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Email Opt-In Ideas That Work!

I don’t know about you but it can sure get exhausting wracking my brain for high-converting headlines for my Email opt-in forms. Constantly coming up with a list of headline formulas that you hope will grab your audience’s attention, never mind convert is tough. But wait! There’s a technique that works really well that I want to share with you. And there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The thing to keep in mind is to always be solving problems for your readers. Solve their pain, answer their questions, ease their frustrations, be their solution, make their lives easier and they will click on your headline. Naturally, it helps to know what the most prevalent problems your audience is having. You need to ask a lot of questions. Take surveys and more to find out. Here are 50 sample email opt-in ideas that have been proven to convert and have your readers clicking to open! 

In this cheat sheet, I’m sharing 50 email opt-ins that are sure to get you more email subscribers each and every time. Remember, these are examples – you have to replace YOUR KEYWORDS  with the sample words below.

Before you use your opt-in headline make sure you have an awesome lead magnet to go along with it! This way you grab your audience’s attention and then draw them to you further with something that will really prove useful in their life!

10 Tactics To Create Your Ultimate Lead Magnet

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50 Email Opt-In Headlines Cheat Sheet

Useful headlines are the most common of all the opt-in headline types. That’s because they convert like crazy!

If you want your lead magnet to be really successful, make sure that it is useful by saving the user time, money, or effort. Then use this great opt-in copy to convince them that your lead magnet will make their life so much easier…Simply replace your keywords or lead magnet with the buzz words below. 

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50 Opt-In Email Headlines – Let’s Go!

Useful, resourceful, essential, necessary headlines that grab the attention of your reader:

1. The Ultimate Toolkit for Growing Your Online Business


The Ultimate Steps for Growing A Prize-Winning Rose Garden
The Ultimate Toolkit Every Professional Writer Must Have

2.  10 Easy Ways to lose those last 10lbs
99 Easy Ways to Boost Your Direct Mail Response
11 Easy Ways to Organize Your Baby’s Photos
21 Easy Ways to Turn Your Space into a Caribbean Getaway

3. The Carb Lover’s Cheat Sheet
The Persuasive Sales Page Cheat Sheet
The Ultimate Kitchen Organizer Cheat Sheet
The Perfect Dieter’s Day Cheat Sheet

4. The Essential 20: Top Plant lovers Meal Plans Every Vegan Needs
The Essential 8: Top Reports That Every Marketer Needs in 2019
The Essential 27: Items Every Diamond lover Needs 
The Essential 21: Things Every Wine Enthusiast Needs 

5. 5-Point Checklist for Creating the Ultimate Optin Form
12-Point Checklist for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby
10-Point Checklist for a Decluttering a Messy House in 30 minutes

6. Here is a Method that is Helping Anyone Make Videos
Here is a Method That is Helping Homeowners Save Hundreds on Insurance
Here is a Method That is Helping Children Learn to Read Sooner
Here is a Method That is Helping Bloggers Write Better Post Titles

7. 10 Best tools for more results on Pinterest
12 Best Fitness Workouts for Core Strengthening
9 Best Foods to Prevent Dementia
20 Best Safety Eyewear for Men and Women

8. X Best [things] We Saw in [year]
10 Best WordPress Themes We Saw in 2018
50 Best DIY Craft Ideas We Saw this Fall
20 Best Photoshop Tutorials You Need in 2018

9. X [things/tools/resources] to [action]
13 Delicious Smoothies Snacks for anytime
9 Best Songs Ever to Play at Your Wedding
11 Resources to Build Out Your Sales Funnel

10. Digital Audiobooks Delivered weekly to Your Inbox

Insight Delivered Daily to Your Inbox
Delicious Recipes Delivered Weekly to Your Inbox
Design Inspiration Delivered Monthly to Your Inbox

11. The [topic] Interactive eBook

The Logo Design Interactive eBook
The Lead Magnet Interactive eBook
The Family Portrait Interactive eBook

