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There are a whole lot of blogs out there. The internet is full of them. While you have enjoyed a blog or two every once in a while (okay, maybe many, every day); you probably haven’t thought about you making an actual full time living blogging. Why not though? It is one of the many creative ways of earning money online and offline. There are so many people who have started blogs and are successful in generating revenue. If they are doing it, why can’t you do the same thing? However, in a sea full of content, you may not feel like you even know where to begin. Whether you are looking for extra money or looking to make a full-time career out of writing online, many types of blog niches exist that make a lot of money. If you’re looking for ideas for such blogging niches, keep reading for the type of blogs that make consistent money month after month!

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Start a Craft Blog

Are you handy at making crafts? Believe it or not, crafting is a huge blogging niche, especially on Pinterest. People enjoy visual blogs, and you have the opportunity to create some great content with a craft blog.

Be it quilting or embroidery or origami, you can display your completed projects, post DIY tutorials, or even share tips. 

As crafting is one of the most photogenic blog niches out there, a lot of people—even people who are not into crafts—follow these blogs to get inspired.

Think about how stressful a person’s day is; looking through the pictures of pretty handmade projects can be very soothing.

The craft blog makes $125,000 per month.

How can a craft blog make money, though? Using a combination of ads, affiliate marketing, and selling custom orders on Etsy to drive in traffic and money. 


7 Tips to Make Passive Income on Etsy


Are You a Parent? Blog About It

Being a parent is the world’s hardest job.  We sure love our little ones and enjoy sharing the joys and pains of being a parent.  If you are a veteran parent or newbie, why not blog about your experiences? Regardless how many parenting blogs there are out there, there are no two that are alike!

All of the material is right in front of you and there’s always a huge audience ready to gobble up news, shared pains, experiences and great stories.  New parent’s are popping up everywhere, and they are all looking for advice, ways to relate, products, and more to help their own journey.

Even stay at home Dad blogs are now growing fast in popularity!

21 Best Dad Blogs

There are so many topics that you can cover with this blogging niche it’s practically endless. 

Pregnancy blogs, nursing blogs, midwife blogs, toddler blogs, subjects pertaining specifically to preschool age, children with different types of issues, allergies, behaviors, disabilities, gifts, etc.. The more you ‘niche’ down the more likely you are to find your special audience.

By giving tips online, you are also offering a personal support system. 

You can monetize your blog through products, ads, and sponsor affiliations. This is certainly one type of blog that gets a lot of traffic and potential income in 2020!

How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog and Nail the Pitch

Health and Wellness Blogs

When you think about ideas for blog niches, keep in mind that health and wellness are always super hot topics to blog about.

In fact, they’re realistically the best blogs to start. Everyone desires to be healthy, fit and strong; there are people around the world who are at all times looking for ways to improve their eating habits, have a better fitness routine and overall healthier lifestyle.

I recently sold my health and wellness blog for a profit! It was a really exciting venture and I hated to give it up, but it was a little too much for me to manage along with this one.

Looking to sell your blog? Read this post for some great tips!

How To Create a Profitable Website You Can Sell for 50K

Whether someone is looking for advice on how to go complete vegan or recipes that are keto or paleo, or diabetes friendly, ways to get in shape fast or for the long term; health and wellness is a hot blog niche people can’t seem to get enough of!

For people who have chronic long lasting conditions, talking to the doctor isn’t always enough.

They want someone whom they can relate to and that’s why health and wellness blogs are such a great idea.

Bloggers have made full time, sometimes 6 and 7 figure incomes through sponsored content, working with top brands, display ads, affiliated marketing, and homemade products like cookbooks and videos or e-recipes

Whether it’s raw artisanal honey, hemp products, or a Plant based cookbook that you’ve put together, there’s a never ending list of products and accessories to sell to go along with your blog. 

These can be anything from skincare products or cosmetics, cbd products, food, gifts, travel kits, supplies, books, information, videos and the like.

Aseda Wild Honey and Honey Colony

Food Blogs

Everyone loves a gorgeous food blog packed with alluring recipes! Everyone needs food. Whether your food blog features all of the farm to table restaurants in your area or you showcase the best plant based burgers, people are going to want to see that and know about it. 

Food blogging is one of the top blogging niches that also has the potential to make tremendous amounts of money. 

The food blog Pinch of Yum created by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom in 2009 started making $21.97. They now make over $802,000 a month. 

They post all their expenses and earnings online for everyone to see.

How Much Money Food Bloggers Can Make


Through ads, sponsored content, and even meetups, you can make money by blogging about your favorite food because there’s a good chance it’s someone else’s favorite food as well.

Read this post to learn how you can start a profitable food blog:

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Finance Blogs

As you know, life is expensive. You try to be frugal when you can, and so are a lot of other people. More people are adopting a ‘minimalistic’ lifestyle. 

This is why finance is a good topic to blog about. There are so many people out there looking for tips to help them live frugally or, at the very least, save a little money, pay down debt, and learn skills to help them manage their personal finances.

The finance blog that was sold made $1.3 million per month.

Making sense of cents = $140,000 monthly.

While you might be asking, how can you make extra money by blogging about saving money, there is a way.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way for a blogger to make money on this topic.


Mastering the Art of Affiliate Marketing


No matter what you are looking to blog about, chances are that there are ways to make money from it. It is better to pick a blogging niche than have a generic blog.

By focusing on one niche, you are allowing yourself to become an expert that will draw more people. More people visiting your site means more traffic, which generally means more money.

With a blog there are multiple income streams. In fact, the actual writing earns next to nothing, you are simply using the content to create a platform from which to launch other money-making ventures.

That takes a lot of extra hard work, as well as an understanding of how online marketing works.

Which is probably why blogs explaining how to make money from blogs are so popular.

The most common form of direct income generated by bloggers is creating premium digital content to sell through the site.

Popular examples are e-courses, ebooks, guides and tutorials.

Digital products require no space or shipping which makes them a fantastic form of passive revenue!

Find out what niche you would like to dedicate your blog to and have fun!

Read this to find out the many ways how you can monetize your blog like the pros do!

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