronics, gadgets, and clothes.

The app is free, and no commission is taken from the sale. The app shares to social media so you can get even more out of your listing.

Sellers ship items to buyers and you can track progress in the app.

Amazon Seller App

amazon image
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The Amazon Seller App takes selling a lot more seriously than the previously listed apps. You can list multiple products to sell, read and respond to messages from buyers while managing many facets of your account.

Check your status, check your orders, disbursement amount, reprice inventory and more. It also offers coaching and assistance in running an online business.

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Varage Sale

Varage Sale is essentially a virtual garage sale. It’s community driven and only available in select cities at the moment. Cities where Varage sale is available

Most items on the app are the type of things you would find at a garage sale including cribs, toys, and clothes.


WhatNot is a live-streaming platform where shoppers bid on items for sale the same way they do at in-person auction house sales. However, on WhatNot, shoppers can find dozens of live sales across multiple categories twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week


The Dealo app is similar to Close5 post job or housing ads on top of being able to sell things. You can browse items without having an account but will need to create one to start selling.

Dealoz is an interesting app because the listings are local but gives sellers the option to ship upon request. You can also get double cash back on all App orders. Payment for items is done through PayPal.


make money writing
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OfferUp lets you buy or sell anything locally. The app focuses on objects and possessions.

All of the items are under categories ranging from auto parts to video games.

Many of the app reviews talk about how easy this app is to use, especially in comparison to many of the similar options. Gets 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Apps.


Using the app, you can sell almost anything, from beauty products to cars.
To sell an item on Carousell, all you need to do is take a few photos and post a listing. This can be done within 30 seconds, and it’s free too.


LetGo is similar to the 5Miles, but you can filter items by distance away from you. Like most of these apps, LetGo uses Facebook login. This feature adds safety by importing your name and picture from Facebook to the LetGo account.

The app also has a review system for buyers and sellers to rate each other. I’ve personally had success with this app. with purchasing used items.


fashion apparel
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Poshmark is a free app that lets you sell high-end clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Messaging and payments are handled over the app, and the buyer pays for shipping.

Poshmark takes a 20% commission for each item sold over $15. A bit on the expensive side, hence the name!

You can get brand spanking new designer items that people just don’t want or need any longer.


This app focuses on buying and selling within 5 miles of your location.

One nice feature is that you can voice record, making it easy to add a thorough description. 5Miles keeps all of your information secure and allows you to communicate over the app.

When making transactions with people you don’t know just do your due diligence and screen and ask as many questions as possible. I always make sure to make it known that I will have people around me to pick up items or when I’m selling items that I won’t be alone.

Most people are trustworthy but doesn’t hurt to always be on the SAFE side!:)

You can get some excellent deals and bargains through these apps, unload stuff you don’t want or need any longer and make some really quick cash!

If you’re looking for a fast, easy, safe place to sell your iPhone, ipad, electronic gadgets or used laptop head over to Gazelle.

You find your item on the site, send it in and they send you money in the form of a check, PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

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As you can see the way to sell items online is unlimited. The best thing is to see which app works the best for you, follow up with questions and sell your stuff fast!

Follow me here and on Instagram for the best ways to make money, grow your followers and build an epic online business from anywhere!

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