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Although I’ve been in digital marketing for 14 years I actually come from an arts background. Life is full of twists and turns as we well know it and one never knows where your path will take you. Social media management was a natural fit for me being an introvert at heart, having a love of design and aesthetics and finding new and engaging ways to connect with people and businesses from all over the globe. Being a social media manager is something you can do from the comfort of your home and can provide you with a full-time living and potentially unlimited income. Read on to learn how you can start a lucrative career as a Social Media Manager in a month or less!

In recent years smart businesses large and small have embraced social media marketing.

They’ve recognized the value of building online communities to engage and directly connect with their customers and prospects through social media and this has produced positive results. 

The appealing fact is that you can be a social media manager from home (or anywhere) and yet engage and work with many different people. You’re not limited to an office, and your clients don’t have to be in your immediate demographic. 

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Why Businesses Need Social Media Management 

Over 90% of marketers use social media to attract new business, but less than 15% are confident in their execution. Plus, they don’t have the time to set up their social accounts and manage them properly! That has opened a huge market for interested freelancers.

Everyone from bloggers and entrepreneurs, start-ups to small, medium and large sized businesses and brands are looking for social media managers.

On any given day a social media manager may be responsible for setting the strategy for an upcoming product launch, creating vital content, analyzing data, running paid advertisements and coordinating messaging with PR & communications. Basically being the prominent voice for a company. 

And, even better news, a formal degree is rarely required to be a social media manager or run a social media agency from home.

But there’s an even better way to get your career off the ground and start earning faster.

You can ‘white label’ your work. White label social media management is taking over so you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

With White Label social media management software — you can get more clients, charge them more, save time & money, and build an impressive brand experience. make serving clients customized and matched with your own social media agency identity.

promo republic social media marketing

Social Media Management is Highly Sought After 

Many companies are desperately looking for help with social media and always will be. Digital engagement is only growing in popularity. Companies simply don’t have the time to stay on top of all the newest changes and latest digital social developments and the latest algorithms sprouting up constantly.

They’re too busy running the day-to-day operations of their own businesses.

This is where you come in.

Your job as a social media manager is to be knowledgeable about all the different platforms that help business’ grow; to be the liaison between brand and audience and help develop a loyal following and be an engaging presence with the ultimate goal of turning viewers into longtime customers.

With a white label social media management tool you don’t have to limit yourself to a handful of clients.

A white label tool can easily let you handle hundreds or even thousands of accounts helping you to grow your business faster.

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How Much Does a Social Media Manager Make?

Social media management is a very worthwhile career investment because it’s something that you can get started doing with a very minimal investment.

Yet, you have the potential to make a fantastic return

Social Media managers start earning between $25-$75 per hour depending upon where you live. Of course, the more experience and expertise you have the more you’ll be able to charge.

Because of the wide range of skills and tasks that a social media manager may employ, salary ranges from around $22,000 per year to over $115,000 per year – 

Being your own boss, the choice is really up to you how often you want to work, how many clients you wish to take on and what you will eventually earn. 

Depending upon your financial and/or current working situation, whether you have young children or not, you may decide to work as a freelancer or even open up your own full-time business.

If you use the help of a white label social media marketing tool you can get more clients by reporting on the social media performance of your clients’ pages in just a few clicks.

Monthly fees for a social media agency can vary widely, depending on what services are rendered. Typical social media campaigns can run between $399-$5,000+ per month each.

The monthly rate can even go much higher, depending on your experience level, whether you are offering agency level service or the caliber of clients you are working with.

Social Media Management is Flexible

The other wonderful thing about being a social media manager or running a social media agency is that you can literally do it from anywhere.

Heck, when I was a social media manager, I scheduled posts months in advance if I needed to. All around my schedule. 

With advanced auto-posting capability, this freed me up to have more time to get more clients!

And if I needed to make any tweaks or add anything to a client’s post, I was able to easily do so with the amazing social media software available from Promo Republic. 

This is the social media management program I use to this day. 

promo republic white label social media services

What does a social media manager do?

Very basically social media managers help businesses with managing their social media accounts, growing their online footprint and other types of social media marketing.

Most businesses see social media as a way to directly drive traffic to their website and force people to buy their products or use their services in pushy, salesy ways. 

Social media managers know that this is wrong.

They understand that real people use social media to build engagement with others. 

Hence, they run marketing strategies that are focused on building positive relationships with these people.

Managers turn the spotlight on the ‘social’ in social media by creating & sharing content and asking & answering questions. This helps build a loyal fan base.

These loyal fans return the favor by buying from the company again and again and get their friends to do the same.

All this isn’t done randomly, but with the implementation of a detailed strategy.

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Services offered by social media managers and agencies

Here are the most popular social media marketing services offered by managers and digital agencies…

Social media account set up:

In social media as in life, the first impression matters a lot.

The best way to make a strong first impression here is by creating professional looking pages.

Businesses understand this.

How many times have you come across a completely amateur pathetic looking social media page and left it immediately! I know if I come across a page like this it leaves me with a really poor impression of the company behind it. 

This is why they hire social media managers to help them out.

If people like how the page appears and it contains valuable information, they are more likely to follow them, read what they post, share and visit the website address located on the account.