12. X [topic] Tricks I Wish I’d Known at [age]
28 Time-Management Tricks I Wish I’d Known at 21
12 Interviewing Tricks I Wish I’d Known When Applying for My First Job
9 Networking Tricks I Wish I’d Known at 21

13. X Staple [things] You Should Know How to [make/do]
9 Fruit Smoothies You Can Make in 10 Minutes
4 Knots Every Adventurist Should Know How to Tie
7 Words Every Traveler Should Know How to Say in Multiple Languages

14. Free Guide: [topic] Tips and Tricks
Free Guide: Resume Writing Tips and Tricks
Free Guide: 18 Hair Tips & Tricks for People Who Suck at Doing Hair
Free Guide: 53 Insanely Cool Car Organization Tips and Tricks

15. X Free [topic] [plans/templates/etc.]
10 Free Meal Plans
7 Free Email Marketing Campaigns You Can Steal
4 Free Craft Patterns for the whole family 

16. X Clever [topic] Tricks that Every [audience] Should Know
36 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tricks Every Clean Freak Needs to Know
16 Clever Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know
14 Clever Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic on Instagram

17. X [topic] Hacks that Will Totally Change the Way You [common activity]
13 Life Hacks that Will Totally Change the Way You Shower
21 Social Media Hacks that Will Totally Change Your Life
6 Netflix Hacks that Will Totally Change Your Movie-Watching Experience
9 Brilliant Beauty Hacks that Will Totally Change the Way You Apply Makeup
7 Excellent Pinterest Hacks that Will SkyRocket Your Traffic 

18. Checklist: X Daily Habits that Will [desired result]
Checklist: 4 Daily Habits that Will Boost Your Braincells
Checklist: 7 Daily Gratitude Habits that Will Attract More Joy in Your Life
Checklist: 16 Daily Habits that Will Help You Get more traffic to your site 
Checklist: 9 Daily Habits that Will Boost Your Social Media Following

19. Monthly [topic] Calendar

Monthly Ab Workout Calendar
Free Printable 2018 Monthly Calendar
Activities for Kids: Monthly Play Calendar

20. [topic] Cheat Sheet: Where to Get the Best Deals on laptops/electronics
Back-to-School Cheat Sheet: Where to Get the Best Deals on School Supplies
Taco Tuesday Cheat Sheet: Where to Get the Best Deals on National Taco Day 2016
Cheat Sheet: Where to Get the Best Deals on Fashion Jewelry

21. [activity] Schedule: The [topic] Checklist You Need
Social Media Schedule: Revive Your Posts Automatically
Laundry Schedule: Checklist to Keep Dirty Clothes from Piling Up
Childhood Immunization Schedule: The Checklist Parent’s Need

22. When to [blank]: a [monthly/weekly/daily] Guide
When to Buy Household Supplies: a Monthly Guide
When and What to Post on Social Media: a Daily Guide

When to Plant Your Vegetable Garden: a Monthly Guide

23. The Ultimate 2018 Refurbished Cell Phones
The Ultimate 2018 Hair Color Trends Guide
The Ultimate 2018 Vintage Maps Collection
The Ultimate 2018 Men’s Beard Trends Guide

24. Family Fun For Everyone. All in one place.

All the best sites that pay you to blog. All in one place.
All the best beaches in the world. All in one place.
All the best SEO services. All in one place.

25. Men’s Clothing Delivered Right To Your Door 
6 Butt Exercises Better than Squats
9 Movies Even Better than E.T. 
14 Insanely Delicious Stuffed Cookies that are Better than Sex

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26. X [topic] Templates
195+ Visual Marketing Design Templates
20 Sewing Pattern Templates
101+ Popular Blog Title Templates that Work
Every Filmmaking Form You’ll Ever Need: 99 Free Templates

27. 5-Minute [things]
5-Minute Homemade Protein Shakes
5-Minute Million Dollar Blog Recipe 
5-Minute DIY Christmas Luminaries
5-Minute Makeup Routine

28. The Ultimate Way to Create Videos 

The Ultimate Social Media Swipe File
The Ultimate ICE Binder for your Family 
The Ultimate United States Road Trip (Map)

