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Content creation has become a revolution if you haven’t heard! If you want to join the ranks of 6-figure content creators in 2023 you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more how to get started in this creative and profitable venture.

If you’ve been traveling along this journey with me, then you may already know that I didn’t start my blog to promote my own products and services. Blogging for me was a way for me to provide resources for others to have a flexible career working at home. Especially as a single mom and now living in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you’re a content creator and want to learn how to in get in on this highly lucrative and ever-expanding career, read more on this fantastic opportunity to learn how you can get started becoming a highly successful content creator in your own right.

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There’s no better time than now to start sharing your knowledge and starting a successful career by becoming a content creator – either for yourself or for another business or industry, by creating your own store packed with information products, your own app, training bundles, courses, guides and resources

You can literally start growing on a global scale and creating new opportunities for everyone who would like to know more about a range of topics; everything from how to grow a successful online business, how to sell photographs from your iphone, open an ecommerce shop on Etsy, and educate others about a myriad of different things from A-Z.

Enterprising creators are leveraging their knowledge, using AI, partnering up businesses and major brands and making big money doing so!

My eBook is packed with ideas to help you formulate a plan, discover a profitable niche, avoid pitfalls to stay focused and what it takes to be successful online.

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Transition from Blogger to Content Creator

As I began to understand the power of branding my own products and services, I gradually transitioned from internet marketing blogger and strategist to content creator. As mentioned above, a content creator is – it’s someone who makes money creating and selling their own digital products; like ebooks, online courses, templates, swipe files, workbooks, planners, videos, webinars, etc.

This revelation of selling your own content literally transformed my business overnight and it has been booming ever since. Creating digital products may be something you already implement in your business model, but it took me a while to get the nerve up.

Maybe I was scared to put myself out there, maybe I didn’t think I held enough authority to create and sell my own products, but once I made the decision to just go for it I was all in!

Don’t let your fear of ‘imposter syndrome’ hold you back. As world renowned entrepreneur Maria Forleo says “begin before you’re ready!”. And “what you can create will absolutely astound you, but you have to start now!”.

I took her advice. Now, this is all I do. Create, brand and sell informational digital products and content on topics I love.

Let’s get started!



A content creator is someone who makes money sharing their passion and gifts. They make a living with their knowledge, their creativity, their enthusiasm, their heart, and their mind.

I find it really rewarding being a creator of things that other people need. It gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction. I think this is why it can be beneficial to you as well as a full-fledged career.

A content creator also loves learning, implementing what they learn, sharing what they learn and teaching what they learn so that others can benefit in a positive way.

Take a look at some amazing facts:

The ‘eLearning Market’ size is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

UPDATE! Forrester expects US digital-influenced retail sales alone to grow from $2.7 trillion in 2022 to $3.8 trillion in 2027. These figures represent a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2%.

The digital content market is projected to increase at a CAGR of 13.78% during the forecast period – 2022 to 2027 by Technavio data analysts and research experts.

This market research report also suggests statistics about the market size that will grow by USD 694.88 billion. For exclusive market statistics and other relevant market information, historic (2017 to 2021), and forecast market size (2023 to 2027).

You can see why now this is the ideal time to get in. The growing demand for technology-enabled teaching and training is driving market growth.

The content availability related to course materials for educating and training students or employees has surged over the past years. eLearning market players are partnering with content providers to offer training and education to employees and students. The flexibility of learning from remote places is propelling the market demand.

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to the temporary closure of businesses and educational institutions, limiting public gatherings, and maintaining social distancing to contain the spread of the virus. This has positively impacted the market with an increasing number of organizations switching to virtual learning experiences. Resource –

And here’s the best part. You have the ability to monetize your expertise in a way that empowers, encourages and educates others.

If you are not sure what you can monetize or what types of content products you can create, brand, and sell, here is a list to hopefully inspire you to get those juices flowing:

18 Creative Topics for Content Creators 

Most Effective Tools for Content Creators


Content You Can Create Simply

On the web, ‘content’ is simply a piece of information that’s available digitally or electronically.

Good content should without a doubt be valuable, entertaining, interesting and worth the reader’s time. Here are some examples:

You may be thinking…app? I’m going to create my own store or an app? Well, why not?

Technology has made it possible for anyone without experience to get started quickly and simply.

For instance, is just one company that makes it easy for anyone to create their own app in minutes. No more costly developers, high cost and effort.

