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With millions of people doing business online there is an insurmountable amount of competition. To help your website gain more traffic, we’ve comprised this very comprehensive list of proven and simple ways to get your web pages ranked higher on the SERPs and finally start growing your business!

Online entrepreneurship has quickly become the new American Dream. While we used to dream of finding a solid nine-to-five job where we would firmly plant ourselves for the better part of 40 years, people are starting to think differently.

However, with that realization comes a whole new learning curve.

This also applies to bloggers, content creators, small businesses, large businesses and everyone in between! So if you’re a newbie or a startup and in need of more website traffic, pay close attention!

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How Do I Promote My New Website/Blog/Business for More Traffic?

I’m sure you’ve heard of some highly successful bloggers out there who have left their 9-5 jobs to start promoting their websites and start blogging or taking on content creation as a full-time career.

After all, why devote your whole working life to building somebody else’s empire? Sure, guaranteed paychecks are nice and so are some of the benefits. But are you truly satisfied?

No one ever said entrepreneurship was easy but the rewards can be outstanding.

Learning how to get your blog or website noticed to bring in more traffic and make more sales is a technique anyone can learn.

Fortunately, there have been countless many who have gone before you to help pave the way.

Most of these highest paid bloggers who went from $0 to over $100,000 (and more) per month started knowing nothing about to make money online, run a website or grow an audience.

At SBH we can help you with everything from recommending website designs and themes to building your online presence massively.

In this list post we go over 77+ items that show you how to drive an avalanche of traffic to your blog, your website and your business to your target your specific audience.

Let’s go!

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How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Business

1. Maximize Your Website’s Appeal to Users

To have a high-traffic and high-converting blog and website, you need to make it as appealing as possible to users. But what exactly makes a website user-friendly?

First, make sure that it runs quickly and efficiently and is formatted correctly for mobile use.

We live in a society that expects and demands immediate gratification.

If you’re skeptical about this, think about how you react when your YouTube video or Netflix episode takes extra time to load (or, God forbid, freezes). The users who visit your website are no different.

If your website loads too slowly or is hard to navigate and full of errors or redirects, people will leave in search of a better site.

However, you also have to make sure your website is captivating and designed to capture leads.

You need compelling and appealing pictures, videos, infographics, animations, and whatever else that can add some charm. Just be careful not to overdo it and clutter your website up or make it too flashy.

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Finally, what reason are you giving people to visit your blog? What value does it offer to users?

While this is often dictated by your particular niche or specialty, people won’t give your website the time of day if it doesn’t give them something in return. This could be valuable information, how-to videos, instructional infographics, etc.

Basically, you need to help people solve their problems in the most accurate, best way possible.

Canva is a free design tool that can help you create amazing graphics, infographics, animation and any type of design you can imagine. Even without any prior dessign skills!

canva instagram templates
Design anything with Canva for FREE


2. Perfect Your Website’s SEO

While we’re talking about the website itself, how is your SEO?

Search engine optimization is king in terms of getting users to your website organically.

When people google keywords related to your website, your SEO rating determines how quickly and easily they find you.

You can boost your SEO rating by ensuring your articles, headers, titles, images, photos, and videos are all embedded with SEO metadata.

However, to make your website more credible to the SEO algorithm, you also need internal links (to other parts of your website) and external links (to other websites).

If you need to cover high intent keywords that are popular as well as relevant to your business, you can simply approach long tail keywords.

However, you should also ensure the right use of long-tail keywords in your ad campaigns as well to avoid missing out on opportunities.

Also, you can plan your keywords for taking down maximum competition using tools like Google keyword planner which is free while there are paid options like Ahrefs.

Finally, make sure your contact information and address are up-to-date and stay active on your website.

The more you post, the more relevant you will seem to search engines. However, make sure what you’re posting is relevant and engaging.

Semrush is an all in one tool I use to improve my keywords, analyze my content and strategy, build up back links, and even check up on my competitors.

3. Use Social Media Platforms to Promote Awareness

Learning how to get your webste or bog noticed means becoming a social media guru.

