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Are you getting terrible results from your social media marketing campaigns? The problem could lie within. This post goes over 5 ways you’re killing your social media marketing campaigns and how to get the results you need!

Are you starting to think social media marketing is just a big waste of time? If you are spending tons of money on Facebook ads, pinning your little heart out on Pinterest, tweeting like a Canary on Twitter (X), and creating videos on Tik Tok, but seeing negative results you may be sabotaging your social media marketing efforts without realizing it. 

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Here’s 5 common ways you’re killing your social media campaigns. 

1) Using too Many Social Media Platforms

Utilizing too many social media platforms is like over piling your plate with too many foods at an all you can eat banquet. They say you can’t get too much of a good thing but let’s look at this.

You need to hone in on which platform is working the best for you and forget the others. It may be a complete waste of your time to be on LinkedIn, Reddit or Twitter (X) and others. 

For instance, I get 3% of traffic from Twitter (X) whatever. Is it worth me tweeting for 30-60 minutes per day while I could be posting comments on other bloggers sites, guest posting and building my network up massively that way?

For me to make a worthwhile impact in Twitter (X) I’d have to be tweeting every 30 minutes 24/7 and who has the time for that? Plus, would it even really make a difference? NO. Why? Because I know that my target audience is not there.

Sometimes it’s just not worth it to try to be everywhere. But you have to make that determination in the beginning. Your job is to find out where your audience hangs out and hone in on that platform for the best results. 

How do you do this? Your social analytics and a good social media audit will give you the crystal ball insight you need to determine which channels are performing best for you. 

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2) Posting on Social Media Too Often

You can actually post too often on social media accounts.

Just like overstaying your welcome at your friends or family member’s house you can bombard your audience with too much brand content and overwhelm them.

In the world of social media sometimes ‘less is more’. The rule of 80/20 is a good one to remember. 80% of content should be related to fun, engaging and appealing information unrelated to business and 20% brand related. 

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3) Ignoring Proper Social Media Formats

Every social media platform has different ways to format content.

For instance, Instagram has certain hashtags that are banned, Twitter (X) allows a certain # of hashtags, Pinterest has a particular pin size they prefer, Facebook certain standards and requirements etc.

It’s important to adhere to the rules and features of each platforms or else your posts won’t reach as many people.

Poorly formatted posts may even get banned and will cast a negative image for your brand.

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet 

4) Following Everyone Who Likes You

Remember what your Mother used to say. If so and so jumped off a bridge would you follow them? Well…same is true on social media platforms.

Sure, networking is very important.

But do you really think that following and liking everyone who is not relevant on every single random post is going to make a huge difference in growing your business?

Be selective in terms of who you’re adding, liking and following. In practical terms your goal is to actually build a network that can open doors to entering into a bigger conversation. 

So in that regard it won’t do you any good to grow a thousand likes from people in the flip flop industry when you are in the taco business. 

Growing on social is more than just accumulating likes and follows.

You need to move beyond the numbers and start connecting with others who have an interest in your business and what you offer, with the hopes of expanding into other uncharted opportunities. 

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5) Not Taking Advantage of Content Syndication

Although we talked about not spreading yourself too thin across multiple social platforms it’s still wise to cross post across social feeds that are valuable.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the obvious ones like FB, Twitter etc. it means RSS feeds, forums, group boards, syndicating 3rd party content on your blog which is basically guest posts from other websites. 

Publishing on writing platforms like Medium and Microsoft Start is a great way for more people to read your content and expose your brand to a much wider range of potential customers. is another good one. 

Using a software like Restream is another quick way to spread your message across multiple channels.

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Improve these 5 common social media marketing mistakes to stop killing your social media campaigns and make you’re sure to get more engagement, more growth and more followers from your social media connections for an increase in brand recognition and awareness and ROI! 

Follow for the best tips to grow your platforms and build your epic online business!

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