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Do You Need a Copy Writer or a Content Writer to get the most exposure for your business?

Several differences exist between a copywriter vs a content writer which many get confused about so don’t worry, you’re not alone. Both content and copy are essential elements needed in digital marketing and on your website but make no mistake they are not one in the same. So how do you know which one to pick to do the best job for your business?

Both content writing and copy writing share the task of improving your goal of improving your business’ sales. The two main differences are in the methods that they use.

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What is Copy Writing?

Copywriting, in a nutshell is the writing of intriguing advertising copy that’s designed to get you take action. Get you, the reader to Do Something. Read more. Turn the page. Find out more. Make a call. Click a button. Make a purchase.

Ironically you need great copywriting to get readers to open and read your content to begin with so if you have ineffective copywriting that’s a big problem to start with.

Think of yourself perusing a variety of restaurant menus.

You’re glancing over the various descriptions of the dishes, the preparation, the succulent meats, the sauces and creams, the textures and blend of appealing ingredients all make you want to dive into that particular establishment.  Perhaps you even start to experience a Pavlovian dog response.

That is all the work of a good copywriter.

Or maybe you’re just starving.

However, if the food is described in dull, flat text that does nothing to whet your whistle you’re probably moving on to the next restaurant.

Unless it’s miles away, and you’re starving.

A copy writer’s goal quite simply is to be magnetic and persuasive and coax the reader towards taking an action.

Effective copywriting should immediately grab the reader’s attention, clearly promote the product or idea, and convinces the reader that they will be missing out if they don’t do something or get more information.

In advertising, it is sales in text form that is intended to sell a product or service.


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Copy writing Examples

“I’m worth it” , “Have a Coke and a Smile” “Maybe she’s born with it” “Just Do It” “Got Milk?”  “Where’s The Beef?” You get the drift….:)

For example the text on a landing page that encourages the visitor to sign up for a free report is considered copy writing.

Here are some other examples:

  • Conventional forms of advertising such as brochures, posters, direct mail
  • Website landing pages
  • Sales emails are sent to people already subscribed to a company’s mailing list
  • Paid Facebook ads that appears in a user’s feed is a copy
  • Indirect copy on a social media quote leading to a company link to sign up
  • PPC ads targeted to a specific demographics
  • Classified ads etc.


A Copy Writer’s Skills

The main goal of copywriting is to strategically craft words in brief text for the purpose of persuading the reader to take a specific action.

How do they accomplish this difficult task? In several ways.

A copywriter can use several forms of emotion to compel the reader to action.

Keep in mind that we may buy things from people, but it’s not the people that actually sell the products and services. No, we as people tend to make purchases when we want to ‘better versions of  ourselves’.

Sure, we may scoff at spending $10 at the movies but then drop $20 on a brand new beauty product that promises to last all day. Am I right ladies?

Puppies and animals sell lots of products.

No seriously, people buy more products for their dogs that they don’t need because it makes them feel good and improves their image of themselves.

Think dog outfits, expensive dog collars, human quality dog food, a plush doggie bed etc.

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If you’re hoping to sell something through your website through advertisements, email or direct response material then hiring a talented copy writer is a smart move on your part.

A copy writer has a background in understanding human psychology and human behavior, and uses this ability to create content that grabs other people’s attention, whether it’s based on humor, fear, awe, compassion, value, imitation, justification or just plain controversy.

21 Off The Charts Brilliant Examples of Copywriting

Copy writer’s use emotion-based, short form text that grab attention and directs consumer behavior.

Copy writers also master the skill of brevity.

Remember in the Hamlet quote by Polonious’ “Brevity is the soul of wit”?

In other words, they make a point. But tell a story all in ONE sentence!

Look at this ad for KFC:

kfc copywriting


Remember this one? KFC turned lemons into lemonade with the brands 2018 chicken shortage with just 3 letters. They hit a grand slam!

The goal of copy writing is to grab you, intrigue you and make it’s mark, with a concise limited number of words, as well as convince the consumer in a short time to complete a desired action.

Or, just stay memorable in your audience’s mind.

A lot easier said than done. That’s why copywriters get paid some big dinero.

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What is Content Writing?

While copy writing is in your face unconcealed in its sales tactics, content writing is a bit more tactful and let’s say…enchanting.

Using the restaurant example again, once you receive the food from the establishment that had the intriguing menu that made you drool, you find that it doesn’t match up at all.

There’s a clear and disappointing difference between the enticing description of the ‘headline’ versus the ‘content’ of the actual order.

Ideally the two should match up.

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Content writing’s purpose is still to provoke an action, but the big difference is that the text is much more in depth, informative and useful to the reader.

Effective content engages the reader, entices the reader to learn more and educates readers to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

In short order it has more complexity and substance.

For example, a 15 page digital white paper on the current benefits of email marketing may have the intent of selling and promoting a specific company’s services, but it does so by providing much detailed and valuable information that a potential consumer has sought out.

15 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List


By creating useful information people can use, a company uses a content writer to inspire, and build authority to draw in their targeted audience of potential customers.

Aside from digital content there are endless types of content out there.

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Blogs are an excellent way to draw traffic to business. Their purpose is ideally to inform, educate and entertain a reader.

According to The Content Marketing Institute companies that have blogs bring in 3.5x more traffic than those that don’t.

If each post is simply an ad for a new product, then it qualifies as copy writing.

E-books, pdf files are another good example of content writing. They can inform the reader on longer subjects that can’t be covered in an article or blog post.

Social media posts provide an example of content writing, working to generate leads at a targeted audience.



What Is a Content Writer?

The goal of a content writer is to inform, entertain and engage on a deeper level. A content writer uses information and education to connect with the reader and built trust.

If you’re seeking to build brand awareness, create educational materials for your customers or establish thought leadership or industry expertise then you want to hire a content writer.

Content writers craft long-form, rich content that is search engine optimized.

They tend to be skilled researchers as well as excellent writers.

Content writers have the ability to weave stories into compelling and relatable content designed to connect on some level with the reader.

Choosing Copy Writer vs. Content Writer?

Remember in the beginning of this post the restaurant analogy.

I mentioned how one would never get to the meat of the content if no one ever clicked on the headline.

Good copy writing goes hand in hand with good content writing. You can’t have one without the other.

Overall, finding someone who is willing to get into the minds of your audience and knowing the product and services inside and out is the key to expressing great content and writing viral copy.

Well written, relevant content expands your audience. Great content keeps your readers coming back for more, same in the way that a deliriously enticing menu keeps intriguing and the wonderful food keeps enchanting your palate.

Copy pushes your readers to take action at the given moment and it’s more time limited and specific.

The interplay between the two forms a crux of a winning online marketing campaign.


Interested in Becoming a Copy Writer or Content Writer?

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