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Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


This is my review about Fat Joe which is a leading content writing agency that specializes in content creation as well as link building services for increasing SEO traffic. No, it’s not about the rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena. Fat Joe offers a range of web optimization and blogger outreach services for entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses. I use them myself because they help me create tons of content for my blogs. They also provide helpful SEO services like blogger outreach which is actually different from Guest posting. Update – now Google calls ‘guest posting’ ‘sponsored posting’ FYI! Sponsored posting can help you improve your traffic significantly when continuously used and in conjunction with other leading SEO practices. Let’s learn some more about Fat Joe.

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission with no additional cost to you if you choose to make a purchase. Please read my disclosure for more details.

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Fat Joe is a white hat ‘link building service for white label SEO agencies and others.’ White label agencies are agencies that offer SEO services to others under their company name but the work is produced by someone else. Retail is an example of white label. They offer various services like content-writing, infographic design, press release, blogger outreach, and much more.

Fat Joe gives their clients the opportunity to choose and merge SEO traffic building services from them, and build an impeccable campaign for their business to achieve their principal objectives which is to improve their DA and drive more traffic to their particular websites.

Fat Joe has developed significantly over the past years; it has gained mentions in publications from MOZ, Brighton SEO, Pubcon, and many others. They are starting to make headlines in the SEO industry due to their easy ordering system and impeccable service delivery.

Fat Joe is located in the UK and was established in 2012 by two Joes, which is where the name “Fat Joe” originated from (although honestly neither one of them is fat as far as I know). Fat Joe has since grown into the fastest growing outsourced Link Building and Content Marketing Agencies in the world.

They work with more than one thousand SEO Traffic Agencies in 12 different countries; the team produces more than 5,000 link placements per month.

Fat Joe provides its personalized SEO services in tandem with an agency order dashboard and downloadable link reports.

This enables you to track your outcomes and get a glimpse of its progress. They also offer free SEO tools that are very beneficial for SEO agencies and their clients.

Fat Joe has an excellent habit of meeting deadlines when it comes to delivering services, they respond to all their Emails in the shortest time possible. Fat Joe also has the best customer support and answers to customer query swiftly. You can check out the faces of their team in the ‘Meet the Team’ section of their website, where you’ll be able to see their designers, copywriters, and support workers.

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Fat Joe SEO Traffic Services Overview

Fat Joe link building and SEO traffic services are designed to provide natural link references to websites, imitating natural supply as it would occur over a much longer period of time.

Google and other search engines use these references as signals of trust; they determine how noticeable your webpage is within search results. Fat Joe team sells its services separately; this enables you to control everything (anchor text, link quantities) and make their services the most customizable for you.

You have full control over the link building profile you create for your website. It gives you the opportunity to continually track the details to figure out the next steps to take. Below are more pieces of information about the services they offer:



Blogger outreach – This process involves creating relationships with blog owners in a bid to promote content, businesses, products, and services. Fat Joe creates materials in conjunction with blog owners; within the text of these contents, they naturally reference your websites, products or services. It is a definite link reference that provides signals to search engines which works together with other SEO factors to improve your visibility. This service works efficiently because it gives blog owners quality content as well as helping you build a quality link profile.

There are various advantages attached to blogger outreach, this includes references from genuine blog owners, having your content writings handled for you, ability to manage and monitor results within a dashboard, and being able to export full placement reports.

It is used most times as a frequent link service by agencies and business owners to get improved outcomes. Fat Joe will help you spread out your placements and mentions so that they can appear the most natural.

Local business citations – This provides you with submissions in directories like Yelp, Foursquare, and Yell.

The majority of these directories provides links that people do follow. It helps you back up your businesses’ NAP profile for it to perform better in a local listing. They also form an excellent foundation for any link profile at the start of an operation. It is an entirely manual service that can be used in the UK, US, Australia & Canada, and it is reliable and suitable for local or national businesses. You have the opportunity to choose close to 100 submissions.

