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Master Guide to Blogging for Profit

Our most popular and comprehensive resource, this Master Guide includes courses, swipe-files, templates and more to put your blog on the road to success. Not only will you learn how to set up a WordPress blog, identify a profitable niche, and create valuable content, but you’ll also learn how to market to your target audience, how to pitch brands for sponsorships, and much more

If you’re ready to stand out from the competition and finally make your dream blog a reality, this guide is the ultimate resource to get you started.

Ultimate Blogging Promotion Checklist

Identify your target audience, drive more traffic to your blog, and monetize your website like a pro. Includes blogging tool recommendations and a checklist to promote your website.

Master the Art of Pinterest Marketing

Harness the power of Pinterest and learn how to use groups, boards, tribes, pinning and more to grow your page views, boost engagement, and increase revenue.

Become The Ultimate SEO Boss

Discover how to implement an effective SEO strategy for your entire website, including how to rank in the top 10 on Google without paid tactics or technical experience. Includes a free SEO Strategy Lesson From Hubspot and a guide to guest posting.

Ultimate Guide to Being a Paid Influencer

Create a powerful strategy as an influencer, including how to deliberately target and plan content for your niche, how to pitch brands, and the right way to get sponsored posts. Includes 4 email templates and 17 high profile influencer agencies.

How to Nail the Pitch & Get Paid Sponsorships

Learn how to collaborate with major companies, get paid for sponsorships, and grow your opportunities as a social media influencer. You’ll even get an email pitch template.

PRO Email Marketing Strategies

Unlock email marketing tips, learn strategies to grow your email list, and discover how to create engaging email content with this guide. Included are email templates and a guide to effectively use images in emails.

How to Sell Digital Products With No Tech Skills

Learn how to earn passive income through selling digital products online—no coding, technical skills, or prior experience necessary. You’ll also get access to the 13 best platforms to sell digital products.

How to Really Make Money Blogging Like the Pros

Learn everything you need to know to start earning passive income online. Includes the 100 highest paying commission programs, a ClickBank tutorial, and more.

How to Be a Successful Content Creator

Discover the 12 most profitable digital products, how to harness the power of video marketing, and how to transform your knowledge into a passive source of income. Includes a digital download generator.

How to Create Your Epic Online Business

Get access to promotional strategies, mindset tactics, and more valuable resources to turn an idea into the successful online business of your dreams. This 265+ page ebook is everything you need to get started.

Mastering the Art of Copywriting for the Web

Learn how to copywrite like a pro to take your blog or website to the next level. Includes tips to write persuasive copy, increase sales, and get your audience to convert into customers.



Ashley Emanuel
Wow this was seriously so informative! I am definitely working on applying some of these strategies already. Some of the strategies mentioned I had never heard of! This was well informed and worth reading! Thank you!
I love all the information you share. Every time I receive your newsletter goes straight to favourite so I can recheck it later. Thank you for inspiring and helping us succeed in the blogging world.​
Alan B.
This is one of the most awesome set of guides I have ever come across. Since it covers sufficient details about each subject that we often come across- upside, downside, how to select the perfect niche and many more. I am very satisfied after going through these articles and will definitely try them out. Thank you so much for sharing!​
Anoop K.
Very informative guides! As you said, the folks should be productive and tech-savvy in the modernization era. A myriad of opportunities are in front of us, and our job is to find passion and pursue it. Keep sharing! Your guides are inspiring me a lot to do something.​​
master guide to blogging for profit


20 guides, courses and swipe-files to get you on the right track to set up a profitable blog from the start. Distinguish yourself online from others, crush your competition, and build a blog that converts for a lifetime of passive income from anywhere!

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