Beginners have to learn somewhere. And every master was once a beginner. They just started and kept going. No matter what.


Why Content Marketing Matters

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “9 out of 10 marketers are using content marketing.” In 2013, Curata found, “71% of marketers will increase their content marketing investment in the next year.”

The question to be asked, then, is why are marketers continuing to grow their content marketing strategies?

Here are ten facts to illustrate just how important content marketing can be when used effectively.

1. Content marketing has been able to convert 30% more organic traffic into high-quality sales leads.

  1. Website conversion rates can double from 6% to 12% when an inbound strategy is put into
  2. Inbound tactics can save a business an average of 13% in overall cost per lead.
  3. 60% of decision-makers reported that content marketing helped them make better purchasing
  4. Approximately 60% of marketers believe their “ROI from content marketing is increasing” 
  5. 73% of surveyed marketers stated that “content marketing creates improved brand awareness”.
  6. B2B companies that maintain a blog generated 67% more leads than companies who don’t.
  7. 78% of CMOs believe custom content will be the future of marketing.
  8. 80% of people appreciate learning about a brand via customized resources.
  9. Around 40% of the world population is connected to the internet.

As you can see content marketing is extremely effective and it’s only continuing to grow. It’s a highly effective way businesses are reaching more customers and staying competitive and why more companies are implementing a content marketing plan.

That’s why it’s a great career option for you in 2023!


What’s Being a Content Creator Really About?

It’s about acknowledging the fact that you have something special to share with the world.

It’s about learning how to take your experiences and share them in a way that helps others do better, live better, be better.

It’s about discovering how you best like to teach what you know best and how your audience likes to be taught.

It’s about connecting your passion to other people’s problems in a profitable and purposeful way.

It’s about leveraging your energy, time and knowledge to create products that bring in passive income whether you are actively working or not.

Being a content creator gives people access to you and your expertise in a way that you just can’t achieve in a one-on-one setting. (i.e. lower price points, self-paced, lifetime access)

It’s knowing that you can change someone’s life in a very powerful way.

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Compensating Content Creator Creativity

There’s a huge demand for content today in every single industry.

Despite the power of AI in development today, people still have to organize all the content, edit it and present it well.

As a creator you have the chance to monetize your creativity and influence by promoting things you love and stand behind.

As an influencer you can get started doing this with major brands and companies seeking your expertise today.

According to Content Creators average 35K-75K yearly. In New Zealand the average is 76K.

If you branch out as a solo-preneur creator the cost and effort is more in the beginning, however there’s no limit to earnings once you build your reputation and get established.

Many a content creator has built a mini or mega digital empire doing this.

How 37 Bloggers Earn $2K – $1Million Per Month



The great thing about being a content creator is that you have complete and total control over what you create.

And now you can’t use technology as an excuse to get started either because you don’t need to be a developer or a coder or be technically savvy whatsoever to do it!

But, if you need a little guidance on where to start here are the easiest, least technical ways to turn your ideas into digital gold:


I am a true believer that anyone can become a content producer. If you have valuable information that can help someone either solve a problem or satisfy a need, then you can create an interesting info product!

As mentioned earlier, e-Learning is only going to become more popular in the future.

‘The digital learning segment is witnessing high demand for curriculum design & development, training delivery and analytics services for the seamless functioning of online education systems.

Companies are focusing on providing custom eLearning services that help organizations to create strategy, identify specific requirements, and develop content with subject experts. Growing competition among players to offer user-centric and efficient learning solutions will drive the market growth.’ – Resource

When people ask me, “What’s the easiest, least expensive way to create online content?” – I always say ebooks.


Ebooks are inexpensive.
Ebooks are easy to consume.
Ebooks are easy to deliver.
Ebooks are easy to write.
Ebooks are easy to sell.


This eGuide I created cost me almost nothing to create it except for my time, the platform fee I created it on, Canva for designs, some paid ads for marketing, and my website hosting.

With an AI tool like Writesonic and Photosonic you can create written content and digital art in minutes rather than months!

You can try it out for free.

Photosonic image generator

The biggest effort was marketing it. I spread the word via my blog, social networks, email lists, a little FB advertising and Pinterest promo ads.

I also have an army of popular social media influencers who spread the word about my products via their huge followings and social networks all over the WORLD.

I do share a piece of the profits with them which makes it a win/win for both of us. I discuss more about the power of social influencers and how you can utilize their massive followings to promote your work in my eBook.