While it may not be your deepest aspiration, creating a thriving social media account (or several) will surely drive more traffic to your website.

Start building a following on Facebook and Instagram at the very least.

Then, every time you post a new article to your website, cross-post the article to your other platforms.

Always let your followers know there’s new content for them.

You can run campaigns to organically (for free) gain new followers while simultaneously marketing your products/services.

Run a raffle contest where people must like, share, and comment on your post, as well as follow your page to be entered.

Then, they’re entered to win a free product or service from you.

Additionally, you can use paid social media advertising, which can help you spread your reach to the right demographic. For example, you can target your ad audience based on age, location, hobbies, interest, gender, and so on.

Nearly every post you make on social media should link back to your website. This includes using social media to build hype for new product launches.

I love the Crowdfire social media platform because it saves time, money and effort – Their plans start out FREE! Unbeatable!


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4. Build Affiliate Relationships

One of the most important things you’ll learn as an online entrepreneur growing your biz online is to seek help from outside sources.

Whether it’s help learning how to get your website or blog noticed or becoming so popular that other companies pay you to review products for them, you need to build affiliate relationships and network with other businesses.

Reach out to similar (but not to competing) websites or companies with whom you can form mutually beneficial relationships.

You can link back to each other’s websites in your articles, promote each other on your respective blogs, social channels, websites, etc.

By affiliating with other businesses, you are granted access to their client bases. Just be sure to respect your affiliates and not partner with their competitors.

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5. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing cannot be overlooked when figuring out how to promote your website and drive more traffic to it.

People rarely buy a product or service the first time they see it. That’s why email marketing is so popular and successful.

Build a list of email subscribers by putting something juicy on the table like a free eBook, exclusive access to a webinar, or a live one-on-one chat to help solve a problem.

You should have an automated email campaign that goes out after someone subscribes.

At first, it should deliver the promised material with a “thanks for subscribing”. Then the emails should transition from telling the user more about you and your website, offering more free tidbits, and pitching products or services.

Email campaigning is successful because you’re advertising to someone who has already shown interest in your business.

constant contact

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6. Engage With Your Audience

Finally, in a world full of texting, social media, blogs, TikTok and YouTube videos, simply engaging with your audience is invaluable to your success. If someone messages you, get back to them in 24 hours or less.

Answer questions, be available, show sincerity. Ultimately, you need to be genuine. Your audience will appreciate that, and as a result, your website will gain more authority.

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Dillon Kivo PR crash course
Use the power of the Media to build your digital empire!

7. Grow your website’s Outreach Plan

This process involves creating relationships with blog or website owners in a bid to promote content, businesses, products, and services.

This service works efficiently because it gives website owners quality content as well as helping you build a quality link profile.

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hello bar


8. Enable Trackbacks

A trackback allows one website to notify another about an update.

It is one of four types of linkback methods for website authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents.

This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to their articles.

How to Enable Trackbacks and Pingbacks


9. Submit Your Content to Blogging Communities

This can drive traffic to your site and increase your readership. Additionally, many communities and directories offer features like ratings and reviews, which can help readers find the best blogs in a particular niche.

10. Post on Article Directories

Similar to the above reason, it helps drive more website traffic plain and simple.

11. Re-publish Articles

Now that the web is bursting at the seams with content a better strategy is to renovate your evergreen posts and revise them to make them more relevant for today, add additional valuable content and links, rich images, some video, graphs or helpful data and make them overall more appealing to your audience, then re-publish to get more views.


12. Use the Skyscraper Method

The skyscraper method was created by Brian Dean SEO expert of

This method employs that bloggers create posts containing the most incredible, epic content that blows anything else written on the subject out of the park.

Long website articles or lists posts that contain upwards of 8,000-10,000 words long, along with rich media, videos, graphs and more.


13. Use AI to Create Content

With software companies like WriteSonic and others you will never stare at a blinking cursor again or wonder what topics to come up with.

You can create content in over 24 languages to drive more traffic to your website.

