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You have a good idea of what you want to sell online. Whether it’s affiliate products or actual physical products, digital products, printables, graphics, or even coaching or consulting services.

If it’s digital assets hopefully you have them listed on a marketplace like Creative Market or Envato, but you may be also intrigued about starting your own business to sell physical goods alongside your digital products.

Let’s take a look at some common myths about selling online.

1. If I Build a Store It Will Take a While to Get Sales

One common misconception is that if you build an online store, it will take a long time to get sales.  This is not always the case – it really depends upon your promotion tactics.

How do you come across an online store? Chances are a friend tells you about it, or you read about it somewhere online.

You need a decent marketing strategy in place through social media, blog outreach, or press to get your name out there.

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No, your product won’t sell itself if you just put it out there. The reality is you do have to put in some effort.

With today’s promotional strategies it’s quite simple to get the word out there. Often times new sellers being in a hurry will use paid advertising tactics but it’s entirely possible to take advantage of free marketing strategies as well.

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The key is to be persistent and consistent!

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2. I Don’t Have a Product to Sell, So I Can’t Start a Store

Nowadays it’s not even necessary to have a product. After all, who wants to be investing thousands of dollars into testing and manufacturing a product that may or may not sell?

If you’re thinking about selling digital products—you’re right on target. There’s practically no overhead cost to selling digital product. The only real cost is the time you put into producing the work.

If you’re doing design work for fun, and people tell you you’re good at it – try selling it! Anything you produce can be considered a product.

How to Save Time Designing Your Website/Blog

You can test your product market fit by putting together a minimum viable product page for a without actually having any inventory.

How? Try setting up a simple landing page on your blog or in conjunction with your Creative Market profile. Sell from your blog, from your Facebook page, on Instagram, on Etsy! There are numerous platforms through which you can market from.

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3. It’s Expensive to Sell Online and I Can’t Afford It

A common misconception I hear all of the time is that it’s expensive to sell online. While that may have been true a few years ago, advances in technology have made every aspect of selling online much less expensive.

As mentioned above, there’s a plethora of different platforms to sell online with. From marketplaces like Creative Market, to Etsy or standalone software like Magento – and even hosted, managed platforms like Shopify.

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It’s really up to you to determine what sort of store you want to run, and there’s a lot to take into consideration before picking which platform to use.

Generally, most store owners are switching from self-managed solutions like Magento or Volusion to something like Creative Market where they don’t have to worry about bandwidth, servers, and all that other technical stuff.

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Chances are if you’re doing this as a side project, you’re a solopreneur. That’s where a managed platform would be ideal. With the cost of managed solutions and marketplaces depending on the platform – there’s not much to lose.

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Now that some common misconceptions about selling online have been pushed aside, it’s time for you to get started!

What’s holding you back from starting your own business? If you can think of any other misconceptions, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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