The cost for paid ads if you’re wondering was less than $15 per day. That’s a pretty crazy return! I could of even extended it via FB live, a podcast, Instagram ads etc. there’s many different options for promotion which I mention at the end of this post.

Now whether you are creating an eBook or an app, an online course, a tutorial, or a mastermind 15 course video guide, the process to creating, branding and selling your info product is about the same.


Revolutionize Your Writing with AI: Unlock the Power of an AI Writing Generator!

Build Your Own Store and Monetize Your Content in Minutes

Create the Ultimate Learning Experience with your Own App

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10 Ways to Write Superior Content That Sells

Mastering the Art of Digital Freelancing

How an Interactive eBook Can Boost Your Business



It’s important to pick a topic that you are passionate about, but also one that will make you money! You don’t want to be bored. You will quit.

Money is a great motivator. Sometimes it’s enough to keep you going. And sometimes it isn’t.

Most of all you want to be helpful! You want to make sure your topic solves a problem enough people have and are willing to pay to get fixed.

Help people seeking answers and listen to your audience! It’s an absolute must that you know your audience and who you will be creating this content for. Because even though you should enjoy the creative process, it’s not ultimately for you.

“Be more interested, than interesting.” Robert Tiede

Finding a Profitable Niche for Your Online Business



What type of content are you going to create – a webinar, an eBook, an app, or full-blown online course?

The type of product you create depends on a few things – your budget, your know-how, your comfort level and how your students learn best.

Here are a few questions to think about:

  • How do I feel most comfortable sharing information?
  • How does my audience like to learn?
  • Which platforms am I most comfortable with producing?
  • Which products are easiest to create with the resources and tools I have?
  • What types of media are best for the content I’m sharing?

With smartphones and mobiles getting more affordable and internet connectivity getting faster, developers are working on enhancing solutions for on-the-go learners. In response to the surge in market demand for efficient eLearning solutions, various companies offer mobile-based learning options with advanced technologies.

There are many excellent and affordable platforms you can create and share your content on.

The Stan Creator Store is one of my all-time favorites because of its simple interface, affordability, excellent customer service, its large selection of options, and drag and drop functions.

Top creators have built their stores and monetized their content simply and easily. It houses everything all in one place.



People buy with their eyes first. It’s a lot like dating. Before people get to know what’s inside, they make assumptions on what they see.

That’s why it’s just as important to have an impressive package as it is to have stellar content.

Your copy, your product messaging, your branding, colors, fonts, graphics and design elements all lend to a brand experience that can attract or repel your perfect fit customer.

Know what audience you want to attract, create a product that speaks directly to those people and make a great first impression!


Be S.M.A.R.T

To help you create you a documented content strategy, TrackMaven suggests that you use the following framework based on Peter Drucker’s S.M.A.R.T criteria.

Specific: Answer the who, what, when, where, and why. For example, writing a blog post and sharing on LinkedIn and other social platforms three times a week to increase activity on the platform.

Measurable: Quantitative or qualitative tracking. For example, you want to generate x number of leads per week.

Attainable: Only set goals that will be possible to achieve. For example, writing an eBook this month.

Realistic: What results can be achieved with your current resources? For example, converting a set # of leads from your eBook or promotion.

Time-related: Set deadlines for the completion of goals. For example, “eBook to be released on a certain said date”. And stick with it!



You don’t make a dime until someone smacks that buy now button. The more you promote, the more eyeballs you get on your products, the more profits you’ll make. Period!

Find 2-3 key marketing strategies you can use to drive a steady stream of traffic your way. Then create a simple sales funnel that allows you to capture leads, grow your email list and sell your products on autopilot. I mean really, turning your ideas into income couldn’t be easier.

Top Pro Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

It’s not that hard once you follow the formula. Consistency is key.

But, what about the content you create on and of of the landing page?

Here are some further suggestions.

Create a video: Place a video on the landing page that shows exactly what your product or service does.

@cybermom24 #advicetiktok #quotes #fyp #selfcare #selfrespect #fypシ ♬ original sound – яєємα

 Email marketing: Create personalized email messages to previous customers.

Speak at industry or communal events: If you choose the right events, you will have the undivided attention of your target audience. Create a sparkly presentation to keep their attention.

Blog: Create valuable content that shares relevant tips, ideas, or advice to showcase your expertise.

Use social media networks: Ask a question or create a poll to share with your audience on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever your audience spends their time.

