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With 2022 ending, it’s time for businesses to embrace the new shopping trends in 2023. Shoppers’ needs are changing while technology advances, and these influences in tandem produce a brand-new commerce environment for the new year. If you have a small business here are some crucial shopping trends your business needs to know. 

For business security in an uncertain world, businesses must anticipate customer needs by utilizing all of their marketing and technological resources. What can in-person and e-commerce outfits keep an eye out for in 2023 to stay ahead of the curve? 


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Shopping Trends – Appointment Shopping

Foot traffic is decreasing in a post-pandemic world and with a continued increase in online shopping. To make in-store experiences more personalized, stores offer to schedule shopping appointments.

The benefits of these appointments are multifaceted. It appeals to a safety mindset developed by the pandemic to maintain social distancing. It also encourages a more leisurely experience without worrying about as much external interference.

These appointments are a prime time for retailers to schedule one-on-one time with clientele. Some choose to make these meetings because of added benefits such as beauty consultations for skin care products or expert advice for high-tech appliances. 

Personal experiences like this remind customers why shopping in person is essential. Though it isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s becoming trendier as the new year rolls around.


Cybersecurity Compliance


No business is immune to the effects of cyberthreats. Everywhere from fintech to e-commerce is susceptible, and companies can look to compliance standards and cybersecurity hygiene to create safer environments for their shoppers.

Consumers know the ever-present threat of hackers on their personal information. Therefore, they are more likely to trust stores that advertise they prioritize cybersecurity and protecting customer data. Shoppers look online for high-quality websites and recognizable payment methods — these demonstrate reliability. 

From an administrative perspective, businesses could incorporate these measures to increase safety for their customers: 

  • Ensure safe website hosting with safety certifications
  • Implement fraud prevention and scan for effectiveness regularly
  • Look into payment compliance protocols like Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards



Defining transparency within a business has expanded to more subject areas over the years. In the modern era where customers want to shop from ethical sources, they want to be able to find detailed, evidence-driven information about what a company is doing to be good to their workers and the planet. 

Transparency in shipping will maintain customer and client satisfaction and retention because honesty will keep them recurring. If a site exaggerates shipping times, customers are more likely to leave poor reviews or request refunds because the business sets false expectations.

Proof of ethical wages and sustainable practices are vital for success since some will choose a business with more transparency in its business practices over those who don’t.

In light of economic turmoil due to the pandemic and international conflict, supply chains are bottlenecked, and shortages are prevalent. On top of holiday shopping, some companies are nervous about providing realistic shipping times because of the countless influencing factors. 



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New Payment Methods

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Cryptocurrency, buy-now-pay-later and mobile wallets are changing the game for everyday transactions. What used to be dollar bills or inputting credit card info is now more diverse, giving customers more legroom to pay on their own time or with other resources. 

A significant theme of new shopping trends is convenience and providing as many payment methods as possible supports this mindset. 

Digital payments benefit consumers, cut operational costs, and improve security. More secure methods like RFID and NFC technology give shoppers peace of mind while saving companies countless dollars in cyberthreat prevention and overhead.


Video Shopping

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Influencers do more than create entertaining content — they make viewers buy products. Instagram is leaning into video content after the success of TikTok and platforms like Twitch that encourage live streaming. Video shopping like this encourages an impulsive buying behavior that businesses rely on, especially in an increasingly digital shopping climate. 

Video shopping also encourages other related upcoming shopping trends that rely on social selling and added creativity from marketing teams.

The first is omnichannel shopping. Video content, especially live content, emboldens online research of a product and what someone can expect from an in-person shopping experience. An online scouting experience like this then turns into visiting the physical storefront — a cross-channel shopping experience.

Video also encourages interactive retail. Some stores have users employ apps with augmented reality (AR) functions to envision how clothes look on them or how large pieces of furniture are. They also include interactive displays showing product locations on detailed shop maps.

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Cross-Border E-Commerce

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In 2022, it highlighted two opposing perspectives that coexist — prioritize local shopping and cross-border e-commerce. Shopping internationally provides similar benefits to shopping locally. 

They can support small businesses or minority companies. It is convenient because purchasing online is a little more so than driving a few minutes down the road to a local clothing boutique.

International e-commerce also provides agency for shoppers who want to find better deals and use secure payment methods to purchase goods.

When most e-commerce retailers offer payment methods through the world’s most trusted companies, it helps calm shoppers if they have to request returns or refunds or inquire about shipping details.


Shopping Trends in 2023 for Getting Ahead

Whether you are strictly online, in-store or a hybrid, shopping trends constantly alter because habits shift with global changes. Technology and customer preferences vary depending on the season and global influence.

Regardless, this doesn’t mean businesses can ignore upcoming shopping trends, because staying on top of them will give them a competitive edge in 2023.


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