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With Halloween just behind us, it’s a swift reminder that the major Holidays are looming right around the corner! Wouldn’t it feel great if you could make some extra money to help soften the blow of splurging on all those Holiday time goodies, traveling expenses, presents and treats? Read on for some great ways to make extra money over the Holidays!

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I know I’m always guilty of going over my Holiday budget each and every single time. These tips can help you replenish that Holiday spend and maybe even start a long-term or short-term side hustle to build up an extra cushion of cash for the future!

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Flip Items:

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Profitable Ideas to Work From Home

Flipping has been the craze over the last few years. I’m sure you’ve heard of flipping real estate, watched an episode of ‘Flip My House’ and maybe even heard of folks flipping websites to make extra money.

Some people do this full time and make an excellent living at it.

I didn’t add flipping a website on this list because it can take some time to build up a profitable website for sale – IF you build one from scratch. But once you do you can list it and sell it for a decent amount.

However, you don’t have to start a brand new blog, website or ecommerce store from scratch to flip it and make extra money.

You can buy one that’s already been making money from a broker site called Flippa.

Once you purchase a website you update the content, the images and rebrand it as your own. I did this for a wellness website then flipped it and sold it right back on Flippa where I originally purchased it.

See my post how this mom blogger sold her website in 5 days for $43K!

To make quick money flipping everyday items you basically purchase something for a low amount, fix them up so they’re practically like new again, and then sell it for several times the original price.

These items could be anything from furniture, to cars, toys, electronics, antiques, jewelry, instruments etc.

You can purchase items from big box stores, consignment shops, clearance shops and others and resell items online for great profits.

I once purchased a beautiful new pair of Apres Ski boots off the site for 60% off and made 3 times the amount back!

Read the post below to learn how people do this as a money making side hustle or even full time!

How to Make Money Buying and ReSelling Online

How To Create a Profitable Website You Can Sell for 50K

Sell Items for extra money:

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Selling things online is so easy nowadays with the help of apps, you don’t have to slave away labeling and spending all day outside on your lawn holding a tag sale like in the past.

Apps make it so simple to just type a simple description, price and upload a few great pictures.

Here are 17 popular apps to sell anything online fast.

17 Apps To Sell Anything For Quick Cash

Some of the more popular things to sell online are DIGITAL ITEMS, these consist of PRINTABLES, templates, scripts for business, E-Courses, infographics, calendars and more.

Tangible items or items we use every day can be sold online as well like: automotive accessory items, electronics, fashion accessories, designer clothes, medical suppy equipment and more.

I’ve sold a ton of my kids clothes on All you do is send them you items and they take care of the rest!

Remember what’s one man or woman’s trash is another’s treasure so just because you may think it’s junk may be well worth something to another!

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Gift Wrap Service

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Every year I think how great it would be if someone took over the wrapping portion of the Holidays.

I would gladly pay for someone to wrap my Holiday gifts for me!

People are so busy as it is and especially around the Holidays. Who has time to wrap?

You could offer this service easily to your neighbors, friends, co workers and make some nice extra money by providing a gift wrapping service.

Rent Out Your Place

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If you’re going to be away for the Holidays why not rent out your home or apartment on Airbnb?

You can get a nice month’s rent this way and in turn offer your place to someone who has always wanted to travel to your city or country and have their own personal space as opposed to a commercial and crowded hotel.

Rent Baby and Toddler Equipment

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A lot of families travel during the Holidays and don’t or can’t pack up everything they need. You could rent out strollers, highchairs, playpens, pack n’ plays and other bulky items that just don’t transport easily.

Some folks have started businesses renting out baby items or sports equipment to families and wound up with a good little side hustle helping them to rake in some extra cash.

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Bake Holiday Goods for Extra Money

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If you love to bake and are good at it why not use your wonderful baking skills and charge for it to make extra money over the Holidays?

I used to work with someone who made the most fantastic cheesecakes, pies and Italian pastries.

She wound up having a side business, charging $22 per cake and expanded into baking children’s birthday cakes.

Holiday desserts, pies, cookies, cakes and yummy homemade breads and treats are all welcome around the Holidays and so much better than store bought!

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Event Planning/Catering

The Holiday season is an ideal time to use your planning skills to help others create their perfect parties. If you have prior experience in Hospitality or party planning this could be your way of making a nice bundle.

Offer your planning services to your community and local organizations and start putting your excellent organizational or catering skills to use.

