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Did you know your website can and should be an excellent source of regular passive income that can create passive return for years to come? Here are 6 proven ways you can and should monetize your website.

If you’ve had a website for a while and are not seeing a positive ROI from your website something needs to change.

What is the difference between those who make huge profits from their websites and those who don’t? Are you exhausted from doing your own online research, reading forums, articles, posts, eBooks, watching YouTube videos, webinars and wasting money?

These tips and techniques will help you to monetize your website and gain a more consistent and passive means of income from it month after month. 

This post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase from a link it will come at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information. 

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How to Make Money from Your Website

When I first started out blogging on my website, I knew it was possible to monetize it, but I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted fast enough.

Being an impatient soul, I knew there was something missing, some specific strategy out there I wasn’t following exactly the right way.

Making money from your website IS DEFINITELY achievable, in fact, you SHOULD be earning an income from each and every post you publish.

And I’m not talking about a few cents here and there…you can be earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month from your website. 

If you’ve had your website for a while now and you’re still not making money from it, it’s definitely time for a Digital Website Competitor Analysis and Consultation

This is the only way to get a clear picture and form an actionable strategy to fix it!

After all, as I like to say:

If your website’s not making you bank it’s wasting your time”.

Once you discover the formula to earning money from your website it’s possible to turn over consistent profit month after month from multiple sources.

And with the right strategies it will only continue to grow!

For instance, I now receive partnership requests from major companies and brands who seek me out for paid collaborations.

You can too!

6 proven methods to monetize your blog

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This is the goal for you if you wish to monetize your website

I brought these strategies together from the top mentors in the field and the results have been remarkable.

If you put consistent work into your website, it’s possible to make $500-$15,000 per month within the first year of starting.

But do keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick venture. 

Yet there have been certain people who have been extremely profitable early on, but that is typically not the norm.

Savvy website owners can earn anywhere between $20 per month to $350,000 or more per month! But this depends on many factors. 

The plus side is that once you know the proper ways to make money from it and implement them over and over again, your income can be made passively and best of all, on an unlimited scale. 

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If you are struggling to turn a profit from your blog, there’s a good chance that your blog isn’t monetized properly.

Let’s look at the 6 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Website and start earning faster!

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Monetize your blog with Monumetric

But first things first.

The very first thing you need in order to make money from your website is an audience.

The way you have an audience is through decent web traffic.

You need to drive traffic to your website is through SEO (search engine optimization) and social media methods in order to have readers.

Unless you wish to pay for ads from Google or Facebook to get immediate traffic.

How Do You Get Traffic to Your Website?

That is the million-dollar question. But the simple answer is by providing valuable content.

The better your content and the more informative and worthwhile it is to your audience the more traffic you will have.

The first thing you must do is find out:

  • Who you’re writing content for?
  • What problems can you help them with?
  • How will you solve these problems?
  • What freebies do you have to offer?
  • How will you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • What other means will you use to drive traffic to your website? Along with SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, paid ads, etc…

Read this post for 47 ways to drive traffic to your website:

Get more website traffic

With millions of page views per month, you might make in the thousands or even tens of thousands per month advertising with online ad networks, where people with a few hundred or a few thousand page views a month might not even make more than $10 or $20 a month.

Some ad networks perform better than others.

You just have to kind of experiment around and see what works best for your website.

But before you can even sign up for certain ad networks to qualify, you need that TRAFFIC. 

Read these helpful articles to help you get started driving more traffic to your website or website: 


21 Tactics to Increase Website & Blog Traffic

How to Promote Your Blog and Business to Get More Traffic

How to Get More Traffic with a Content Gap Analysis

SEO Strategy Guide for Beginners

The Ultimate Social Sites to Increase Your Traffic

While you’re waiting for the search engines to index your site and find you, there are a few things you need to have set up the right way in order to make money, otherwise, you are basically wasting time treading water while other website owners flourish.

Having some or all of these 6 things active on your website are sure-fire ways to earn an income:

#1 Ads

  1. Sell your ad space directly to advertising agencies (you can note this on your website as well)
  2. Work with an ad network who will provide ads to you
  3. Place banner ads, typically on your sidebar. The business sponsoring the ad will pay you monthly to keep the ad up on your site.

In order for this to be successful, at the sake of repeating myself, you must first have a decent amount of traffic.

The Best Ad Networks for Monetization

This is an ad network run by BlogHer, a very popular site for women, and I often see their ads appear on sites geared mostly toward women.

It’s an older ad network, having been around since 2006.

They have display ads with the BlogHer branding prominently displayed.

As part of this network, you may also get invited to do sponsored posts for various companies, so that’s another perk to getting in here.

This is a top-notch ad network that many bloggers strive to be on that has display as well as video ads.

You used to be able to qualify by having at least 25,000 sessions on Google Analytics per month.

