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Life is full of peaks and valleys, highs and lows. Every day we’re faced with battles and obstacles big and small in both our personal and professional lives. The secret to obtaining your goals is to maintain a positive and focused mindset through it all. Sometimes easier said than done. Here’s 30 suggestions for positive actions you can take as an entrepreneur that will help you stay on a more focused and clearer path towards success.


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Methods for Entrepreneurs to Remain Positive

I personally believe the mind is indeed like a muscle and can be trained and rewired to adhere to what we tell it. Believe me this didn’t happen overnight.

It’s taken a lot of talks, mindset training, webinars, Ted Talks, books and plain self-discipline to get to this point.

I learned you can be the master of your mind and not let it push you around.

Squash those negative thoughts like little bugs every time they creep their way into your conscience, no matter how many times it takes!

Every morning after listening to, reading or watching positive affirmation messages I literally jump out of bed and say, “Let’s do this!”

Sounds super corny but hey, it works!

And you know what, it really helps me get things done.

I used to keep a rubber band on my wrist and snap it every time a negative voice popped up.

Try this. Eventually you will train yourself and your positive thoughts will start to win over.

These thoughts are simply my opinions and what has been successful for me – do what works best for you but regardless always maintain a PMA – POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

Why? Because no one ever got anywhere without one.


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Entrepreneurs Need a Positive Action Strategy

If you’re starting a new career, just getting your blog going, learning something new… the key is positive actions.

Yes, you can do this!

Why? Because being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart!

There will be days when you get no traffic to your website, no one calls you, there are no hits on your blog, you get no sign ups, your website traffic is slowly decreasing, and feel that no one is interested in you or your product or services and never will be!

If you’re wondering, why no one is visiting your site read this post:

10 Reasons Why No One Cares About Your Beautiful Website

It may take time, but everyone had to start from square one at some point.


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Here’s 30 days’ worth of positive tips and actions to help you have a more optimistic outlook as an entrepreneur. 

Face it. As an entrepreneur you’ve got to do everything for yourself AND be the one cheering yourself on in your little corner as well.

Some days are harder than others.

On those days you just can’t do anymore, give yourself a break and come back to it later with a fresh outlook.

Start with small changes, then try to add one or two tips into your life each week.

Then try for every other day and then every day. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Small changes in mental attitude work wonders alone.

Trust me, you will notice a positive impact on your life!


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A Better You, Everyday

30 Days of Positive Actions for Entrepreneurs


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1. Get out of your head

Attend a performance, a function, a meet up, a global support group, a webinar or a conference that supports you in some area of your life or just makes you feel good.

Not something because you have to but one that you actually have been wanting to go to.

It doesn’t have to be related to work. But if it is, make sure it’s something that benefits you in a creative and meaningful way.

Not something like how to understand the latest google analytics statistics for your site. Save that for another time.

It sparks creativity in the mind, gets you out of your humdrum routine and gets those passionate juices flowing!

Especially if you work out of your house every single day it’s important to break out of your routine.


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2. Eat a Healthy Diet

Indulge in a diet of low fat, complex carbohydrate, high protein foods, colorful veggies and healthy herbs.

Savor the aromas, the flavor, the vibrant colors.

Skip the processed crap!

Eliminate sugar, switch out white flour carbs for complex ones.

When choosing snacks pick ones that give you energy, are low in fat and full of protein. i.e., nuts, steel cut oats with coconut, chia pudding, homemade granola bars, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, turkey rollups, kitchen salads! The possibilities are endless.

I try to stick to a Mediterranean diet because that’s what keeps the weight off, gives me energy and provides tons of antioxidants.

Keep foods as close to their natural state as possible.

It really makes you appreciate what you’re eating!



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3. Stop and smell the roses.

(Slow down) and be mindful of things you’re doing while you’re doing them. This is a super hard one for me!

We all have tried to anesthetize the pain with food, alcohol, drugs, the wrong romantic partner or toxic friend.

It’s good to take the time to stop and recognize, remember and enjoy the things you really love to do on your own.

Learn a new skill!


