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The new age of social media is upon us. It seems like everything we do revolve around these platforms. From shopping to interacting with others, it is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for everything we need. Because more people are finding it convenient to find businesses, services, and products on social media, it’s no surprise that marketing in this sector has taken off. Read on to learn 7 vital marketing tips you need to be aware of for the new age of social media. 

81.6% of Americans, totaling 270 million people, own a smartphone as of 2023. The average American spends 5 hours and 24 minutes on their mobile device each day. Americans check their phones on average 96 times per day, or once every ten minutes. There are roughly 6.92 billion smartphone users across the world. 

Of these mobile users 4.9 billion of them are using social media as of 2023. This is an enormous number. These numbers also mean that over two-thirds of internet users and one in three people worldwide are on social media platforms.

Use Emerging Social Media Platforms

With a huge user base, roughly 308 million users of social media in the US alone. Social media has proven to be one of the most used features on the internet. However, changes are coming in 2023 you should keep in mind. 

Don’t expect Facebook to go anywhere, anytime soon.

The social media platform giant, while bombarding viewers with ads, is still one of the most visited every month.

But for the new age of social media, you should consider watching the growth of the following new social media platforms.


Since launching in 2017, this app was slowing growing until recently exploding in the middle of 2020. Similar to Vine (rip), this app is attracting the younger and older generations by allowing them to post short videos. 

TikTok will have 834.3 million monthly users worldwide in 2023, according to Insider Intelligence’s forecast.

Clearly making it in the #1 spot for social media global domination.

The recent TikTok hearings in the US born out of certain lobbyists feeling the heat and wanting to shut down the app due to so called ‘privacy data concerns’ is a clear signal it’s a threat to other social platforms.

Video topics include lip syncs, comedy, education, powerful news publications, current events, politics, travel, gaming, financial news, and showing off various talents as well as any type of advice or recommendations you’re seeking.

Some think it’s practically replacing Google as a search engine. 

If your company is looking to attract a robust client base this is the app for you.

Record short videos of your products or software, pay for advertising on the platform itself or reach out to the Tik Tok influencers and get them to promote your company.

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Hands down there isn’t a better business platform for professionals around the globe.

LinkedIn is going to be one of the best places to market businesses and jobs in the coming year. 

Creating thoughtful and engaging posts that deliver concise content will be your best bet when utilizing this site. The app can also be used to build the authority of your company.

Use the new page completion meter to optimize your company page.

Another great tip when using LinkedIn is to boost your posts and ads. With the boosting service, you can extend the reach 14 times more.

Their paid advertising isn’t cheap but can be worth it. Also try reaching out to potential clients via messaging, find the person who meets your Buyer Persona and send them a quick message. It’s free and more personable than email.

For company moral, give some kudo’s to your team, it’s good for moral and for customers to see.

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Followers in 2023


Another image based social platform you say?

VSCO has entered the party. Another platform for the younger generation but that doesn’t mean your company can’t make it work for you.

VSCO is popular image editing and sharing app for mobile devices. Like other image sharing apps such as Instagram, VSCO provides editing features and filters, and allows users to share their pictures with other members on the platform.

This app allows users to upload their content and edit it before posting to other sites like Instagram.

You can organize your content into categories and collections to keep yourselves organized. 

Paid advertising isn’t possible on the app but you can certainly retarget users.

Search the hashtag #vscocam or #vsco to find people who shared their content to social via VSCO. Get their details and you have the information you need to target them with paid ads on social.

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Reddit has been around for a while.

However, it hasn’t seen as much growth as the industry giants like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

But what makes this social media site a fan favorite is that is a community of people that discuss chat, share media, and best of all it’s free. 

As a company you could always jump in and share some witty banter with the public.

Engagement on Reddit is the main advantage to the site.

Upvote comments to show your support. People love to see some humanity in business, this is a prime opportunity to do so.


Wait, hear me out.

I know it’s not an emerging social media but it makes the list because of its vast potential for marketing.

When Instagram released IGTV, and Reels to compete with TikTok it added another avenue for brands to market and reach customers.

Along with paid ads, there are several ways to grow your brand using the platform.

The swipe up function (now replaced with stickers) is massively underutilized by business, you can sell direct from Instagram, what more could you want?