That is the main goal after all. 

Some more of the typical social media tasks companies want and you can offer your clients:

  • Scheduling social media updates
  • Sourcing viral content for sharing
  • Community growth & outreach
  • Responding to customer service issues
  • Providing analytics (most social platforms have this built-in)
  • Creating social media images
  • Setting up profiles
  • Providing optimal keywords 
  • Sharing popular posts and information on special offerings, discounts, seasonal events on a regular basis
  • Paid advertising

Skills to Be a Social Media Manager

Most freelance Social Media Managers are not formally training. I’ve never once been asked if I have a ‘degree’ in social media management. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t need some skills:

  • Grammar – Misspellings and grammar mistakes look unprofessional so you either need to improve your technique or use a great program and apps like and Hemingway to help. In today’s modern world it’s simple to manage this. 
  • Research – Social media is 80% informative, relative content and 20% information about your client’s actual business. You will need to know where to find great viral content to share in addition to your client’s work. This is simple with great platforms like Feedspot and others. 
  • Time management – This is very important since successful social media freelancers need to stay on top of things such as important holidays, special events, discounts the company may be offering and seasonal information. 
  • Great customer service – You must always provide stellar, top-notch communication since you are the voice of a business. No matter what you need to treat customers with the utmost respect. 

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There is a lot involved in becoming a social media manager and learning and keeping up with the latest social media trends. 

A great thing about it is there are other career paths that could spin off becoming a social media manager. 

Running your own social media agency for example.

You could search all over the internet and read all different kinds of advice, watch webinars, YouTube videos, purchase books, download starter courses, or even sign up for local classes.

I have taken a great deal of online courses related to social media prior to getting started.

Your needs will be dependent on where you are in terms of experience and the services you want to offer clients. 

But with the help of a white label social media management tool – most of the work is already done for you!

promo republic social media marketing services

If you’re looking to get up and start your biz running faster I recommend you check out Promo Republic’s White Label Social Media Marketing Tool.  

Some of the Benefits of Using White Label Social Media Services

If you’ve ever found yourself spending hours and hours on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know social media is “always on”.

Running these platforms for your business takes up a whole lot of time. Time you could be spending elsewhere.

Reasons you should hire a white label social media network are;

1) You get apply your own logo and branding to the platform. That means adapting it to an existing visual style, which may include factors like colors, typefaces, menu structures, and other visual or navigational content.

2) They keep your brand center stage and supercharge brand advocacy

3) They give you more streams of revenue

  • Time equals money. Keeping your social media up-to-date requires a consistent, committed presence. For some businesses, that can be 24/7/365. Having someone else to assist with social media management these takes a lot of work off your plate.
  • white label agency knows the nuances of each platform. There are many different social media platforms, each with their own best practices. An experienced social media manager will know the type of content that works, best image sizes, hashtags, and advertising rules for each platform.
  • They can measure ROI and impact. Successful marketing for social media requires more than just posting cheeky, cute Instagram photos. Using social media successfully to gain new customers and expand brand awareness requires skills, strategy, and constant monitoring of analytics. This is something your consultant will concentrate on and learn from so you can get the best ROI on each social post.
  • They can improve ad spend efficiency. If you’re running paid social campaigns, a digital marketing agency or freelancer can help you improve how efficiently you’re spending your advertising dollars, make sure you’re reaching the right audience, and cut any ads that aren’t getting any results.


White Label Social Media marketing can specifically to put you on the fast track to becoming a social media manager without taking 6 months or maybe a year and procrastinating and scouring the internet endlessly. 

You can also save money and effort hiring a white label network.

The white label network can handle everything from marketing, to auto-scheduling, to billing and so much more.

It’s great because you can view and manage everything all from one platform. 

Click on the link to learn more about how you can get started with a viable career that has a tremendous growth opportunity for you and your future.  

Check out this comparison with some major social media management platforms out there today.

promo republic social media services comparison

Get 30% Off White Label Social Media Management

Don’t Put Your Career on Hold Any Longer 

This is a great program to get your social media management career off the ground fast and start learning and more important, earning!

You can do it all from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule. 

Keep Learning 

I’m a learner. It’s one of the reasons I love working as a social media manager/digital nomad so much.

Every day I wake up to something new – new programs, new information, new tools, new platforms.

It sure beats going into an office repeating the same thing day after day! 

And it gives me the ability to have a flexible career and make unlimited money and support my family! 

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Being a knowledgeable social media manager up to date on all the latest social media trends is a highly valuable asset these days and it’s what helps keeps businesses moving forward and ahead of the late implementers.

For you to stay ahead of your competition, you need to embrace the learning lifestyle as well. The digital arena is changing daily and there are always new ways to earn online. 

So check out this white label social media management tool if you want to get on the fast track to being a successful Social Media Manager in a month (or less!)

Want to learn how to grow your business and make money through your existing social media platforms?

Check out my BESTSELLING Social Media Course: Mastering the Art of Social Media – Scale, Grow and Monetize Your Business – This is a 7-module course (plus 12 FREE bonuses) about how to leverage social media to help grow your business faster with multiple methods to monetize it even if you don’t have a website, email list or…a ton of followers! 

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How to be a successful social media manager in 30 days!

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