29. Sample [thing they need to make]
Sample Client Proposal
Sample Menu: What to Eat to Lose Weight
Sample Building Construction Estimates Spreadsheet

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30. X [topic] Scripts You Can Steal
3 Persuasive Video Scripts You Can Steal
9 Fantastic Planning Tips You Can Steal from My Gigantic Wedding
31 Fashion Accessories Your Best Friend Will Love 
22 Uncommon Baby Names You Can Steal from Disney Movies

31. Printable [topic] List
Printable Clean Eating List 
Free Printable Hand-Lettered Pantry Labels
Activity Printable for Kids

32. X Journal Prompts to [desired result]
60 Audiobooks to Expand Your Mind
20 Journaling Prompts to Help You Know and Accept Yourself
26 Journal Prompts to Motivate You

33. The [blank] Calculator
The A/B Split Test Significance Calculator
The College Loan Calculator
Pokemon Go IV Calculator
International Moving Cost Calculator

34. Cheap Domain Name Generator
Blog Topic Generator
Wedding Color Palette Generator
Insult Generator

35. Free [topic] Spreadsheet
Free Budget Spreadsheet

Free Early Retirement Spreadsheet
Free Home Inventory Spreadsheet

36. XX Low-Budget [things] You Could Do With [ordinary item(s)]
30 Low-Budget Makeovers You Could Do With Spray Paint
20 Low-Budget Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Could Buy Online
18 Low-Budget Trips You Could Take Around the World

37. X Ways to Upgrade Your [thing] on a Budget
6 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment on a Budget
22 Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room on a Budget
30 Ways to Seriously Upgrade Your Family’s Backyard on a Budget

38. How to Create a Dream [thing] on a Budget
How to Create Dream Videos on a Budget 
How to Create a Dream Playroom on a Budget
How to Create a Dream Backyard on a Budget

39. Repair Your Credit Faster
Build Your Email List Faster
Help Develop Your Child’s Brain Faster
Make Your Facial Hair Grow Faster

40. Best of Search Engine Optimization 
Best of the OptinMonster Blog
WP Design: Best of 2018
Best Organic Meals Delivered Weekly

Result Headlines

Having a clear end result is really important because that’s what actually motivates people to take action.
Use these opt-in language examples to focus on a specific end-result that the user will get from your lead magnet…

41. How to [desired result]
How to Raise a Creative Child
How to Make Flourless 3-Ingredient Muffins

42. How to [desired skill] Like a Pro
How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro
How to Clean Window Tracks Like a Pro in No Time Flat
How to Take Instagram Photos Like a Pro, With Just Your Phone

43. How to [desired skill] Like an [esteemed person]
How to Swim Like an Olympian
How to Have Fun in the Bedroom
How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artist
Tutorial Video: How to leap like a ballerina

44. How to [desired result] for [audience]
How to Find Patrons & Sponsors for Artists
40 How to DIY Projects for Teens
How to Make Her Fall for You: The Nerd’s Guide

45. How to Make Money While You Sleep 
How to Speed Read

How to Get 10,000 Fans
How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube

46. Learn How to Get Him to Desire You

Learn How to Get Anything You Want
How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams
Learn How to Get 10,000 Subscribers

47. Want to [desired result]?
Want to improve your email marketing?

Want to travel the world?
Want to have more sex? 

48. X [topic] Tips That’ll Get You [desired result]
200 Writing Tips That’ll Get You Writing Like a Pro
11 Keto Recipes That’ll Get You Lean
17 Super Cute Shirts That’ll Get You Through a Long Day

49. Looking for more traffic for your Blog? 
Looking for high quality blog content?
Looking for a great California Red Wine? 
Looking for an online job?

50. XX [things] That’ll Make You [blank]
11 Buttercream Frosting Recipes That’ll Make You Swear Off Store-Bought Forever
16 Homemade Stews That’ll Make You Feel Cozy this Fall
20 Stunning Wedding Cakes That’ll Make You the Happiest Bride on Earth

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