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As digital media has become more accessible over the years, it’s not a surprise that more people want to start making money online by creating blogs or opening up an online store. It offers an incredible way to earn a flexible living without being tied to an office environment.

However, to succeed in building a powerful online presence, one needs to learn about specific strategies necessary to boost their brand and website. This is where I can help you!

Emily Standley blogger 

Hi! I’m Emily. I was once one of those who dreamed of earning a living by utilizing the internet, and today I have a successful blog and business where I equip others with the tools they need to achieve the same things.

I’m a nationally published content writer and digital marketing strategist based in Jupiter, Florida. 

I am the founder of the entrepreneurship blog and academy Socialbuzzhive and Pawsoffbeauty.com

I provide budding online entrepreneurs with multiple resources to monetize and scale and leverage social media, SEO, and blogging strategies. My mission is to anyone looking to develop their blog or business and grow their online presence.

Through the Socialbuzzhive Academy, I provide a wide array of resources for anyone who wants to make a living online. 

With my 14 years of experience, I aid aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs to learn the leading marketing strategies they need to know to grow a successful online career. 

Within the Socialbuzzhive Academy, I provide in-depth skills training, guides, courses, and resources for innovative means of building a business online. 

I have first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges in developing an online presence, so all my courses and tips are based on strategies that are easy to understand and implement even by beginners. 

I also provide consultation services to help bloggers and entrepreneurs improve their existing online footprint exponentially.

You can reach out to me HERE!

In 2004, I already had a successful career in website development, but I found it increasingly difficult to balance my work duties with my parenting responsibilities as a single mother of 3 young kids. I left the company I was working for because I knew there had to be a way to earn a good, flexible income working online from home. 

I started offering social media and SEO consulting and scheduling services, and since then, I have continued to grow my business.  My success and determination has not gone unnoticed. I have been featured in several leading publications, and I am proud to partner with top companies and brands.

You can view them on this page. 

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, I am also an avid advocate of animal welfare and wounded military veterans. 

I am also the owner of PawsOffBeauty, a blog I recently acquired to raise awareness to stop the cruel practice of animal testing in beauty products worldwide. At PawsOffBeauty, I share content about cruelty-free ethical and vegan beauty products, zero-waste beauty options, and write product reviews.

paws off beauty

I draw a lot of inspiration from the quote, “Within difficulty lies opportunity.” 

When faced with many difficult situations, I have also grown from them, and sought out better opportunities. 

My passion for online business development and digital marketing strategies has not always been easy but it has been fulfilling, and grown into a successful business venture. 

I proud to have helped numerous bloggers and entrepreneurs with the resources and courses that I provide. And am very grateful for all the kind reviews I’ve received. 

I don’t hesitate to share my expertise with anyone who needs help in starting a successful online career through blogging, social media, SEO or other methods needed to establish an online business.

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Digital Strategies for Bloggers, Businesses, and Creative Entrepreneurs

I created Socialbuzzhive to help you develop a winning strategy to build a more powerful presence online and gain a competitive edge against the ocean of competition on the web. 

Here you will find an arsenal of resources where you can learn how to to create a viable online business from home, build a successful money making blog or website, or propel more leads, traffic and prospects to your new or existing website or business

This blog has grown from 0 to over 2 MILLION viewers! Thank you!

Let me help YOU attract the audience and traffic you need so your website, blog and business will rank higher in the major search engines and on your social media platforms too.  

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“How do I get more traffic to my blog/website?”is the #1 question I am asked. 

No small task! Competition is brutal online! With over 1.74 billion websites on the internet you need the right tools to evolve and adapt at a rapid pace to stand out to your lead target audience and make money online

In 2020 to rank high on Google you will need an optimized web strategy that will generate a consistent flow of traffic, earn you passive income, and create high conversions and sales.

In order to accomplish this you need to focus on 3 key elements; content, design and strategy. 

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I’m very proud to partner with some of the leading digital marketing giants like; Lead Pages, Brand Builders, Promo Republic, Hubspot, ConvertKit, and other major companies who offer top notch digital marketing strategies designed to help you outperform your competition, and boost your ROI to drive the most traffic and leads to your website or blog. 

Whether your business is online or brick and mortar, my services and website strategies will help enhance and accelerate your digital footprint online and put your website to work for you!

After all…

Your website or blog should be your number one marketing asset for earning you money 24/7.

To accomplish this requires a lot of planning and proper website strategies that need to be in place from the very beginning.

This is where I can help! Contact me now!

If you’ve been stuck on page 3 or 13 in the SERPs let me help you reveal the gaps between your success and where you need to be with a complete website competitor analysis or social media & website Audit



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Looking to start your own blog or shift your business online?

With the global pandemic, many folks are turning to blogs and ecommerce platforms to make unlimited incomes from Miami, FL and virtually anywhere in the world. 

This is the best time in history to lead a flexible, online, boss free life and I show you exactly how to grab these reigns and take advantage of these money making opportunities. 

Visit the Academy to get started learning how to create a profitable blog or online business:

Website Strategies To Build Your Business 

If you already have a website or online business you know that SEO & Social Media is the lifeblood of it.

This site will provide you with actionable tips and the latest tactics, to grow and monetize your website or blog substantially.

Stop spending hours wasting time scouring the internet…and get started making money from your website sooner.

A professional website with a solid content marketing strategy is NO LONGER OPTIONAL.

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This blog covers the following: 

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