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Every website needs a high converting landing page. Landing pages are a key factor that will drastically affect your conversion rate, but what makes them different from standard website pages? Here are 7 tips for creating a high converting landing page that will steer your traffic just where you want them.

A great website foundation is crucial to begin with. Fostering conversion requires focus, design and a knowledge of your target audience.

The thing about landing pages though, is one size definitely does not fit all.

Let’s see how to build a landing page that actually converts your audience into a customer.

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What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is an independent web page, created specifically for the purpose of advertising campaigns or for marketing. It is a place where a visitor lands when they have clicked on a Google Ad Words ad (PPC ad) Facebook ad or similar.

The landing pages are structured with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA). It exists outside of the normal pages of your website and includes one or more clear calls to action.

They work to enhance your credibility, reinforce your brand, and convert interested visitors into paying customers.

Here’s an example of a successful landing page we created through Bluchic:

bluchic sales page templates

We generated a 36% increase in conversions with Bluchic over MailChimp when we switched.

Landing page inclusions

Call to action

Your CTA should be clear, short and persuasive.

There might be a tempting big button to click or an enticing link within a paragraph.

Why else the users have clicked through a landing page? They want to take action, so make it easy for the user.


Creating a landing page isn’t about overloading the user with information.

In fact there should be little to no visual clutter and copy should be short and succinct.

Consider your goal for the page, and ask yourself whether everything present on it pertains to that goal.

Think about how much you are asking your client, and remember, you should be able to help them to make a quick decision.

A Skilled UX Programmer Can Help

When it comes to creating a high-converting landing page, the expertise of a skilled UX programmer can be invaluable.

A UX programmer specializes in optimizing the user experience, ensuring that the landing page is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and highly engaging.

By collaborating with a UX programmer, businesses can elevate the design and functionality of their landing pages, creating a seamless and enjoyable user journey.

The UX programmer’s expertise in information architecture, visual design, and user behavior analysis enables them to strategically place elements on the page, leverage persuasive techniques, and craft compelling calls-to-action that drive conversions.

With the guidance of a UX programmer, businesses can create landing pages that captivate visitors, encourage interactions, and ultimately achieve their conversion goals.

Persuasive copy

While writing copy you desire people to click on, ensure you use enticing language.

Your audience is most interested in what you’re providing as they have already clicked on an ad or link to visit the landing page.

This is the determining factor, so make it strong.

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Appealing design

The design of the page should allow for easy navigation and understanding.

To direct the user you should make use of arrows and pictures.

You can make use of CTA above the fold allowing the user without the need to scroll down.

The design should effectively call out, “click me!” without appearing spammy.

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Social proof

Social proof in digital marketing is where people copy the actions of others to reinforce a claim that you have made.

You can make a page of case studies, customer reviews, testimonials and brands you have worked with or even use a plugin like Proven that shows when customers make a purchase real-time.

It deepens the trust as people are more likely to emulate the actions of others.


How to Build Trust with Your Online Readers


Distinctive pages

As we mentioned earlier landing pages are not a one-size-fits all.

Each landing page should target a particular demographic; have different CTAs, and a unique selling point.

These pages should consist of must-click destinations with unique goals and considering target audiences.

This leads to increased conversion as the different pages aren’t competing for traffic.

Landing page templates image
Stunning landing page, website and social media templates for easy sales conversions by Bluchic

Categories for landing page

Landing pages can be categorized into two main types: lead generating and click-through.

Lead generating

Lead generating records information about your client.

It’s less sale-focused and invaluable to businesses that are based on products.

The fewer choices they require to make, the more chances they are to take action. The call to action is typically a form. It asks for the information of the users leading to data in exchange.

This might lead to registering an email to get a free trial or an e-book.

You can get the user information such as name, age, or where they heard about your business.

This helps with an increasing the audience and so you can tailor your marketing efforts and increase your ROI (Return on Investment).

However, you require to keep in mind that more you ask your user, the more chances that they are to not to fill out the form.

This relates to the Paradox of Choice which shows that removing customer choices reduces anxiety for shoppers. Sometimes less is more!


Once arriving on the landing page, your goal is for the user to click through to the next page.

The CTA might be a download button, an offer to redeem or as simple as buying the product.

Clicking this might take the customer to a shopping cart or download page.

Click-through landing pages can be particularly benefiting when linking from social media ads.

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In this way, your business is available to serve the audience that has a specific purpose.

Your brand solidifies across multiple platforms when linking to click-through landing pages from social media ads.


Keep in mind not to neglect Landing pages as they are a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

They help to convert leads into customers.

The more pages you have, and more specific to their target market the greater the increase in conversion.

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7 tips to create a powerful landing page