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4. Take advantage self-help resources out there.

Read a self-help book or listen to podcasts or audio affirmations in your car.

Listen to Ted Talks! There’s one on every subject imaginable.

Dealing with anxiety? Depression? Heartbreak? Loss of a loved one?

Life is full of huge emotional challenges.

We all need the right tools to cope!

Everyone has a special story to share. Remember you are not alone.

I love using aromatherapy and natural essential oils to help me decompress and de-stress!

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5. Sharing Helps Improve Your Mood

It feels good to share your feelings. Don’t bottle everything up.

Share a hug, a task, help someone else with their struggles.

Sometimes it helps just to stop playing the same old tapes in our head and be with others.

It’s a positive distraction and makes you remember that you’re not alone.


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6. Positive Action – Encourage others

Attend a support group/meeting/event.

Help someone else through their battles, professionally or personally.

Become a mentor for a child, company for an elderly neighbor, homeless pets or someone else in need.

The more you give to others the better you’ll feel in return.


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7. Add a new member to the family.

My daughter’s been asking for a pet lizard…what??

I’m more inclined for the fuzzy kind but you never know. 🙂 This little creature will need a lot of your love and attention and bring tons of joy and happiness.

Just be sure you’re ready for the commitment.

If you need a temporary fix – go to a local animal shelter and volunteer to walk the pups or just spend time with them. You could try fostering a pet for a while too to see if it’s right for you.


Dog Surfboarding
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8. Make your home feel welcoming, warm, lived in and inviting.

Buy flowers, plants, put up pictures, make your favorite recipes or memorable meal and welcome friends.

Have a potluck and play some fun games and don’t talk about work!

Redecorate with cheery, peaceful colors.

Purchase incense or candles for a relaxing environment.


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9. Get Some Alone Time

Alone time is always great for recharging your batteries but don’t isolate for too long.

Share your inner feelings with a close friend or confidant, a therapist, family member, even a pet or someone you love and trust).

Carving out time in your life for this is super important for your emotional wellbeing.


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10. Seek a positive environment.

Surrounding yourself in a positive environment and positive people is vital to maintaining a healthy mindset.

Happy places create memories to remind you of pleasant times, good vibes and joy.

Listen to music that makes you happy. This works wonders for me whenever I need to get out of my head.


Go to the beach. If you happen to live in a warm climate, take advantage of this and frequent the beach or park daily.

I’m fortunate to be able to do this and love to listen to the waves and surf early in the morning to clear my head before the workday begins.


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11. Stay Away from Toxic People

Avoid belittlers, those who berate you and make you feel small and worthless – Like those with narcissistic and toxic, selfish tendencies.


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12. Have regular get-togethers

Make regular plans to meet up with friends and people who lift you up and make you laugh the kind of chuckles you had when you were a little kid laughing about silly stuff.

Go line dancing!

Try not to focus on the serious side of life all the time.


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13. Stay away from chronic complainers!

Avoid people who always whine and complain and have negative expectations and energy.


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Be part of a group that exudes positive energetic vibes only! This is very important because negative energy is contagious!



14. Always keep learning new things.

As an entrepreneur you’re already doing this – just make sure you don’t get burned out in the process.

Try to keep away from shiny ball syndrome and noise that distracts.

Make sure to stay focused on what you need to know for your business and what will help you the most.

Prioritize what’s important for you and don’t get distracted by every new single product, gadget or service that pops up in your inbox.


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15. Use positive affirmations and positive self-talk

Never speak negatively about yourself or anyone.

Remember the saying your mother told you; if you don’t have anything kind to say don’t say anything.

Your system detects when you speak negatively about yourself, and this changes your inner thought process and limits your ability to move forward.



16. Positive Action – Don’t compare yourself to others.

Ever. It’s completely pointless. And a waste of energy and happiness.

Everyone is unique and has different gifts to offer.

No one is perfect, even if they appear to be. Concentrate on only yourself and your work.


17. Have some positive ‘go to’s’ ready at all times.

Whether it’s something positive you’ve been putting off, something yummy or healthy to eat, someone you’ve been wanting to call, a letter to write, a joyful task to complete.