Pick the location, plan the menu, the food, decorations, services and events.

Just keep in mind that it’s a lot of work but if you have a passion for it could even lead to a full-time business.

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Bartending for Extra Money

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Before, during and after the Holidays numerous catering companies need additional Seasonal staff.

Bartenders make excellent money during these shifts often times with tips on top.

If you’re personable, outgoing and can stand on your feet for a long time this could be the gig to line your pockets with some great extra cash.

Take Holiday Photos

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Some photographers charge $150 per photo session. If you’re not a professional photographer but have some experience and good equipment why not charge less and book back-to-back sessions?

You could go to your client’s homes or have them come to you, or book the shoot at a fun, festive sight on location. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!

Get Paid To Take Pictures While You Travel

Sell Crafts for Extra Money

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Do you crochet, knit, make dry pressed flower designs, ceramic dishwear, jewelry, or anything else by hand? People love homemade gifts for themselves and to give to others.

Some Etsy shop owners make 6 figure earnings selling homemade goods online.

If you don’t already have your own Etsy shop think of opening one or sell at the next local Holiday craft, flea market or Church Fair.

You can even sell on Facebook marketplace, Shopify or Ebay.

Decorate Other Peoples Homes

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have someone decorate your house or even the Christmas tree for the Holidays? I know some people still love to do this themselves but others, myself being one, just don’t have the time or energy or inkling any longer.

You could charge by room, or even have special decorating packages that you offer.

Outdoor decorating services would be extra!

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Moving away from the Holiday type services there is always office style work to be done around the Holidays. If you have the time you could take on some additional work by transcribing.

SpeakWrite is a company that has competitive wages.

The average typist makes $300 per month and the top $3000 per month. You have to pass a typing test and have a Windows computer. No Macs or tablets unfortunately.

You can take the test here.

Do Surveys

I know everyone talks about doing surveys. Some are not worth it and some of them do pay quite well. The two I recommend the most are Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

These survey companies are totally legitimate and are one of the fastest ways to earn some spare cash in your free time.

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Get Paid For Things You Already Do

Perform Errands

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If you are a person who enjoys being on the go, then doing quick errands can be a perfect way for you to earn money quickly.

These are errands such as delivering food, medical specimens, important mail and or package delivery.

There are many types of tasks, and you can choose what you want to do and generally work around your schedule.

You can deliver food through companies like UberEATS, Shipt and Instacart.

The companies like TaskRabbit, Gigwalk have other types of tasks for you.

This type of work is great if you have a very flexible schedule and free time.

Use Ebates

I adore using Ebates. I’ve been using them for about ten years now. It’s kind of a no brainer because if you’re going to be shopping anyway then why not get paid for it right?

Especially around the Holidays every little bit counts. It feels good getting something back after spending so much.

Shopping with Ebates is so simple, you can either shop online or download the app and shop at the store. They participate with all the major retailers. It’s completely effortless and you get cash back on every day purchases.

They reimburse you via PayPal.

Sign up today and they’ll give you $10!

Pet Sitting for Extra Money

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I hate to see people’s pets getting neglected over the Holidays:( Often times they have to go to a kennel or just get thrown out of their daily routine with all the hullaballoo going on.

If you love pets, the Holidays are a great time to earn some extra money and sign on to be a Pet sitter.

There are numerous companies most likely in your area that are seeking pet sitters, or you can sign up with fill out some information, have your profile up and get booked.

Teach English

Online teaching is one of the easiest thing to do especially if you have prior teaching experience.

These companies pay up to $20 per hour or more.

But even if you are just a native English speaker, there is a good chance you can start a good side gig by teaching conversational English to children in China through websites like VIPKID. The teaching requirements are minimum.

All you need is a nice personality, be able to speak clearly and concisely, have a good internet connection, a quiet space, a working computer and be available at the times they need you.

In addition you can…

Write for Others

Starting a blog is not a quick and easy way to make money over the holidays as it takes time to build up significant traffic but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money blogging or writing high quality content for others!

Major companies, brands and individuals are seeking content creators, copywriters, social media and email writers, article writers and more.

Check out this post to see over 100 websites that pay writers well and pick up a high paying writing gig for extra money over the holidays and beyond!


Looking for more ways to earn an income on or offline?

Check out my HUGE list of even more resources to make extra money on or offline and big companies that are seeking remote workers throughout the year!

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