As you create your content, keep the following in mind: Any product or service you put your name on reflects your brand.

This is very important! Make sure you always under promise and over deliver EACH AND EVERY TIME.

Your business and brand represent you.

People remember the experience, the small details and the way you make them feel. If the experience they have with your products is a good one, you best believe they will run and tell everyone they know.

The Importance of Branding Your Small Business and Blog

If it’s a bad one, you best believe they’ll run and tell everyone they know and some people they don’t know! So ask yourself, “Did I do everything I could possibly do to help my buyer achieve their goal while giving them the best experience possible?”

If the answer is YES, then you best believe you’re on your way to becoming the content creator you know you were always meant to be.

Need help promoting your products or courses?

Read this post on how to build the ultimate social media strategy!

How to Create an Epic Social Media Marketing Strategy


Help and Educate Your Audience via Authentic Content

What do you believe is the main reason content creators fail? It’s fear. This is why it’s really important to develop trust – so your prospects can get past their fear.

You can begin to build a rapport with your audience by producing a lot of valuable content.

If you sell digital products, for example, then why not create an instructional video that shows viewers how to build a Website on WordPress from scratch, set up an affiliate marketing plan, or grow traffic from Pinterest?

If you want to continue to build trust among your audience, there is no better way than by showcasing your skills as an industry leader.

You can achieve this by answering questions on sites like Quora or writing a guest post on a niche related site.

As for content that can improve your credibility, you could host a webinar, conduct interviews on social or on a podcast, or conduct research that you use to create for an infographic for instance.

Chatsonic - improved Chatgpt


Additional Content Creator Goals

Here are even more goals for content creators that will enhance their reach even further with their audience:

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience: Improve your customer’s lives and make them happy with useful and valuable content. They’ll be grateful and keep coming back for more.

Acquire Better Talent: You want team members who are enthusiastic about your product.

For example, only accept influencers who are genuinely excited about your products and really want to promote them. What would be the point of having someone who didn’t give a hoot?

A talented person should want to join your promotional campaigns not only to make money for themselves but because they support your goals.

Showcase Products or Services: What does your product actually do? Content should demonstrate exactly what your product does and how it can be of help to your customer. It needs to be crystal clear.

Strengthen Loyalty for Referrals: Your loyal customers will become your biggest champions and will refer others to your products and services.

Be Entertaining: Don’t always have to be about business. Creating content that makes others laugh or is unrelated to business, is an effective way to attract customers and increase shares.

This is especially true on social networks.

Address Objections: Never neglect questions or concerns customers may have about your product or service.

Get Found Online: Blogging frequently gives web sites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Having a website with a blog to store your content is a great idea!

Attract The Right Partners: Finding the right partnerships can help introduce your brand to a new audience. Whether this is influencers, other bloggers, or people in your niche. Promoting others in your industry can be a very good thing!

Build a FB Group: Another way to build trust since potential consumers will consult an online community before making a purchase.

Link Acquisition: Use quality content and blogger outreach to earn links from influential websites in your industry.

Be on the Lookout for New Ideas: Maybe you have never hosted a podcast before, but you may find it’s beneficial for you and you get a brand new audience to showcase your products.

How to Start a Successful Podcast for Beginners

The key takeaways from this are – the more meaningful and authentic connections – the more revenue you will earn as a respected content creator.


What Makes Content Creators the Most Money?

According to Social Media Examiner – creators indicated that advertising was the most lucrative source of income.

Bloggers make the most money by selling services (31%), followed by selling their own products (26%).

Video creators make the most via advertising (46%), followed by selling their own products (19%).

Podcasters make the most money through selling their own services (39%), followed by selling their own products (24%).

Good news! Half of all creators are making more money today than last year!

Tip! Don’t limit yourself to just one type of content. For example, if you’re a blogger, don’t just create blogs – include rich media like video, graphs, charts, images, and podcasts.

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How often should you create content?

Here are some averages for successful content creators:

Blog posts – 6-8 times per month

Video (not live) – 6 times per month

Live video – 3 times per month

Podcasts – 3 times per month

How to Start a Successful Podcast for Beginners


Content Creator Tools

To assist you with creating, producing, promoting, and distributing your awesome content, there are 30 essential content marketing tools.

All of these tools can be used for getting ideas and developing and implementing your content creation strategy.