Make sure it’s positive and beneficial for you or someone else in some way.

Remember when you were a little kid and you had creative, happy, positive dreams? There’s no reason you still can’t.


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18. Embrace, smile, learn, let go and move on.

We can’t control everything.

In fact there’s very little we can. We simply have to ‘go with the flow’ no matter how difficult at times. It’s probably the hardest lesson in life.

All we really can control is our reactions to things.

Everything else is simply out of our hands. Letting go is a huge part of life.

As heartbreaking as it might be we may as well smile and remember the good memories, learn from whatever lessons the experience had to teach us and move on to the next chapter.

Because it’s a guarantee there will be other good times waiting around the bend.


19. Stop Ruminating

Don’t live a life of ‘what if’. We all wish there were things we should have done, could have done or wished we had done.

But that time is past. We can’t change what happened so there’s no sense in beating yourself up about it. It is wasted energy.

Leave what’s in the past alone and focus on the next steps to accomplish what you most want.




20. Learn to look on the bright side.

Not always simple. And it may sound a bit dismissive to someone truly suffering from clinical depression. When suffering from clinical depression that has lasted for a while, one cannot always look on the bright side if one doesn’t believe it exists. In cases like this a mental health professional is in order.

For those not suffering from clinical depression and the day-to-day doldrums’ looking on the bright side is a mental task, a choice, a habit and exercise you must practice. It’s easy to be lazy and give in to all the negative voices. And there are many. We all have them.

Just like working out your body your mind is a muscle that needs to work along the ‘positive’ neural pathways.

Keep working that positive road and it will learn to go there naturally. Do this every day, all the time for 31 days until it becomes a habit. And it will!


21. Forgive those who have harmed you in the past. Practice detachment.

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” 

Holding onto anger towards those who have hurt you will only cause you pain. Not them.

22. Remember you have been blessed with a multitude of talents which you can put to use in different ways.


23. Be courageous and stand up for yourself.

Say what you want to say and let the words fall out. Like the song! Don’t be a ‘people pleaser’

You can never please everyone so there’s no sense in even trying. Work on pleasing yourself and others will respect your choices. Eventually. And if they don’t, so what?

We as women especially are taught to please from a very young age.

Everyone from our parents, to relatives, teachers, boyfriends, friends, co-workers, bosses, even strangers!

Everyone’s feelings are supposed to come before our own. Take back your self respect and work on what pleases you the most.

This isn’t selfish. If you put yourself first then you can take care of others who matter.

“Have the courage of your convictions”. 


24. Abandon Your Fears

F.E.A.R. – Face everything and rise!

Your fears are simply fears. No sense in worrying. It is just a feeling. Try to move past it. No matter how much worrying you do it’s not going to change anything.


Conquer Fear
Conquer Fear


25. Pray to Your Spirit Guide

If you’re spiritual, pray to your spirit that guides you towards what you know you must do to be healthy in mind and body.


26. Make Up Your Mind and Stick with It

As soon as you make up your mind, the universe opens up and points you in the direction you were meant to go.

As Yoda said, ‘Either do or do not.” It’s sometimes that simple.


27. Learn to Accept Compliments

People around you admire you for your strength and your offerings.

If they pay you a compliment accept it humbly and don’t think they have an ulterior motive.


28. Focus on breathing and grounding yourself.

Everything will be fine. Live in the present moment.

Taking deep cleansing breaths will help clear your mind and calm your nervous system.


29. Positive Action – Trust yourself

Listen to your instincts, your intuition and have faith that you are making the right decisions for yourself.

You are your own best friend. Or you should be. If you can be happy sitting in a room by yourself with your thoughts your inner strength will grow.


30. Believe in yourself.

Not everyone else is right no matter how confident they sound.

If you believe that you are making the right decisions for yourself and those you love, you won’t go wrong.

You may not always be 100% right due to circumstances beyond your control but if you start out believing in yourself you are already halfway there.



I hope these positive action tips help!

Reach out and let me know what techniques you use to power you through in your online journey.

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