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Let’s go over the best entry level digital marketing jobs today. In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, the demand for skilled professionals is on the rise. As we exit from 2023, the field of digital marketing continues to expand, offering numerous exciting opportunities for entry-level professionals. 

Whether you have just graduated or are looking to start a new career path, getting your foot in the door of digital marketing can be a promising choice.

This article highlights the best entry-level digital marketing jobs to watch out for in 2023 and beyond.

From coordinating digital marketing campaigns to optimizing websites for search engines, these roles offer a solid foundation for a successful career in the digital sphere.

 Each job plays a crucial role in driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales through various online channels.

1. Digital marketing coordinator

digital marketing coordinator
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A digital marketing coordinator supports the implementation and execution of various digital marketing campaigns. 

Responsibilities may include managing social media accounts, assisting with SEO efforts, analyzing website and social media analytics, assisting with content creation, and coordinating with different teams to ensure a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

2. Social media coordinator

social media consultant

A social media coordinator is a great entry level digital marketing job that is needed by all industries today.

A social media coordinator is responsible for managing and growing a company’s presence on social media platforms. 

This involves creating engaging content, monitoring social media channels, interacting with customers, analyzing social media data, and implementing strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement.

3. SEO specialist

 An SEO specialist optimizes websites to improve their visibility in search engine rankings. 

This involves conducting keyword research, optimizing website content, improving website structure and navigation, and creating and implementing link-building strategies.

The goal is to increase organic search traffic, domain rating, and improve the website’s search engine ranking positions.

4. Content writer

content writer

A content writer creates compelling and relevant content for various digital channels such as websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing campaigns. 

They conduct research, write engaging copy, and ensure that the content is optimized for search engines and aligns with the company’s brand voice and messaging.

Beginners in the world of content creation and marketing can also learn how to use ChatGPT for content creation.

5. Email marketing specialist

email marketing specialist

An email marketing specialist is responsible for planning, creating, and implementing email marketing campaigns.

This involves segmenting email lists, creating engaging email content, designing visually appealing templates, and analyzing email campaign performance.

The goal is to increase open and click-through rates, drive conversions, and build customer loyalty.

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6. PPC specialist

PPC specialist

A PPC (pay-per-click) specialist manages and optimizes paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media platforms. 

They conduct keyword research, create and manage ad campaigns, monitor ad performance, and analyze data to improve campaign ROI.

7. Web analytics specialist

google website analytics

A web analytics specialist collects and analyzes data from website traffic, user behavior, and other digital marketing channels to identify trends, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions. 

They use tools like Google Analytics to track metrics such as traffic sources, conversion rates, and user engagement.

8. Digital marketing analyst

A digital marketing analyst interprets and analyzes data to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. 

They monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), conduct market research, track competitors, and provide insights and recommendations to improve campaign performance and achieve business objectives.

9. Marketing automation specialist

A marketing automation specialist sets up and manages marketing automation platforms to streamline and automate marketing processes. 

They create and schedule automated email campaigns, implement lead nurturing strategies, and use tools like CRM software to track and analyze customer interactions and behavior.


10. E-commerce specialist

An e-commerce specialist focuses on driving online sales and optimizing the user experience on e-commerce platforms. 

They manage product listings, optimize product pages for search engines, analyze website data and customer behavior, implement conversion rate optimization strategies, and identify opportunities for growth and increased revenue.

Their goal is to enhance the online shopping experience and drive sales through various digital marketing channels.

11. Digital Marketing Job – Online Support Operator

customer service
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An online support operator is responsible for providing assistance and resolving issues for customers or clients of a company. They typically interact with customers through various communication channels, such as phone, email, or live chat. 

The primary goal of a support operator is to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing inquiries, troubleshooting problems, and providing timely and helpful solutions. 

They may need to gather information about the issue, escalate complex problems to higher-level support, and follow up to ensure the customer’s needs are met. 


By taking on these entry-level digital marketing roles, you will have the chance to develop valuable skills, gain practical experience, and pave the way for advancement in the digital marketing industry. 

As you embark on your journey, remember to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, continuously learn and evolve your skillset, and keep an entrepreneurial mindset.

So, seize the moment, embrace the digital revolution, and embark on your exciting digital marketing career journey. The opportunities are limitless, and the future is bright.

Here’s to a thriving and rewarding career in the dynamic world of digital marketing in 2023 and beyond!

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