How 37 Bloggers Earn $2K – $1Million Per Month

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It’s hard to believe there are people still out there who don’t know what a blog is, never mind how some bloggers are raking in some serious money! A lot of people have yet to realize blogging is a real business that can rake in some major dollars. Here’s a look at 37 bloggers who earn over $2,000 to $1 Million per month and how they do it!

**Keep in mind this list doesn’t include major publications that are making millions consistently per month. This list all contains individual bloggers***

But just in case you’re curious about who these other publications are, here you go:



The list below are income reports from real individual bloggers who have had amazing success blogging. Hopefully they can provide you with some genuine inspiration!

So, come on let’s check out this list!



How do these bloggers make their money?


There are definitely some similarities with the way our fellow bloggers on this list make their crazy earnings.

There are really only six different ways they are making the majority of their big bucks.

Here they are:


  • Affiliate Marketing– Where you share a commission with other companies and get a percentage of the sale. This is a win/win for all. The customers, the blogger and the company.
  • Advertising – Companies pay you to host an ad on your blog.
  • Sponsored Posts – Where companies pay you to post something specific on your blog. i.e. a review, an infographic, a blog post.
  • Selling Digital Products (Courses and eBooks) – Creating a valuable course or eBook on a topic and selling that information to your readers
  • Selling Physical Products Online – Same thing as above except you’re selling something tangible. This can be anything from t-shirts, beauty products, accessories, educational resources, and more.
  • Selling Printables – These can be both digital and physical products.


This is how the vast majority of successful bloggers make their money. Join my community to unlock access to all the resources you need to succeed online.

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Let’s get to the list!


These bloggers earn:

0 – $10,000 Per Month


Millennial Boss – $2,851


This lifestyle blog earns through affiliate marketing and courses. This blogger paid off $100K of debt selling printables.

The Bewitchin Kitchen – $3,734


This blog’s income is split between sponsored posts and advertising through AdThrive which is an ad network which requires a high amount of monthly traffic.


Eden Fried – $4,939

A well known blog that earns from SEO services, social media consulting, blogging tips and digital products.



elementor websites


Mommy to Max – $5,251


A mom blog that offers honest reviews on Motherhood.

This blog drives revenue through affiliate marketing methods.

Hot Beauty Health By Diana


A beauty/health/lifestyle blog. Earns through advertising, selling products and affiliate marketing.

Reported Income Per One Month – $9655.



Roseatwater by Rose


A blog about homeschooling, frugal living and recipes.

Reported Income Per One Month – $8304.39.

Tailor Brands
All in One Tool to start your own business – from Logo to LLC and everything in between!

These bloggers earn:


$10,000 – $50,000 Per Month


Chasing Foxes By Silas and Grace


A lifestyle blog that shares tips on finances, health, home improvement, and ways to save money.

They have a huge amount of traffic from Pinterest.

Reported Income Per One Month – $10,015.55



Note!! All of these bloggers have growing email lists which is very important to stay in touch with your audience. Many are using ConvertKit which is what I use myself!



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Adventure In You By Tom and Anna


A popular travel blog

Reported Income Per One Month – $19,233.


Millennial Money Man– $20,507


Earns over $10,000 offering digital marketing services such as Facebook ad management.


A blog that teaches creative entrepreneurs how to earn a living online through blogging tips, digital marketing techniques, online services, blog flipping, and offering digital products/courses.

Also earns through affiliate marketing, the digital academy, advertising and sponsored posts.

starter story emily standley blogger socialbuzzhive

Succulents And Sunshine By Cassidy Tuttle


A blog about succulents! Which shows you can earn money blogging about practically anything!

Reported Income Per One Month – Cassidy made $200,000 in the year of 2017, around 16.6K per month!


Elementor websites

Niche Pursuits – $29,474


A good majority of money is made selling products from Amazon.


Local Adventurer By Esther And Jacob


One of the top 5 travel blogs.

Reported Income Per One Month – $28,729.32.


Celebrity Baby Scoop By Lisa Weber


Best celebrity stories and news you could want to read about.


Reported Income Per One Month – Approximately $18,000.

Ryan Robinson – $22,344


Teaches others how to start a successful blog and side business through courses and podcasts. He doesn’t pretend to be an expert about anything and he is purely self-taught.

Matthew Woodward – $27,371


Popular UK blogger who makes over $10k in affiliate income.


Your Modern Family By Becky Mansfield


A blog about raising children, family life, money saving ideas and organizing the home.

Reported Income Per One Month – $21,700


Create And Go – $36,949


Launched their own digital course based on their successful health website and YouTube channel. They also sell a variety of healthy supplements.