***Update! As of June 2020, they have increased their requirements to 50,000 sessions on Google now! This can be rather disconcerting to many who were so close to getting their numbers up there to qualify for this ‘holy grail’ of publisher networks but don’t despair!

There are many many other ways you can monetize your website which you will see.

Keep in mind, providing ads on your website is not the end all be all to making money nor should it be. And to be honest, unless you have traffic like the Huffington post it’s not going to add up to millions of dollars. But maybe one day so never stop trying!

Focus on providing quality content and valuable services and products for your audience and the money will follow.

AdThrive is a company that has their own ad network that displays family-friendly ads, once you sign up, they will analyze your site and tell you where they think their ads will perform best.

Then, they go in and do all the set up for you.

AdThrive pays monthly with direct deposit.

They have two levels of service — AdThrive Edge and AdThrive Premium.

You will qualify to get in at the AdThrive Edge level if you have at least 100,000 page views per month.

You have to have at least 750,000 page views per month to qualify for AdThrive Premium. is powered by Yahoo! and Bing.

Their ads work to blend well with your site much more so than AdSense. Meaning they cater to the interests of your audience perfectly! provides a CPM of around $1. Also, the average RPM for 10,000 page views is approximately $10 (USD). This is comparable to the Adsense network regarding payouts but many who have tried state that they have not received any RPM.

This is because there is much less traffic from the USA and UK on their websites. focuses on being a global network that does not focus on the US and UK while Google tends to favor US traffic. In the long run, this can make a big difference in the revenue you see from ad campaigns. – Resource

They pay monthly with PayPal, and you have to meet the $100 minimum in a month’s time in order to get a payment.

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Google Adsense

Adsense is the most well-known ad network.

You can customize your ads with colors, fonts, etc.

You can block certain ad categories. They’ve improved their display ads and you can even test ads to see which type perform the best and how they appear on your site.

They also pay once a month via direct deposit/check. You must earn at least $100 to qualify for a payment.

Google has the best search engine on earth and the widest reach across the globe.

They require extremely high-quality ads, you can control the type of ads on your site, they don’t require a certain amount of traffic to qualify, and they will let you know if your ad does not meet up to their standards. They allow both displays as well as video ads on a CPC basis.

I guess it all depends upon your style of website. If you have a huge amount of commercial traffic it can be very beneficial to you.

The Blogger Network – Now Monumetric

Monumetric can help monetize your website quickly.

They offer 4 unique programs based on your site’s traffic volume.

Each program caters to the varying needs that website owners have during different phases of their business.

Keep in mind that only 10K minimum page views are required. Much less than Mediavine!

Sites must be approved by major ad providers.

Join Monumetric>>>HERE


Flexible solutions for publishers of all sizes to maximize revenue and help monetize content.

Experts in Google Ad Manager and Google Ads.


This advertising platform is innovative because it doesn’t bombard users with annoying ads. It’s technology specifically works on users intent. And seamlessly integrates with your website to create ads that don’t disturb the look of your website.

In addition to these there is also:

There’s also revenuehits but that is click per action, not click by impression. So, you won’t get paid unless your reader takes an action on your site.

These are the best blogger advertising networks to make money from your site. Check them out and see which work best for you!

#2 Products and Services to Monetize Your Website


Writing eBooks is still an incredibly popular way to start selling a unique product in your industry, and it’s ideal for pretty much any niche.

With so many self-publishing opportunities available, too, it’s easy to get your book published and ready to sell with major retailers like Amazon.

You can easily create an eBook with Google docs, design it with Canva and publish your own eBook through iTunes, or even through Amazon.

I created this 200+ page eBook with all my winning strategies to create a successful online business. It’s available both on Amazon Kindle and Audible!

how to build your epic online business


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How to Make an Interactive eBook – And Why It’s Necessary

Creating an Interactive eBook is definitely one of the ways you can stand out.

Providing your readers with something unique and authentic that provides useful value to them.

The benefits of providing a digital product include:

  • You have complete flexibility and control of the price
  • You get 100% of the profits (minus cost of creation)
  • You have the option of setting your product up to be an affiliate
  • You are not dependent on another company for your revenue

How much money can you make from an eBook?

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger reports earning $72,000 in just one week after launching his eBook.

If you’re not terribly well-known, you can still make a decent chunk of cash.

Remember you need just 500 people to purchase an eBook at $10 to make $5000:)

#3 Monetize Your Website with Paid Online Courses

If you sign up with Teachable, Podia or Udemy you can build a course yourself and charge for a full package of lessons in an array of subjects from online cooking to photography, digital marketing to philosophy!

You can promote an eCourse on your website offering a variety of consulting services through your contact page, hire me page or through a series of 8-week automated email messages.

I created a course on how to scale and monetize social media for your Business on Amazon and Audible too! You can check it out>>> HERE!

