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Here’s how you can create the ultimate epic social media marketing strategy for your business! Hopefully you’ve read my Beginners Guide to Social Media Tactics post. If not please do because it can help you get started promoting your blog and new or existing website or business, and help connect you with future customers, readers and clients. Social media today is a key strategy in growing traffic to your new website that all businesses cannot ignore.

The stats don’t lie! 93.33% of internet users are on social media; however, a titanic 85% of mobile internet users are active on networks

With over 2.07 billion active users on Facebook, a projected 400 million on Instagram, and 1 billion monthly active users on TikTok – businesses and entrepreneurs alike simply cannot afford to neglect it!

Read on how you can create an epic social media strategy for your new website!

Why is social media crucial especially for new businesses? Because organic traffic takes a hella’ long time to build up. Unless you’re willing to pay for traffic directly from Google in the form of paid ads, social media offers you immediate exposure.


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Assess your goals for social media

So, first things first. You must determine what your monthly goals are.

Monthly Goals 

Whenever you write a post or share content, you must have a strategy and a goal behind it. Whether it’s to (hypothetically speaking):

  • Add 50 new subscribers
  • Launch a new digital product
  • Gain 500 new followers on Pinterest
  • Get 100 webinar signups
  • Have 200 folks sign up for your podcast
  • Sell 1,000 eBooks

Whatever it is, knowing what you want to accomplish and having numbers behind it will help you plan what type of content to promote and a direct strategy to aim to hit those numbers as well.

If for example your goal was to sell your new eBook, you would want to schedule blog posts that contain links to your eBook offer, specially written opt-ins, any coupons, deals, discounts, specials etc…

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Promoting and Sharing Content

Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to grow your following is to share other people’s content?

You wouldn’t think so, but it’s true.

Sharing other people’s content within your niche can help you build a huge following.

I grew my Pinterest account to over 600K by doing just that.

  • Share other people’s content within your niche
  • Share your own content

Social Sprout is a tool I use that helps streamline and automate all my social media marketing.

It helps you to discover, manage and schedule social content all from one convenient platform! Get a 30-day trial for FREE!


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Now, obviously you don’t only want to share other people’s content but when you are just starting out on social media and you have a large following that means you have an audience primed and ready to see what you have to promote.

Make sense? Yes!


Create Your Own Content for Social Media 

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! You want to create your own social content package – so to speak for each and every post you write.

Inside each post would be:

  • The post with a HOOK – i.e. 5 Things to Not Do on XX, 10 Best Ways to XX etc…
  • 3 Pinterest ‘Rich’ Pins (design 3 pins for Pinterest – and 1 for the post) I use Canva for all my designs
  • A compelling image
  • A free download offer
  • A quick tip or bonus
  • A valuable Infographic
  • A video for TikTok, Insta Reels or FB Reels
  • A Sales Funnel
  • An enticing email sign up (opt -in/lead magnet)

Mastering the Art of Social Media – Scale, Grow and Monetize Your Business!


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Schedule Your Content 

There are numerous social scheduling tools that make it extremely easy to plan and put your content on autopilot.

Some of these are Sprout Social, Crowdfire, Buffer, SEMrush, SmarterQueue, and Planoly (for Instagram).

I use Sprout Social for auto posting to everything.

They can even pull content from your blog or ecommerce site to share or automatically discover articles and images your audience will love, so you can share them to all your social profiles and keep your timelines ablaze with new fresh content continuously!

They have extremely affordable prices, and their dashboard is ideal for anyone to use.

You can sign up for a 30-DAY FREE trial with my link.

I think you should check them out since Sprout Social is a leader in usability, customer support and satisfaction, ROI and user adoption, and awarded by top-tier software review sites.

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Always Engage with Your Audience

It’s vitally important to make sure you always engage with your audience.

Respond to tweets, FB comments, other people’s posts, share, like etc. But make sure you set aside a certain time limit for it.

If you can’t do it yourself, you can always hire a virtual assistant on Fiverr or through a virtual assistant FB group.

It’s so easy to get carried away with social and spend too much time.

Don’t let it distract you and take you away from your productive tasks like producing important content.

13 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive While Working from Home

Best Times to Post Social Media Strategy

I go into this much more in detail in my Beginners Social Media Tactics post.

Rule of thumb is to track your own analytics which will tell you specifically when your particular audience is most engaged. It could totally differ from other bloggers who are in a completely different niche after all.

You can find out on your WordPress site, on Google Analytics, from MonsterInsights, or from your social scheduler data and metrics tabs as well.

They all have excellent tracking tools to let you know when your fans are online.

A tool like Sprout Social can tell you down to the minute exactly when my readers are most engaged.


Remember, it also depends entirely on the niche that you are in and what audience you are targeting.

Look at your analytics – for it is literally the crystal ball that will let you know the very best times for you.

