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Welcome to SocialBuzzHive. This blog was created to help creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small businesses develop a winning strategy to build a more powerful presence online and hone your skills in the fields of digital marketing and blogging so you could create a viable business from home and be your own boss. 

SBH will help you attract the leads you need to your website and free yourself from the 9-5 shackles while growing your online business faster and more successfully. 

‘How do I get traffic to my blog/website’ – is the #1 question I am asked. 

Competition is tough online and you need the right tools to evolve and adapt at a rapid pace to stand out to your target audience. 

In 2020 to rank high on Google you need an optimized web strategy that will generate a consistent flow of traffic, earn you passive income, and create conversions.

In order to accomplish this blog focuses on 3 key elements; content, design and strategy


I partner up with some of the best digital marketing brands and bloggers who offer cutting edge website marketing strategies, blogging tips for beginners, and the newest technology in social media and SEO tactics designed to help boost your business, and outperform your competition in order to drive the most traffic and leads to your blog and website.

Our services and website strategies will enhance your presence online and put your website to work for you, so you can get the leads you need to grow your business from any place in the world with an internet connection.

After all…

Your website or blog should be your number one marketing asset for earning you money 24/7.

To accomplish this requires a lot of planning and proper website strategies needs to be in place from the very beginning.

This is where we come in! Contact us now for help!

If you’ve been stuck on page 3 of Google let us help you reveal the gaps between your success and where you need to be with a complete marketing & website Audit


Want to start your own blog? Smart folks like you are turning to blogs and ecommerce platforms to make stable, unlimited incomes from Miami, FL and anywhere.

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You’ve taken the right steps to leading a boss free life!

With the leading resources, guides and tips we provide, our blogging and online marketing tips will set you on track to providing you with not ONE but SEVERAL means to make remote work possible, AND have the flexibility you’ve always needed to manage everything else going on in your busy life! 

Master Guide to Blogging for Profit


Website Strategies To Build Your Business 

If you already have a website or online business you know that SEO & Social Media is the lifeblood of it.

This site will provide you with actionable tips and the latest tactics, to grow and monetize your website or blog substantially.

We do all the painstaking research on the best methods, products, tactics, and tools for you so you don’t have to spend hours wasting time scouring the internet…and get started making money from your website sooner!

A professional website with a solid content marketing strategy and proper optimized SEO is NO LONGER OPTIONAL. If you want your business or blog to be discovered among the 400+ million other sites online by your chosen readers and prospects you must have one. 

Check out our services page for premium resources to boost your online business fast!

“Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies with more indexed pages get far more leads.”

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This site will help you master website tactics you can put into place right now to build a thriving online business and send a flood of traffic to it!

This blog covers the following: 

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