You can get started with an AI generator like Writesonic for FREE.

write sonic

14. Get Your Blog Listed in Google New

With Google News, users can: Discover current events, world-wide news, and diverse content from different publishers. Subscribe to specific news providers and topics.

One way to get traffic to your website from social media groups is to interview owners, or influencers, of these groups and ask them to share the article you feature them in.

Even if they do not share your article, you can share it in the group yourself as a member of the group.

How to Be a Top Social Media Influencer

Cracking the Code for Authentic Influencer Marketing Strategies


16. Join LinkedIn Groups

17. Use the Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredibly powerful source of traffic for your website and many businesses have leveraged it with a great source to massively boost their traffic; I was able to take her new blog to 2,000 daily visitors largely thanks to Pinterest.

Look for high quality interesting images that can be found for free on apps like Canva, and focus on using magnetic headlines and you’ll be getting quality Pinterest traffic in no time.

How to Market on Pinterest – The Ultimate Guide


18. Publish Slides to Slideshare

Do you know that Slideshare of LinkedIn is popularly known as the sleeping giant of content marketing. The reason for this is simple; over 70 million professionals use Slideshare to share professional content such as presentations, infographics, documents, and videos.

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million pageviews, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.

You can upload files privately or in PowerPoint, Word, PDF or OpenDoc format.

Slideshare is one of the 100 most visited websites in the world. The good news is that you can also use it to promote your website.


19. Look for Interview Ops

There are blogs and websites that are dedicated to interviewing successful people and showcasing their stories; if you have an exciting story or have a success that you can showcase, you can reach out to these websites and ask them to interview you.

A good resource is ProBlogger and Buzzsumo which allows you to find top influencers based on authority.

I was interviewed for a article in Shoutout Miami and Starter Story that helped gain massive traffic to my website.

starter story emily standley blogger socialbuzzhive


20. Promote and answer questions on Quora

A great traffic driver I used when starting out was answering relevant questions on Quora. It established me as an authority in my niche and people got to know and trust me.

This created a spike in traffic to my site as well as a significant increase in people signing up for my email list.


21. Get Interviewed on Podcasts

18 Best SEO Podcasts

7 Tips for Getting Interviewed on Podcasts


22. Start Your Own Podcast

If you can’t start a podcast, you can record an audio version of your blog posts and submit them to podcast sites.

Here’s a list of 8 sites you can submit your podcast to.

How to Start a Successful Podcast for Beginners

how to get more clients during a crisis
Start a Podcast


23. Convert Your Content into PDFs and share on PDF sharing sites

Convert your website and blog posts into a PDF and submit it to PDF sharing sites; make sure that the final PDF file includes your bio and a link to your site so that people know how to find your blog after they finish reading the PDF.

I personally like the Print Friendly and PDF app. It’s super user friendly and you can create eBooks from them on Adobe!

24. Join HARO

H.A.R.O, also known as Help A Reporter Out, is a platform that brings reporters and “sources” together; when looking for sources to quote in an article, reporters often visit H.A.R.O to find people to interview.

If you have a relevant story that a reporter needs, then you might be mentioned as a source when the reporter publishes their article; just tell the reporter to mention your website in the article if relevant/possible.


25. Create an App for Your Website

Create an app for your website and blog and submit it to Google store and Apple store; regularly invite your readers to download your app and feature it on relevant app sites.

If more people download your app, Google will start showcasing it to more of their readers and this will boost your traffic.

If you’re seeking a web developer to help you create an app you can easily source on on Fiverr Pro.

fiverr animator


26. Feature Other Bloggers on Your Website and Ask Them to Share

One of the techniques superstar blogger Neil Patel uses to grow his blog is that of linking to dozens of bloggers inside his articles (according to him, his articles usually contain 100+ links) and then reaching out to the bloggers who he linked to letting them know that he linked to them.

The result is hundreds, sometimes thousands, of shares per article and eventually lots of traffic back to him.

Regularly link to other bloggers in your articles and email all of them to let them know about your article; many of them will share your article, resulting in lots of traffic for you.

