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Here are 9 types of blog posts that make the most money and help you earn a steady stream of passive income. 

Did you get into the world of blogging to start making money?

Blogging, when done right can make you some game-changing passive income.

There are multiple streams of income you can have from just one blog.

However, you need to know about the type of blog posts that will provide you with the type of earnings you are looking for.

Writers who know how to create engaging and appealing content have the power to not only inspire a generation but make some life-changing money in the process!

Keep reading to learn more about 9 different types of blog posts that will always make money! 

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Listicles and top” articles

One of the most popular blog post styles that make money is definitely the listicle” format.

As you probably can guess, the word listicle” is a combination of list” and article.”

The name itself is a really good description of this particular article type.

The structure is very successful because it is quite easy for a reader to navigate and understand.

In addition to that, the idea of discovering tips and secrets is always quite enticing, prompting readers to keep reading the article, and possibly respond more positively to call to actions” or other marketing material you might be using to generate an income, such as affiliate marketing links.

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There are many pros” about this particular approach.

Such articles are easy to write, and it isn’t hard to brainstorm an idea for new and authentic content to be delivered quite consistently!

Since these articles do not need to be very long, it is very easy for bloggers to come up with large quantities of listicles.

In this case, a game of numbers could actually generate income in the long run, and a lot of blog posts could easily amount to a nice vehicle for a steady stream of money from ads.


Product reviews and Round Ups 


Product reviews, tips, and blogger roundups are quite popular as well.

Readers trust the valued opinion of others, especially when an enormous amount of research is backed behind it. 

In addition to that, product reviews and tips articles can be an extremely convenient vehicle for endorsements, affiliate marketing, and other forms of online ads, that can generate substantial profits, including passive income streams.

The best thing about writing product reviews is that essentially you will never run out of ideas.

There are always going to be new products waiting to be reviewed, and new people looking to read about it!

The market is absolutely huge, and even if you have a specific niche (for example book reviews or Best Cafés in Brooklyn reviews), there is always going to be enough content for you to really focus on and branch out.

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 Writing product reviews could even be a great way to get in touch with brands and companies directly, perhaps establishing some sponsored partnership deals.

That is the most lucrative form of income that a blogger could hope to have. 

Another excellent way to come up with product reviews or recipes or services is to have what’s called ’round up’ lists. 


An example of Round Up Lists include: 


This round up list ‘reviews’ are a great way to help people read your content since it provides so much more information than just a single review.

It also helps you link to other quality content with helps your SEO too! 


Comparison Posts

Comparison posts are another great way to show your authority to your readers and make money. 

An example of a comparison blog post might be:

Convertkit VS Aweber For Automated Email Marketing


Many companies are known to encourage product reviewers by sending out free samples and gifts as well as setting up special affiliate marketing programs, enabling content publishers to earn money on commission based on product sales from traffic coming from the publisher’s specific website.

Bloggers can receive numerous samples from cosmetic companies, household, food, health, pet and others that want you to review their products on their websites. 

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Even in a category such as education for example, the possibilities are truly endless.


Education-based blog articles


Education-based blog articles, such as guides or tutorials, are usually really popular.

People love to receive some value from the blog posts they read, and what a better value than delivering great skills and know-how to the audience

The better your content, the higher the chance to get your readers hooked and enhance your trustworthiness.

If your reader trusts your insights, they will also be more likely to trust the products you recommend or the brands you work with as an affiliate marketer, enhancing your chances to generate an income from your content.

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This is a fantastic opportunity to leverage your skills, knowledge or background, and put it to good use to generate substantial profits from your blog articles!



Sponsored posts are more popular than you might think, and in fact, they are pretty much on any major blog out there on the web.

Many bloggers reach out to companies, brands, and producers to offer sponsored posts.

Essentially, a sponsored post is an article that an advertiser will actually commission to a blogger.

Instead of simply placing an ad on one of your existing articles, you’d be commissioned a specific sponsored post on behalf of the product/brand you’re being hired to promote.

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Sponsored posts are a sure-fire form of income for most bloggers.

However, you should really be careful not to turn your blog into a sponsor mine.

When your readers realize that your blog is filled with mostly paid-for content, your blog might lose credibility, and therefore, appeal in the eyes of your advertisers.

Following the famed 80-20” rule is a really good way to determine the best-sponsored post ratios in your blog. Out of all the blog posts on your blog, 80% should be your own content, while 20% should be sponsored content.

This ratio will ensure that you won’t ever overrun your blog with marketing content!


Creating E-books

An e-book is not exactly a blog post article, but many bloggers use this particular format in order to channel their expertise and knowledge into a package that they can actually sell to their readers.

You can tease some content for free on your blog, and then sell the rest of the bulk through your e-book.

The most popular forms of e-books are tutorials, educational publications, lessons, and other business and life coaching material.

You might think that writing an e-book could be a long process, but you don’t necessarily need to write a long book.

In fact, you can aim to create a relatively short one, even if it’s a small publication with 6 to 10 pages.

how to create your epic online business


Create Premium-tier content

Many successful bloggers have specific blog posts and articles that are only available to a paying slice of their audience.

Think of it as a paywall, with certain posts being only available for a monetary fee. 

Apps like Stan or sites like Patreon and many others allow you to do this easily.

This approach is almost certainly going to fail if you have no influences or if you are just starting to get established.

However, if you have a reasonably large following of people who know and trust your point of view, you might be able to entice them to pay for some additional content.  

Creator store Stan


Create Blog post templates

Believe it or not, many bloggers actually make quite a lot of money by selling template packages or printables.

These could be blanket templates for product reviews, planners, calendars, email templates, printables, as well as press release skeletons and other ready-made text shells, for people to simply tweak to their own needs and likings.

There is a huge market for templates, and while there are many free available samples out there, you can actually generate an extra income by providing high-quality templates, tailored to the needs of your audience.

You could even consider creating on-demand templates for your customers as a service to increase your financial bottom line and add something of value to your workflow.

eprintables course


Clickbait headlines

Love them or hate them, we’ve all fallen trap to clickbait headlines. If you have been hooked by one of them, you know what I am talking about.

Those questionable websites with headlines such as “Lose 40lbs in 1 Week Drinking Two Tablespoons of This Every day,” actually generate a really substantial amount of traffic.

The funny thing is that it’s not even about the quality of the blog post itself.

It’s all about the headlines.

A catchy title is absolutely vital to get others to read your work. It is the only way people will visit your blog and click to read certain articles.

In the past maybe you could write a ‘spammy’ clickbait headline and generate a lot of traffic, but things have changed.

Google is getting smarter and going after high quality, genuinely valuable information.

So behind that catchy headline has to be some informative, illuminating content that provides use to your reader. 

In other words, if you want to rank high on Google or Bing your content has to be worthwhile and significant.

Otherwise, you will have to pay Google in ads to be shown at the top pages to get any traffic. 

Read these copy-writing strategies for ways to get your content noticed:

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Conclusion and final thoughts


These are only some of the many article ideas and types of posts that have been known to consistently generate an income and make money.

At the end of the day, it is really down to you.

Get creative, test content ideas, experiment with various headlines and explore new possibilities. 

The goal is to be consistent because you never really know when you will actually strike gold!

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9 blog posts that always make money