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What’s the future of creators in 2023 and beyond? As a content creator you’re aware the content creation scene is always in a state of constant flux, with fresh monetization prospects, cutting-edge technology, and evolving consumer behavior driving significant changes. This article takes a closer look at the present state of content creation, the hurdles creators encounter, and some predictions for the future of creators.

Majority of creators experienced a significant increase in income over the past year and expect more growth in 2023

The past few years have seen a surge in the number of individuals becoming content creators. Yet despite the industry’s rapid expansion, monetization is still relatively new: 42.6% of content creators began to earn money from their creations just in the last year, and 79.6% within the previous two years. The monetization of content has become a primary or supplementary income source for many creators.

Additionally, a large majority (76.5%) of creators have experienced a significant increase in income compared to the previous 12 months, indicating potential for further growth. Conversely, only 23% of content creators have seen a decrease in income or no change at all.

  • 50.7% of content creators rely on content creation as their primary source of income, while 49.3% consider it supplementary.
  • Of those who’ve seen their income increase, the majority attribute the change to more monetization options on social media platforms (77.2%), diversifying their content across more social platforms (66.8%), and an increase in consumer demand for content (65.8%).
  • Among those who experienced a decline in income, 65% attribute this to increased competition and 48% to changes in consumer content consumption habits.
  • 83.5% of content creators believe their income will increase in the next 12 months, while only 2.3% believe their income will decrease. Like those whose income grew over the past year, creators who expect their income to grow over the next 12 months predict this will be due to more monetization options on social media platforms (74.9%), diversification across platforms (68.3%), and increased consumer demand for content (65.8%).

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Generative AI for creators will become more mainstream in 2023 and widely adopted by companies and individual creators as part of their regular workflow. 

There will be three key areas that will progress as a result of generative AI going mainstream:

More Companies Creating Generative AI Tools For Creators

In 2023, it is likely that there will be an increase in the number of companies developing and offering generative AI tools for creators.

These tools, already heavily invested in by large tech companies like OpenAIGoogle, and Microsoft, have the potential to significantly impact the creator economy by making it easier for people to produce high-quality content and for businesses to automate the creation of certain types of content.

As a result, I expect that we will see more startups entering the AI space and existing companies using the technology in innovative ways.

Most Effective Tools for Content Creators

More Creators Embracing Generative AI For Their Content Creation Process

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As the tools become easier to use, we’ll see more creators embracing the technology throughout the entire content process, making their workflow more efficient.  

It’s possible that we’ll see creators using tools like the customized version of ChatGPT by vidIQ to boost YouTube views or come up with video ideas or scripting, DALL-E 2 to create thumbnail images, Descript for video editing, and potentially even a tool to animate images based on text prompts.

Creators may also use generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Writesonic to create blog posts, email marketing and social media posts to promote their content. 

As the use of AI becomes more widespread, we will likely see an increase in regulations and policies aimed at addressing ethical concerns surrounding AI.

In addition, there will likely be a rise in lawsuits related to the use of generative AI, specifically in regard to issues of copyright and commercial use.

Currently, there are ongoing cases related to using images to train AI and AI-generated work for commercial purposes. These legal issues will likely lead to an evolution of copyright laws in order to better address the unique challenges posed by generative AI.


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Generative AI will become a useful tool in the creator economy, augmenting the work of creators and their teams rather than replacing them.

While the initial hype around generative AI may wear off, it is expected to become a long-term tech megatrend. It will take time for creators to learn how to use generative AI effectively, and being proficient in using it may become a new skill to develop and master.

This may lead to the emergence of a new type of person, specifically skilled in using generative AI, that larger creators or companies may hire. This trend will extend into other industries as well.


TikTok for business

TikTok and YouTube will become more similar in terms of functionality and user experience for creators. YouTube may extend its “shorts” feed to support longer vertical videos, similar to TikTok.

TikTok may release support for longer-form horizontal videos and revamp their mobile viewing experience to include horizontal and vertical video feeds. Both platforms may also expand their shoppable video capabilities to generate more revenue for creators.


TikTok will not be banned in the US, but it will be restricted in some capacity. It’s possible that most states or government devices will be restricted from using TikTok.

However, it’s unlikely that TikTok will be completely banned in the US. Instead, some form of corporate governance will be put in place that either sells the US operations of TikTok to a US entity or otherwise blocks it off effectively.

Overall, the situation for TikTok users and creators will remain largely unchanged, but some creators may choose to diversify and move to other platforms.

Bonus Creator Prediction

Patreon Buys OnlyFans Or OnlyFans Buys Patreon: Both companies operate in the creator economy and offer similar services, so a merger or acquisition could bring synergies and expand their reach. OnlyFans is trying to move more into creators, and Patreon has stalled a little bit and needs to do something different. The two companies are natural complements.

Squarespace Buys Linktree: Squarespace could acquire Linktree, as both companies offer services for creators and small businesses to build and maintain an online presence.

Tumblr Gets Bigger Than Twitter (X): It is possible that Tumblr could grow significantly in 2023 and potentially surpass Twitter in terms of user base and engagement.

This could be due to Tumblr’s recent acquisition by Automatic, which also owns WordPress, or due to potential declines in Twitter’s (X’s) popularity.


Many new creators on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts don’t have a clear path to monetization.

As a result, creators with large audiences may not have stable income. Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry predict this problem will be solved through increased creator education and mentorship.

They believe that there will be more businesses offering educational content for creators and more companies established specifically to help aspiring creators through education.

I agree with Colin and Samir and will take it one step further – I think, eventually, we may see a fully accredited program for creators. 

MrBeast announced a partnership with East Carolina University to create “micro-credential courses” in camera work, editing, analytics, and related skills. However, I would love to see this or another program go beyond micro-credentials.

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Mark Anderson, the founder of Strategic News Service, has a track record of 95% accuracy in his annual predictions since 2006. Here are a few of his predictions for 2023:

  1. Meta is Micro, a real MegaFUP (Failure to Understand Potential). Mark Zuckerberg may get promoted out of Meta after billions of dollars down the rabbit hole. 
  2. Crypto will experience a major downturn. Marc Andreessen and the Valley VCs will take a massive hit.
  3. Advances in AI will move beyond neural networks and lead to practical applications like self-driving cars.

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