Despite competition from TikTok it still serves up a beautiful interface and has a high engagement.

Yes they did remove likes for the public but who cares? You can still comment, share, upload to your story etc. The list goes on and on and on.

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Lastly, one to watch and get on board with is the newer social media platform QQ.

QQ offers services that provide online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and group and voice chat software by the Chinese Tech giant Tencent. 

Prior to the launch of WeChat, QQ was the number one Chinese messaging app. Besides its instant messaging features, QQ also enables users to decorate their avatars, watch movies, play online games, stream music, shop online, blog, and make payments.

While WeChat has become the market leader in China, QQ is still popular with younger users. It’s also used in 80 countries and is available in many other languages. One of the upsides of QQ is you don’t need a phone number to sign up. This attracts young people who don’t have mobile devices but use the desktop version.

Millions log on each day, making it a top choice for targeting new customers for the new age of social media. 

Tip- any social media platform that has millions of subscribers that log on daily is well worth the time to market too. 

It allows users to play games, read blogs, post blogs and watch movies.

It’s currently the 7th most visited website from the Alexa platform.  

Mastering the Art of Social Media – Scale, Grow and Monetize Your Business!

Gain Followers Get More Followers

Gaining followers is going to be the top focus going into 2023.

Followers are how posts get shared and how more interactions happen.

What most businesses and marketers are wondering is what changes can be made to their social media campaign to make a difference.

For marketers, it’s important to use this to your advantage.

Try these valuable tips to gain traction for your business in the new age of social media:

Use Eye Attracting Imagery/ Video

When publishing a post, no matter what site you’re using, make sure you use imagery that is captivating.

You should also be using pictures that offer some value and connect your brand with it.

For example, if you are a plumber a picture of a kitten doesn’t relate.

Now, if you have a picture of a cat that fell in a toilet, it would be more relevant. 

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Identify Your Target Audience/Age Group

Depending on who your target audience is, it will determine where they will be online.

For example, the younger crowd 18-25 are more apt to using Instagram and Snapchat, versus Facebook.

Those that are over the age of 30 are far more likely to be found using Facebook.

To increase your social media followers, identify who you are targeting first. 

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Advertising in 2023

Be Consistent

People love to know when they can expect something.

Take all the famous YouTubers, they have a posting schedule, so their followers know when to expect new content.

If you’re going to create content or send emails you need to do the same.

Identify your most popular times and create a posting schedule.

Post frequently and have a consistent message. 

Track Hot Marketing Trends on Social

Curious about what trends are going to be hot for the coming year?

Check out these top trends that are insanely relevant and should be a part of your marketing. 

social media likes
Images by

-Live Videos- 

Video is reigning supremely popular as we all know.

People don’t want to use too much energy in order to absorb some information so video is the way to go.

Live videos are one of the best uses of social media.

Your company can interact with customers in real-time. 

Viewers love that they can talk directly with the company or a representative.

It makes the brand more real.  80% of audiences prefer watching live videos.

Enable comments, use polls to generate engagement, maybe even get a customer to join the live video.

Whatever you do, don’t be boring!

-Partner with Micro-Influencers- 

Having influencers is certainly not a new concept.

It’s been around for years and years. But trends have shown that trust is not always there when it comes to Influencers.

People need trust to make decisions and therefore purchases.

social media influencer
Image by

Micro-influencers are those individuals that have a strong, loyal following but lower number than celebrities typically have.

Partnering with these individuals can help build brand awareness, authority, and trustworthiness.

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-Leverage User-Generated Content-

 In today’s age, our customers are creating our marketing plans for us.

Well sort of.

It’s becoming more common for users to snap a picture, share it with the site, and tag the brand. 

social media users

This is often seen with restaurants and bars but certainly isn’t limited to the hospitality niche.

If your customer posts a positive review of your company accompanied by a picture, share that across the platforms.

Let your customers inspire each other with their content and watch the followers stack up.


Discounting social media as part of your complete marketing plan would be a fatal mistake in this day and age. 

While we can speculate and some of us can even be considered social media strategist gurus, the masses are what dictate which platforms are hot and which are losing steam.

When creating a marketing plan for social media, always be thoughtful, and deliver the most valuable content that your viewers can benefit from.

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