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#4 Affiliate Marketing to Monetize a Website

One of my favorite ways to make money online hands down is through affiliate marketing.

When merchants pay a portion of their sales in the form of a commission to a blogger or a website when the visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase or is referred to them from the website.

The Affiliate industry is estimated to grow to $6.8 billion by 2020 – Forrester Research 

If you’re an affiliate for a company or product, you get a special affiliate link that you can use on your website. Every time somebody purchases the product by going through your link, you receive a commission.

The percentage commission have wide ranges, from a few percent to over 50%.

Many affiliate companies offer links that stay active days after the reader clicks through your website. Being an affiliate for a product does not increase the cost to your reader.

The affiliate company or person is sharing their profits with you as a reward for you bringing them another sale.

So in this way it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved. 

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affiliate marketing
How to make money with your laptop

One of the first companies most website owners sign up to be an affiliate with is Amazon.

It’s quick, easy and free to become part of their affiliate program.

However, they only give you a certain amount of time to make sales so you may want to wait until your traffic levels are up first.

There are many website owners that make a great deal of money from Amazon because they have thousands of different products and can match up well to the various niches.

The negative part of the program is that the cookie only last 24 hours. Occasionally longer.

That’s a relatively short time IMO.

The plus side is that you can make a portion of commission from the TOTAL purchase the buyer makes. Not just from the link of the item that was clicked on.

How to Earn $100K a Year Selling on Amazon FBA

Other companies and platforms that offer affiliate partnerships are: – Over 21,000 popular merchants – Companies like Priceline, Sam’s Club and Swagbucks (120,000+ others!) – Millions of products

Grab my list of the 100 Highest Paying Affiliate Commissions for website owners that pay between 30 – 50% commissions. 

#5 Sponsored Posts to Monetize a Website

When businesses will sponsor a specific post in exchange for a link back to their site.

It is an ethical practice to disclose the sponsorship to your readers.

Or when the website owner devotes an entire post to review a product or service.

One company that helps creators partner up with well-known brands is IZEA.

IZEA connects professional website owners, and internet marketers, creators, photographers and videographers and the like to companies hungry for quality content.

They provide paid content creation opportunities working with publishers and brands.


#6 Freelance Services

Many website owners, and creators are also freelance writers, and they get paid to write website content for other people. Other common services include

Depending on your niche, you can get more specific.

A foodie blogger, for instance, might offer catering plan services, recipe creation, or party services.

This quick overview should give you lots of confidence that there are many ways to monetize a website!

You can try out multiple methods and they can all bring in a substantial passive income even while you sleep or are away from your website! 

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Passive Income

Once you have a few things set up correctly, that website of yours will be earning you money while you sleep.

This is what’s known as ‘passive income’. The sky’s the limit for how much your website can earn, in fact.

Silas and Grace of Chasing Foxes make upwards of 50K monthly, Michelle Schroeder Gardner of Making Sense of Cents over 150K just to name a couple.

Another way of earning passive income through Affiliate marketing is by promoting other website owners and bloggers and their products.

To be honest I’ve tried a few monetizing methods all from very renowned bloggers and website owners.

This method I love! It’s very exciting receiving emails saying you’ve received a commission overnight! 

Affiliate marketing strategies have made me over $17,000 a month on my website.

Creating Your Own Printables to Monetize Your Website

Many bloggers and website owners make a very sweet income creating their own printables, calendars and planners.

These printables are so popular online they practically sell themselves!

This is easy to do with a program like Canva or Adobe Creative.

You can create templates and make them customizable for your buyer and easy to download.

Want to learn how to create and launch your own Etsy Printable Shop?

Click here to get on the wait list of his super popular course!

sell digital products by socialbuzzhive

Create Your Own Physical Product

Another great thing about having a website is connecting your shop to it.

If you have an Etsy, eBay, Shopify or Amazon store you can easily link your own products to it.

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If you sell crafts, artwork, beauty products, clothes, food, or other homemade goods display them on your blog with your logo.

These are just some of the ideas that website owners and creators use to monetize a website successfully.

As you can see the ideas are endless! As long as you have a passion and others can sense that you will be successful! 

What are some of your favorite ways to make money from your website so far? Comment below!


So now you know 6 or more proven ways to monetize your website for profit! Pick your favorite and then you can expand from there to add more products or services and perhaps even all of them.

If you’re in need of more traffic to your website sign up for the Master Guide to Blogging for Profit – 23 Resources to Become a Successful Blogger! For exclusive ways to promote your website or blog and get more eyes on it! 

If your site is still not bringing you the results you hoped for after several weeks of trying these methods, I recommend you unlock the missing pieces of the puzzle with a eye opening website analysis AUDIT !

An AUDIT will give you a crystal-clear insight into what’s happening with your website and allow you to create an actionable strategy, so you get more online business and make more profits!

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6 proven ways to monetize your blog today