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Pinterest group boards are excellent for driving traffic to your blog or website.  If you’re a part of a successful group board that has 5K-10K followers then your blog/website content is in front of so many more potential customers and readers than one that has say, 200 followers.

This Exclusive List below contains 300+ of some of Pinterest’s best group boards from several top Niches with thousands of followers. This will increase your viewers, your network, & help you to collaborate with fellow bloggers, as well as promote your blog posts, hence SKYROCKET your traffic and GROW your Business so much faster than if you had only boards of your own or boards with low groups of followers. 

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I love Pinterest group boards, but we all know it can be so very time consuming finding the right boards for your blog niche and applying to them.

It’s a tough job, which is why there are so many more people making full time careers by becoming Pinterest Virtual Assistants nowadays. 


Become a Pinterest VA
Become a Pinterest VA


This group board list will save you TONS of time and effort sorting and seeking them out :-). 

I cannot stress how important group boards are to increase your traffic to your blog.  Pinning strategically to the right group boards can give a massive boost to your site. This post is here to help you save time. Here is a list of 300+ Pinterest group boards any blogger can apply for!

And btw, if you don’t have a blog, you need one! It’s a great way to make money and learn new skills. It’s your ‘storefront’ that never closes.

You can have a blog up and running within an hour for $3.95 or less per month.


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10 Ways Tailwind Boosts Your Business


Group boards combined with automatic pin schedulers like Tailwind will DRAMATICALLY increase your traffic and your earnings!

I use Tailwind and a combination of manual pinning. Tailwind is easy to use and it automatically schedules to Pinterest as well as Instagram, and now Facebook as well.

Tailwind is also the Pinterest official pin scheduler. You can sign up for FREE Here.

You can use both methods to make fantastic traffic gains straight to your blog or website. Unless you use Facebook ads or Google ads, Pinterest is the fastest way to gain relevant traffic to your blog. I get 80% of my traffic from Pinterest thanks to their scheduling tool Tailwind.

And don’t forget Facebook groups – these groups have also become vital strategies and have schedules to promote your content every day.

Sign up below for FREE for my 40 FB Groups run by some of the most successful lead Entrepreneurs in the business.

Join up and become a part of an engaging community, get your work seen & grow your business fast!

I hope this post helps you with your Pinterest strategy. I started my Pinterest account (you can follow me here!) with absolutely zero followers, but my viewers have grown to almost 295K and being a part of group boards and Tailwind is one of the main reasons.

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If you’re looking to get even more traffic from Pinterest, be sure to check out How to Get More PageViews From Pinterest and the Blog Traffic eBook.  These are the e-books by The She Approach to start getting the most out of your Pinterest accounts.

If this post has helped you, please re-pin it on Pinterest.

Now start applying to group boards and watch your traffic get a mega boost to your business on Pinterest!


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