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3 Tactics that Work Better than Ad Click or Page View Threads

This is a guest post from one of my favorite pro bloggers and entrepreneurs, Ryan Biddulph who is an Amazon Best Selling Author, famous blogger and globe trotter to some of the most exotic places on earth! He is the creator of  “Blogging From Paradise” a world renowned blog and community where he shares expert blogging tactics and tips, ways to boost your blogging income, generate more traffic to your blog, and enjoy blogging life from anywhere in the world!

In this post Ryan shares tactics how to drive more traffic to your blog in genuine ways that work the best for the long term and why ad clicks and page view threads – that we see so often in social media lately are not the best strategy for growing an authentic following.

Thank you so much Ryan for sharing these great tips with us!


By Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise


I hate to douse your Facebook Group sharing thread fire, guys.

But sharing threads do not work well.

Have you ever wondered why someone depends on traffic from folks who only click your links because THEY are getting traffic from you? Not exactly an organic, sustainable business model. Plus any reputable affiliate network bans you immediately if you use manipulative methods to boost clicks and revenue.

Feel free to find blogs for reading and commenting through sharing threads but NEVER depend on these manipulative, conditional groups for your blogging daily bread. You will fail because lasting, fulfilling blogging success flows from developing real skills, not from people who scratch your back only because you scratch theirs.

Peep these 3 tactics that work far better than ad click or page view threads to promote your blogging success.

Guest Post

I recently asked if any blogger wanted me to write a 600 word blogging tips post for them.

Emily is one blogger who gobbled up the opportunity.

Win-win scenario here: I get exposure and extra traffic while Emily gets 100% passive blog traffic, save a quick read and spruce up presentation-wise.

Guest posting on blogs increases your blog traffic, boosts your profits and helps you gain greater exposure. Leveraging your online presence through guest posting is a breeze and an ease if you practice writing daily.

Be persistent. Ask bloggers if they want a guest post then gobble up opportunities from bloggers who take you up.

Stick mainly to blogs from your niche but go off niche sometimes to make friends and increase that viral level exposure any world famous blogger taps into.

Comment Genuinely on Blogs

I opened comments on my blog after 1 year of closed comments, not 2 days ago.

Between legit and spam comments I noted 100 plus flow to me. Imagine that. My blog was off the comment radar for years. But 48 hours later I generated not 1, but 100 plus comments.

Genuine blog commenting is one culprit in the instant comment rise. Sharing your thoughts on blogs aligned with your niche increases your exposure and builds your friend network. Expect a business increase too. I landed my highest paying freelance client some 7 years ago when I was into that thing and also scored features on world famous sites due in part to my prolific blog commenting campaign.

Share your thoughts on the blog post. Write 2-3 paragraph – or longer – comments, to make an impact. Be honest, helpful and authentic. People will click your link to visit your blog. All manner of prospering doors open once someone visits your blog.

Blog commenting rocks because of its few barriers. Minus staying out of the spam folder, any blogger can comment on any blog with comments open.

Promote *Other* Bloggers

Promote other bloggers. Ask for nothing in return.


Promote Other Bloggers To Increase Your Traffic


Detachment is key; friendships grow if you act in generous fashion. Have you ever met someone at a party who says “I’ll only help you and be your friend if you do this, this and this for me,” then walks away if you do not agree? Friendships grow organically through mutual acts of kindness.

Promote other bloggers through your blog and social media. Some bloggers you promote dig your style and promote you in returning, allowing the seed of friendship to grow.

Imagine your blog traffic and business growth when 10, 20 and then 50 blogging buddies promote you on their blogs and through social media? Plus this is organic, interested traffic, with no strings attached, unlike silly Facebook Group threads.

Trash the threads guys.

Build something lasting, meaningful, organic and valuable to live your dreams through blogging.

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.


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