In this post I put together of money saving hacks I listed other bloggers who specialize in the financial niche.

Ultimate List Post of Money Making/Saving Hacks


27. Improve your website Speed

Research shows that a one second delay in website loading time will result in a 7 percent loss in conversion, and that slow websites cost the U.S. e-commerce market $500 billion annually.

Not just this, but you’ll also lose 40 percent of visitors to your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. If your website is slow, then you’re already losing half your visitors.

Make your website faster and watch your traffic increase significantly.

20 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

floating laptop


Google uses a lot of factors to rank websites, including how many links point to a website, but very few people know that Google also ranks you based on how many people you link to.

If your website constantly links to authoritative websites and resources that are relevant to your niche, Google will assume that you’re a good and authoritative resource in your niche, and they’ll rank you better as a result; this, in turn, will lead to more traffic for you.

SemRush as mentioned earlier, is a perfect tool you can start using for free to look into who is linking to you and vice versa, as well as getting a sneak peek into which keywords your competitors are using to get a leg up on the competition.


29. Create Ultimate Guides like this post!

30. Write Controversial Posts

Who doesn’t gravitate towards a little controversy these days? Sometimes negative attention isn’t so bad. Celebrities know this all too well!

10 Reasons Why No One Cares About Your Beautiful Website


31. Improve Your Headlines

Headlines are the clinch to getting anyone to click on your website post to begin with. But be careful of ‘click-bait’ posts. Always stay relevant to prevent spam.

How to Boost Website Conversions with Power Words


32. Master the Art of Copywriting

Copy that is written in a clear and conversational tone can easily convey the brand message to get the customer’s attention and hence drive more website traffic.


33. Start Paying People to Write for You

There are websites that regularly publish lists of sites that pay writers, and these lists occasionally get tens of thousands of views and hundreds of links thus making them highly authoritative.

By offering to pay people to write articles on your website, and emailing the publishers of these lists to include your website, you’ll be getting an instant boost in traffic as well as a helpful authoritative backlink.

Get Paid to Write – Over 100 Sites That Pay Big Money to Writers

How to Get More Backlinks to Rank Higher on Google


34. Give Incentives To People Who Write For You

A technique that can give you a massive boost in website traffic is incentivizing contributions to your articles; whether you pay writers for articles or accept guest posts, you’ll be able to get more traffic by compensating people whose articles become your most popular post or get a certain number of views in a month.

The Penny Hoarder website does this very well.

For a website that gets about 2 million unique visitors monthly, they definitely know what they are doing.

For example; they offer a bonus system for all posts. Contributors whose posts hit certain milestones will receive certain bonuses as follows:

50,000 pageviews – $100

100,000 pageviews -$200

250,000 pageviews – another $500

35. Email people with lists of websites that accept guest posts

Why Your Blog Needs Guest Posts


36. Advertise on Google/FB

If you’re seeking immediate traffic this is a good way to go if you have the money to spare. The ROI for the traffic received could be well worth it.

4 Tips to Successfully Implement PPC Campaigns for Your Small Business


37. Sponsor a Blogging Contest

Free blogging contests and giveaways are excellent ways to drive more traffic to your website and business.

This contest strategy seems to work very well and the prizes could result in anything from a free backlink, free advertising, free products, and building up your authority as a blogger.


38. Run a Traffic Contest

Invite members of your community to promote your website and do their best to send traffic to your website for a whole month, award the people who send the most traffic a prize.

To set up a contest go to our partners at Shortstack. 

shortstack contests


39. Offer affiliates a commission on your products

If you have a product, it’s much easier to get traffic to your website or blog.

Identify influencers with a popular blog, lots of followers and a robust email list, especially if they have no product, and offer them a large commission for every sale of your products that they make.

Make sure you get all buyers of your product to subscribe to your email list, and you win; you win because those buyers might not otherwise know about you, but now they are readers who have bought a product you created.


