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What was the site? 

Joyful Messes was a 3-year-old blog providing valuable information and advice on pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum life. The popular site, which used the tagline/mantra ‘Motherhood is Messy, Let’s Find Joy’ was established by an enthusiastic web designer, marketer and mom of 3 boys.

On the site, you’ll find articles like The Best Lactation Protein Shake On Earth that Will Pump Up Your Milk Fast,” “Best Yoga Positions for Pregnancy” and “Must Try DIY Journals for Pregnancy and Postpartum.”

The seller listed the site for sale as she lacked the time and resources to continue to grow it, but she knew just how much their potential there was if another entrepreneur and content creator were to take over from her.

She had a couple of other websites and had recently developed her own holistic postpartum healing and weight loss program, so she knew how to drive success, but also knew that there really isn’t such thing as passive income and that she simply didn’t have the time to give this particular site the attention that it deserved.

How was it making money?

The site was generating revenue from AdThrive, Amazon Associates, sponsored posts and some smaller affiliate sites such as ShareSale.

How I Earn $15,000 Monthly with Affiliate Marketing

Diversified revenue was a key asset to this business as it wasn’t going to live or die when there was a change in Google analytics or a drastic cut in Amazon fees.

All channels combined, it was generating an average net profit per month of $3,088 during the 12 months preceding the sale on Flippa.

A great selling point for this site was its minimal expenses which comprised a monthly hosting fee of $20. That’s certainly one of the top selling points for any content driven website.




Apart from monetization method, what else was so appealing about this site?

At the time of sale, Joyful Messes was receiving an incredible 127,774 unique visits and 192,647 page views per month and had a mailing list with more than 10,000 emails.

While there was a presence on Instagram (approx. 5,000 followers) and Facebook (500 followers), 85% of site traffic was coming from Pinterest.

The Pinterest page was getting 2.5m+ unique visits per month and had 19.3k followers!

Powerful Pinterest Marketing Strategies

An intricacy of this particular sale was that the Pinterest page was also distributing traffic to other sites owned by the seller.

This was disclosed fully on the listing page and a Pinterest transition period was negotiated with the eventual buyer to segment the pins and divide the traffic.

The seller was spending 25 hours per month on the business which involved maintaining and managing the Pinterest account i.e. consistently creating and sharing pins.

To give the new buyer comfort about the site’s longevity, the seller had offered to share her Pinterest strategy as part of the post-sale / transition period.

Who was the ideal buyer? 

Joyful Messes presented an ideal acquisition for a stay-at-home mom or part-time worker who had a working knowledge of Pinterest, was interested in the subject matter, and could write well or otherwise manage a team of writers.

The time commitment to operate was low and the growth potential was high.

The enthusiastic, cooperative seller had certainly set her new buyer up for success with Joyful Messes!

This blog sold due to great content, consistent traffic and stable revenue flowing from diverse sources.

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Author bio: Jane Ingram – Amongst other titles, Jane is a superstar account manager at Flippa. She has been instrumental in driving sales for some of our most exciting listings, consults with our corporate team on legal matters, and has even dabbled in running a few online businesses herself.


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