For a general guideline here is what the experts recommend:

  • Facebook (meta) – 12-3pm & 8-9pm weekdays, weekends 12-1pm
  • Twitter – 10am -6pm, 1-3pm weekdays
  • Pinterest – 5pm -12am, all day Saturday
  • Instagram- 12-3pm, 8-10pm
  • TikTok – 6 – 10am and 7 – 11pm

Facebook has Facebook Insights which tells you the best times of day to post

Twitter has Tweriod.

Instagram has Planoly, Iconosquare (14-day free trial) for Instagram and Facebook scheduling, and Instagram Insights.

Pinterest has Tailwind like I mentioned which offers a free trial but is a paid plan with different tiers. Pinterest also has their own free analytics in your dashboard.

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How Often Should I Post

It depends upon which social platforms you wind up concentrating on that are best suited for your particular business. In the beginning you will want to post on all to see which ones are driving the most results.

Most bloggers focus solely on one platform. But if you are a company or brand Instagram is perfect for brand promotion and awareness.

TikTok is right on their heels though!

10 Secrets to Drastically Improve Your Instagram Traffic

Pinterest now has Pinterest Communities which makes it a social media site whereas before it was a visual search engine like Google.  This may come as a surprise to some because a lot of folks thought it was already a social media site when it wasn’t.

Daily guidelines for posting are:

  • Facebook: 1-3x
  • Twitter: 13-20x
  • Pinterest 10-50x
  • Instagram 1-2x

I post around 25x a day on Pinterest. I schedule all of my pins in advance. Even through my smartphone.

If you post too often you will possibly get flagged as SPAM.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a Pinterest VA they can take care of this task for you and manage everything else like Tribes engagement and sharing other pins. Especially fantastic and a huge time saver if you have multiple sites!

Pinterest VAs make an excellent living these days because so many bloggers realize their worth!

If you are mulling around the idea of becoming one, perhaps read this post:

Earn $25-$50 An Hour Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I recommend if you’re a new blogger to focus solely on Pinterest. This is where you’ll get the majority of your traffic.


Ampfluence – #1 Instagram Growth Service

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So, let’s pull your social media strategy all together.

  • Share your blog post, video, reel, freebie, quick tips and other people’s content (UGC) on TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Share a variety of 3-4 pins or infographics that you created on Visme or Canva for Pinterest and post 5 repins of other content in a related niche
  • Make sure to add Titles for your pins and descriptive posts with optimized keywords
  • Engage, comment, like, post, reply, share, retweet, on all platforms

You can even create a TikTok or YouTube short video discussing your post or turn a blog post into a video with Lumen5 put them all together on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

How to Turn Your Blog Posts Into Video In Less Than 5 Minutes


Use Videos for a More Powerful Social Media Strategy

Visuals are increasingly being used and are fabulous for engagements and creating instant connections with your audience!

Make your video come to life with countless professional grade video clips that can help you tell your story.

Lumen5 is a social video marketing tool which has been noted by Social Media Examiner as one of the best tools to make videos.

I personally use my cell phone on TikTok or if I want to be more sophisticated I recommend a video tool such as It’s super easy for the novice who has never made videos and looks extremely professional. It also creates captions easily for your social media posts.

But it’s completely up to you which one you prefer.


The Simplest Way to Create the Best Marketing Videos

how to create marketing videos for business
Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Schedule Your Social Media Content

On Sundays, or whatever day works best for you schedule your posts and queue up all your content around your goals.

Use Sprout Social’s advanced content calendar and listening tools so you can tell exactly who is talking about you and your brand!

Points to keep in mind!

  • Consistency is key with a social media strategy. Do these things every day and you will grow your business!
  • Create goals for each month. If you don’t have specific goals, you can’t focus on a certain path, and you’ll get too scattered and disoriented. Keep your focus.
  • Share and promote other people’s content. There’s plenty of room for everyone and the more you do this the more you’ll build your following
  • Share on a few popular social platforms until you see which ones work best for your niche. Then focus solely on those platforms.
  • Don’t ignore your analytics. They tell you everything you need to know.
  • Include captivating images with your posts. You don’t have to be a design, Guru. Use a simple drag and drop tool like Canva because people nowadays tend to zone out just staring at a scroll of text.

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Sprout Social gives you access to thousands of stunning social media design assets, libraries, calendars and creative elements that you can pre-schedule in advance at the best times.
It’s the ideal tool for businesses, digital creators, entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists and more.
It also keeps you engaged without spending ALL of your time on social. Because let’s face it – you have other things to tend to!

Start social networking with prominent bloggers who can help increase your viewership, promote your blog posts and grow your business.

Lather up, rinse, condition and repeat!


These are all the ways you can create an epic social media strategy campaign for your business, blog or venture and drive mega traffic to your site effectively and (almost) effortlessly!

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