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Press release distribution – A press release supply submits the remarkable press release to various media outlets that offer you links back to your website. What makes press release great is that it can be for months, even years in the future.  It provides instant online publicity; it is also a great way of giving an announcement and generating many link references. It is also included in Google news.

Infographic promotion – Infographic promotion gives you the opportunity of having your infographics shared on blogs, which provides you with link mentions from bloggers.

These bloggers are genuine, and the Fat Joe team can write the original content if need be. You can choose the DA (Domain authority) of the blog, and metrics to suit further customizing your campaign with Fat Joe.

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Infographics design – Fat Joe helps you promote your infographics, they can also design one for you, if you don’t have or you need a new one. Infographic is a visual piece of content designed to provide an easy to read information on a topic related to your industry. Fat Joe offers various ranges of infographics from basic to platinum to suit different budget and requirements.

Content writing – Fat Joe also provides content writing services, either for the home page or short products description. You can select your preferred keywords and word count to ensure it perfectly suits your website and helps you attract more traffic and conversation.

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Fat Joe website gives you access to some free SEO tools like keyword rank checker, blog title generator, infographic embed code generator, etc.

The keyword rank checker is a user-friendly app; it enables you to track keyword rankings across multiple websites. This app is used in close to 60 countries and has over 500,000 searches with more than 17,000 users to date. It is called the Fat Rank, and it’s one of their free SEO tools.

Blog Title Generator

The blog title generator helps those who prefer writing their contents themselves by generating tittle for their content. All it requires is typing in the main keyword you want your title to base on, and the generator provides you with ten different titles you can either choose or build your own from it. You can keep refreshing the tittle generator until you get what you like.

Fat Joe services are 100% white label, and their contents are well written and arranged correctly in the correct order. There’s no cause for worry whatsoever when you order from them.

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Fat Joe Plans & Pricing

At Fat Joe, services are designed to suit clients need. Their prices vary widely depending on the service and the level of the services you need. Essential services are available for each service, but you can also select additional stats, sites with more domain authority, and similar things if you have got a larger budget to spend.

Fat Joe services are intended to suit both your business/agency and your budget. They also offer a guaranteed complete refund on services like infographics if you’re not happy with the design for whatever reasons.

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SEO agencies benefit from the numerous services Fat Joe offers, below is a list of some of the things you stand to gain if you give your contract out to them:

  • Pay As You Go service.
  • An order dashboard to track and control your campaign in a place.
  • Absolute control to build your order to your needs.
  • Access to free SEO tools.
  • Quick turnaround within a week to a month.
  • Excellent follow up and customer service

Fat Joe services have been tested and trusted to give clients their desired result. You stand to gain more by outsourcing them. You get to have your work done quicker. They also provide you with quality services at the cheapest rate possible.

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Fat Joe’s services help you increase visibility, conversions. It also helps to generate more leads, customers and better website traffic.

Constant use of Fat Joe SEO traffic services guarantees you a more reliable and enhanced brand awareness across the web; it helps to strengthen your online presence and gives you improved results over time.

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Every company has its cons and shortcomings, which makes it essential to highlight some of Fat Joe’s shortcomings.

  • Limited Services

Fat Joe is not an SEO agency unlike The Hoth; this makes their SEO traffic services/products somewhat more limited. Depending on what you need and what your objectives are, you may have to outsource to various companies if you require some elements for your SEO campaign that Fat Joe doesn’t have.

  • Fewer customization options

Fat Joe offers as many customization options as possible, but sometimes you might find out that these options are fewer than what you expect if you handle things yourself.

The above mention things are the few shortcomings of Fat Joe. You can carefully consider and determine whether their services suit you best or not.

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Conclusively, if you’re an SEO agency that needs improved results for its clients, or you run a website that needs an improved SEO, you might want to try out working with Fat Joe.

You get to save your time, money and impress your audience with their well thought out campaigns. There would be no need to hire an in-house team or undergo any training.

The advantages of working with Fat Joe are much more than its cons, which is the reason why they are up and coming to be the one of the most prominent SEO traffic building agency suppliers around. 

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