The Most Effective Online Tools for Content Creators


Content Discovery & Ideas

Feedly: Organize, read, and share content from relevant blogs and websites

BuzzSumo: Content analyzer tool used for discovering influencers and tracking competitors

Quora: Find trending discussions on the popular question and answer network

Klout: Suggests shareable content and tracks your impact on social media

Reddit: Discover what topics are trending worldwide

Stan With Me: A simple creative way to build your own store and monetize your content in minutes.

Swayy: Discover engaging content to share with your audience


Content Curation & Creation

Writesonic: Content writing tool that uses technology more up-to-date than ChatGPT which allows you to create and publish SEO optimized content through the power of AI. Eliminate writer’s block forever with endless ideas and write in 24 different languages.

Photosonic: Related to Writesonic, Photosonic is a powerful way to create stunning digital art from your imagination in seconds.

photosonic The easiest and most affordable way to share you content through your very own app.

WordPress: Most popular blogging and CMS tool

Podia: A super intuitive, simple drag and drop platform to house digital products, courses, webinars and more. This is where I built my Academy.

Teachable: Another very popular platform to create digital courses and lessons

Visme: Create infographics and animated presentations and video

UberFlip: Aggregate your content so that it will speak to different audience members

Canva: Create animated presentations and any type of graphic you need

Google Keyword Tool: Can be used to discover keywords for article headlines and body


Distribution & Marketing

Outbrain: A service that promotes your content on premium websites

PR Newswire: Send out a press release to a variety of sources

ConvertKit: Email blast your newsletter subscribers, get autoresponders, build landing pages and more

Promoted Posts on Facebook: Pay to have your content featured upfront on Facebook


Social Media Listening, Managing, & Monitoring

Sprout Social: Manage, source all your content, share and schedule content on all your social media channels

Social WarFare: A plugin that allows you to share your content automatically and immediately to a variety of social networks

Tailwind: An auto-scheduler that makes it simple to post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram on Autopilot ahead of time.

Restream: Boost your content by posting to over 30+ social platforms at once with live streaming!

Restream your content live!


Testing Content

Monsterinsights:   The best Google Analytics tool that lets you measure website data and discover where your audience is coming from and what content they like the best.

KISSMetrics: Allows you to track, analyze, and optimize marketing campaigns with person-centric data

SE Ranking: Delivers complete metrics reports, analysis and tools for SEO, runs audits, lead generator widgets, and social media tools from your very own dashboard.

SEMrush: Provides a competitive intelligence that analyzes complete competitors’ activity and makes content audit and recommendations!

More Content Creator Tips

  • Always stay up to date on what’s relevant and newsworthy in your niche.
  • Knowing as much as you can about your subject will only help you in your career as a creator.
  • This also means, of course, staying current. The best content creators are curious and look for more ways to be innovative and different from their competitors. No one wants to read the same old boring stuff all the time.
  • Make yourself stand out and have a unique approach and voice and you’ll be recognized for it.
  • I can’t stress enough that you have to understand your audience and address their needs first and foremost.
  • You may want to write about subject x but are they going to get the most value from that? If they, don’t it will only leave you with a lot of wasted time and money. Don’t assume and do your research beforehand.
  • Always work on improving your skills. If you need help writing better headlines get it! If your writing style doesn’t flow help it! There’s plenty of tools out there. Writesonic can generate thousands of ideas for you.
  • The more you write and publish the better you’ll get.
  • Remember, you want to get known for your ability to be the best content creator out there in your given industry. So, prove it. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself.
  • With that being said – don’t talk unnecessarily about yourself all the time either!
  • Talk about your prospects, readers and audience. What you can do for them. How you can do it. Why they need what you are providing.
  • As a content creator SEO is still very important. Writing online demands that you need to know what will be attractive to the search engines.
  • Study SEO techniques and do keyword research.


If you have a unique idea and provide real value, you can be destined for success as an online content creator! Just keep in mind that content creation is a business and not a one week or one-month gig.

Of course, you can also opt to be a freelance content creator for others which is a very viable and profitable career as well.

If you’re going solo, however, forge ahead and do what you love! Don’t look at the numbers in the beginning or that will kill your motivation.

Chase your freedom and passion and you’ll have the inspiration and energy to build a business and a life you absolutely love!

To get up and running try Writesonic and the Stan App to get access to creating and start promoting the best content even faster for your audience, and to help make your life as a content creator even easier.

And don’t forget to follow me on social for the top trending tips to grow your business online and become an authority in your niche!

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