I used Podia to build my online Academy!

Thesavvycouple By Kelan & Brittany


Helpful personal finance blog that teaches people how to budget, pay off debt, start a side hustle and make money online.

Reported Income Per One Month – $43,547.


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Show Me The Yummy By Trevor and Jennifer Debth


An inspirational recipe and food blog.

tasty recipes

Reported Income Per One Month – $46,367.19.


These bloggers earn:


$50,000 – $1,000,000 Per Month


Shout Me Loud – $52,000


Income is earned mostly from affiliate marketing. Maintains excellent organic search traffic with podcasts and YouTube.


Just A Girl And Her Blog By Abby Lawson


A creative blog about organizing, DIY home projects, decorating, lifestyle and blogging business tips.


Reported Income Per One Month – $51,803.



My Wife Quit Her Job By Steve and Jennifer Chou


A passionate blog that helps other build wealth online through ecommerce strategies.

Steve and Jennifer break down their income bit further:

In 2012, I broke 6 figures for the first time.
2013, I made $171,000.
In 2014, I broke $350,000.
in 2015, I hit $712,000.
And in 2016, I hit $1,000,000.
And in 2017, I hit $1,400,000.



One Step 4Ward By Johnny Ward


A personal travel blog from a blogger who made $1 million from his laptop visiting every country in the world!


Reported Income Per One Month – $60,000.

how to create marketing videos for business
Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Busy Budgeter By Rosemarie


A budgeting, personal finance blog.


Reported Income Per One Month – $86,000.



Pinch of Yum By Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom


A very popular food/recipe/lifestyle blog.


Reported Income Per One Month – $95,197.34.



Smart Passive Income By Pat Flynn


A savvy entrepreneur who teaches people how to make money and pay off debt so they can live their best financial lives.

Reported Income Per One Month – $96.978.


These bloggers earn upwards of:


$100,000 – $150,000 Per Month


Smart Blogger by Jon Morrow

This blogger is paralyzed from the neck down but built an incredibly successful blog and has traveled the world. Most of the money is earned through affiliate marketing products and selling its own digital course/products.

Reported Income Per One Month – $100,000

So Over This – $100,094

This blog buys websites and makes money through advertising sales.

A Beautiful Mess – Elsie & Emma

DIY craft blog that also offers Instagram tips. These passionate bloggers have an outrageous social media presence. They earn from a mix of sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, collaboration with brands and digital products.

Reported Income Per One Month – $125,000

It’s a Lovely Life  By Reese Family


A travel and lifestyle blog that shows how to work online from anywhere in the world.


Reported Income Per One Month – $132,533.97.


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Create And Go By Alex Nerney And Lauren McManus


A blog that teaches others how to make a full time income blogging so they have the time and resources to lead a creative and good life!

Reported Income Per One Month – $134,659.62.



high converting website with elementor

Fire Nation By John Lee Dumas

An award winning podcaster who conducts interviews with entrepreneurs to help them on their journeys!

Reported Income Per One Month – $140,332. 


These bloggers earn:


Over $150,000 Per Month


Making Sense of Cents By Michelle Schroeder-Gardner


A well-known personal finance and lifestyle blog that helps people get out of debt and improve their financial picture.

Michelle created the extremely popular course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing which teaches others exactly how she earns her massive income.

Reported Income Per One Month – $159,592.

making sense of affiliate marketing

Sarahtitus By Sarah Titus


A blog who earned 2 million dollars in one year creating printables online! She started out almost homeless showing that anyone who is passionate enough can do this!


Reported Income Per One Month – $189,618. 


EOFire – $195,482

This blog sells information products, physical products (journals), as well as earns through affiliate marketing.

Melyssagriffin By Melyssa Griffin


A very popular blogger who gets massive views on Pinterest. Sells Pinterest courses and digital products. Earns through affiliate marketing with major companies.


Reported Income Per One Month – $283,680.

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This blogger earns:

Timothy Sykes – $1,000,000 per month

This blogger was a penny stock trader originally and now sells DVD courses teaching others how to sell penny stocks and trade.

He has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and earns…wait for it…ONE MILLION PER MONTH. 

So Timothy takes top prize for winning highest paid individual blogger. At least for now!


Blogging Income Potential

When looking at this list blogging income potential seems unlimited doesn’t it?

Do you have more motivation and inspiration to blog now?

If your blog isn’t making any money, don’t lose hope!

To learn why your blog isn’t getting the love it should get these incredible guides to help set you on your journey to more profitable blogging success!

master guide to blogging for profit

how 37 bloggers earn $2K to 1 million per month

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