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If you’ve ever seen the movie Jerry McGuire starring Tom Cruise, you know how important a strong mission statement is. If your company is new, you have likely thought about creating a mission statement. In this post we’ll go over how you can incorporate steps into creating one for long term sustainable success.

A mission statement is a summary of the principle your business lives by. It ensures your team is on the right track to achieving its main purpose and can be a source of differentiation from competitors.

Yet, what does it take to make one truly effective? By learning about the importance of a strong mission statement, you can incorporate steps into creating one for sustainable success.

Develops a Core Identity

A mission is key in showing what your company stands for and believes in. This clear identity helps customers and employees understand what makes your business special.

A good example of this is if your mission focuses on being eco-friendly. With a mission statement, everyone would know that caring for the environment is a big part of who you are. This helps attract customers with the same values, making your business stand out.

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Creates a Sense of Purpose

A strong mission statement acts like a big-picture goal that everyone works towards together. This purpose helps employees feel more connected to their work and can help them see the difference they make. 

Embodying a sense of purpose in your company’s culture also compels employees to come to work every day.

They feel like they are a part of something that makes them feel like they belong. In turn, this increases job performance by 56% and encourages employees to remain invested in their employer.

Attracts Top Talent

When on a job hunt, many people use a company’s mission to decide if it aligns with their goals and values. This can be key in drawing in people who are excited about the same ideas as your company.

Hiring employees who are as passionate and dedicated can stimulate business growth. When people work for a company that matches their beliefs, they are likelier to be happy and do their best work. 

Guides Company Culture

Mission statements guide how everyone in the business acts and makes decisions. Suppose your mission is about being honest and fair — your company culture creates a focus on trust and respect. This makes sure everyone from the top to the bottom knows how to behave and work together. As such, a positive workplace ensues, creating a space for your team to remain motivated and engaged.

Builds Community

Strong mission statements bring your company and surrounding community members together. Employees of a company can network with like-minded individuals, especially when it is about helping others. For instance, your team may feel inspired to volunteer online because it offers more flexibility, making it easy to connect with people. These activities enable you to work with people who care about the same things. In turn, they may feel more compelled to support your business. 

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How To Create a Strong Mission Statement

There are three main parts to a mission statement:

  • Purpose: This is the reason your company exists, like solving a problem or meeting a need.
  • Goals: What is your business trying to achieve? This should give customers a reason to purchase from your company.
  • Values: These are the beliefs and principles that guide how your business works and makes decisions.

Implementing these three components will help you make an effective mission statement. It will make it more unique and appealing to customers that resonate with it. With these elements in mind, you can use the following steps to create a mission statement. 

1. Define Your Company’s Purpose

Start by defining why your company exists and the problem it wants to solve. Ask what differences you want to make and why this matters. This helps pinpoint the heart of your business, which is the foundation of your mission statement. 

2. List Its Core Values

What matters most to your business? Core values are the beliefs that drive your company’s actions toward its goals. For example, if honesty and customer satisfaction are key, those are your core values. Ensure you write them down as they shape how your business operates and others perceive it.

3. State How the Company Will Achieve Its Goals

This step involves laying out a clear approach your business will use to reach its mission. One example of this is the goal to be a leader in sustainable products. You would then explain how you will innovate or use eco-friendly materials. This part of the mission statement shows your company’s commitment to making your dream a reality.

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4. Put It All Together

Now, it is time to combine everything you have defined into a sentence or paragraph. Start with what your company offers and to whom. Then, incorporate the core values and the purpose of your company. Ensure it is easy to understand and reflects the core of your business. This statement should tell the world what your business is all about.

5. Refine for Clarity and Conciseness

You may need to make adjustments the first time you create a mission statement. A mission statement becomes effective when you ensure every word counts and clearly conveys your message. Therefore, it is important to make it as simple as possible. Remove any jargon or complex language. Then, ask for feedback from your team to see if people understand it easily. 

How To Ensure You Implement It

Some companies have a mission statement but may need more clarity on enforcing it throughout their operations. Consider incorporating a few of the ideas below:

  • Communicate it to employees: Share the mission statement with all employees through meetings, internal communications and visual displays in the workplace.
  • Set examples through leadership: Ensure company leaders embody the mission statement in their actions and decisions. 
  • Align products and services: Develop products and services with the mission statement in mind, ensuring your offer reflects the company’s core values and purpose.
  • Employee participation: Encourage employees to engage in activities that support the mission, such as volunteer work or innovation initiatives.
  • Measure your impact: Track how well your company’s actions align with the mission. Use customer feedback, employee surveys and community impact assessments to gauge success.

Create a Strong Mission Statement for Success

A strong mission statement should lie at the center of your company’s operations. From decision-making to daily operation, let it guide and inspire your team. By living your mission statement daily, you will build a meaningful and respected business in your community and industry. 

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