40. Leverage Kindle’s KDP ebook promotion system

If you sell an eBook, you can also leverage limited-time Kindle promotions to boost your email list; Tristan King was able to get 600% more people to download his eBook by leveraging Kindle’s KDP ebook promotion system, and that gave him a nice boost in readership.


41. Listen to Your Readers’ and Audience Feedback

In blogging and business this is without a doubt lesson #1.

Sometimes, you’ll notice that certain articles on your website will become big hits while some will barely get read by anybody; oftentimes, the reason for this has to do with demand for the topic an article covers.

If an article is in high demand, it’ll do a great job of promoting itself and traffic will only keep increasing; if an article has low demand, the promotion you do will yield minimal results.

Ask your readers what content they want to read about the most, and create your content based on popular demand.

You can also find out by adding quizzes, taking surveys and seeing what kinds of questions they ask in forums and fb groups.

Get crystal ball insights into your website and what type of content is most sought after with Monsterinsights – the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. I use it along with 2,000,000 other businesses!

Which is related to…


42. Pay Attention to Your Analytics

The key to website traffic and blogging success lies in identifying what’s working and doing more of it; once your website starts to gain traction and get some readership, start paying special attention to your website traffic to see what kind of content is getting the most views.

If you notice a trend with a certain type of content, do more of that type of content and you can be assured of increased traffic.

Semrush tool


43. Use Striking Images in All Your Posts

Research shows that articles with images get 94% more views compared to articles without images.

Make sure every article on your website includes at least one or more relevant and appealing images. Interactive images and forms significantly boost traffic to your blog.

5 Tips to Use Images to Increase Sales in Email Campaigns

Canva Drag and Drop Design for Everyone

How to Save Time Designing Your Website/Blog

visme animated characters


44. Don’t Use Too Many Ads/Banners

This can be a turn off and increase your bounce-rate if your readers see too many ads and can’t get through to your content easily.


45. Include Income Reports

Adding elements of transparency will help get people excited about what they are doing and this leads to more exposure for them.

How I Make Money Blogging – My Exact Methods

How I Earn $15,000 Monthly with Affiliate Marketing

46. Use Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a super amazing, automated lead capture tool that will help prevent people from abandoning your blog or website.

It’s been shown to improve conversions up to 83%!!

47. Live Stream Your Content

Turn your blog and website posts to video with Lumen5 and then live stream your posts!

Live streaming is the ultimate way to share your content and allow users to simultaneously stream video content to multiple platforms – up to 30 PLUS platforms at once!

Expand your audience with Restream and start multi-streaming to multiple platforms at one time today!


Bonus Traffic Ideas for Small Businesses

Here are 30 additional creative and low-budget ideas to market your small business and drive even more website traffic:

  1. Google My Business optimization
  2. Social media posting and engaging
  3. Social media tagging
  4. Hashtag Generator
  5. Use Local SEO
  6. Email marketing
  7. Infographics
  8. Get Free ad promo credits
  9. Display Business awards
  10. Guerilla marketing
  11. Content marketing
  12. Blogging Tools
  13. Industry partnerships
  14. Video marketing & multi media
  15. Brand ambassadors
  16. LinkedIn marketing
  17. Showcase classes and events
  18. Webinars
  19. Industry networking events
  20. Social media contests/giveaways
  21. In-store business card drawings
  22. Customer referral programs
  23. Local events or contests
  24. Create awesome business cards
  25. Create car magnets for the company car
  26. Content recycling/recirculating
  27. Facebook ads
  28. Create TikTok videos
  29. Create an AI video and avatar for presentations
  30. Use Link.tree link in bio tool to share content

Grab These Guides to Help Promote Your Website, Blog and Business Even More!

Figuring out how to get your business noticed and become a successful online entrepreneur demands a steep learning curve.

While we believe anyone can accomplish this it takes a lot of work and you can’t do everything yourself.

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Obviously there’s many old and new ways to drive traffic to your website, blog and business.

Figuring out the ones that work the best takes time and diligence and a good ear! But it’s definitely possible with consistent persistence!

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