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The only way to make your email marketing survey highly results-oriented is to make it intriguing to them. Your customers and respondents should keep waiting excitedly for your next questionnaire to turn up in their inboxes. The hype that you create around it is what is going to get you the most honest and quick answers. The following section talks about a few very easy and interesting ways to keep your email marketing survey engaging as well as result-oriented in 2023. Let’s discuss:


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Go All Out Online

It is time to talk about your email marketing survey.

You have several touchpoints that you can use to get in touch with your customers and prospects.

There is Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms such as Snapchat, and Reddit as well.

You can use all of these to announce your next survey.

You can get them enthusiastic about your email marketing campaign that you are going to start within a few days or a week or two.

This is a great way to get them interested in what you have to discuss or gather information about.

Do you know that close to 91% of your respondents would be willing to get connected with you through your website submission page?

Just imagine the impact that your email questionnaire is going to have if you make it more accessible on several touch points mentioned above.



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Keep Your Email Survey as Short as Possible

This is not something that a lot of people are going to be in favor of.

They want their email marketing survey to be very all-encompassing and packed with information.

This is not a good approach though because that is only going to tire your respondents and make them click off.

They will find it redundant and a little too intrusive at times.

What do you do? You follow what studies say. Only close to 45% of people will be willing to spend more than 5 minutes on a survey.

The rest will be a little more impatient. So, it is time to change your survey research strategies a little and incorporate shorter and to-the-point questions that are not only crisp but interesting to answer as well.


What Are the Incentives?

Your users, customers, prospects, respondents, and everyone that you wish to target is going to look for some kind of incentive once they are done with your email marketing survey.

Let’s just say that they open their inbox and find a newsletter that has your questionnaire as well as a scratch coupon that can be redeemed on your online marketplace.

They would be more than willing to fill out that survey for you.

This is because they know that by giving just 5 minutes of their time, they will be able to get at least 10 or 20 dollars’ worth of incentives.

According to studies, this is a great way to increase your website traffic by at least 34%.



These 3 quick tips that are going to make your email marketing surveys a lot more interesting and result oriented.

Needless to say, your next email will be anticipated as you come across as a fun, exciting, and considerate brand.


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