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Many of us want to be able to share our skills with the world and give something back in the form of a product or course to help others. Being able to create digital products and courses with no technical skills, that share your expertise with the world is a huge deal, but many have been put off due to the technical aspects of it. Certain platforms have made this process so simple they’ve taken out all the tech and coding so now literally anyone can do it! I create digital products and have social media influencers promote them for me at no cost! Keep reading to learn how below. 

Creating digital downloads, products and courses is a great way to earn money as a side hustle or even as a full-fledged full-time career. So much in fact that it is a 3-billion-dollar industry!

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Why Create Digital Products?

The main reason you could choose to create digital products, or an online course is that it allows you to share a passion with masses of people remotely. You can do this on a global scale!

I’m a content creator who creates digital products on my websites, for other companies, Amazon and other platforms.

How do I promote these products? I have an army of influencers who reach hundreds of thousands of people and market for me all over the globe for FREE!

Want my method for doing this? It’s easy! I use and partner with influencers there.

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What’s So Great About Selling Digital Products?

The best thing about digital products is you can create your course or lessons in your own time and place as either a side hustle or as a start-up full-time career.

Online courses and products are a wonderful way to share your talents, knowledge, and passions with the world, make money, and help other people get better at what they do too.

This also has the benefit of giving you a flow of consistent income all on a passive basis while you’re creating more new products and services.

You know that tutorials and guides are huge on YouTube.

But digital products and online courses make it crazy simple to upload information like videos, pdfs, templates, files, and any other type of resource you can imagine.

Do you want to know what the 12 most profitable digital products to sell online are that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for creators? – check these resources out!


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The Power of Online Learning

Everyone knows college tuition and costs are rising exponentially. Heck! I should know, I have a daughter in college!

The average cost of tuition is $31,000 a year and increasing. Students are burdened with student debt that will linger long after they graduate from college.

The world is changing, and people are seeking other alternatives.

e-Learning is wonderful because once someone signs up, they can choose to take the course at any time and work through the course for as long as they like.

There are e-courses you can develop on any single topic you can think of.

Sharing your knowledge through digital courses is one of the best ways to earn money online right now.

Online courses in evergreen subjects can earn money for you over the course of a lifetime. 

The cost of creating an online course or app now is cheap. It’s made up of mostly of your time and efforts. After that there’s approximately 10 hours or so in marketing and maintenance.

create your own app
Create your very own app with in minutes!


I’m certainly not the only one! My friend Julie paid off over 100K in debt selling downloadable printables on Etsy online! 

The bottom line is – you can make a lot of money with online digital courses in a short amount of time. Let’s go over some of the benefits.


More Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Digital products have many advantages that make them uniquely attractive to sell:

  • Low overhead costs. You don’t have to hold any inventory or incur any shipping charges.
  • Extremely high-profit margins. There’s no recurring cost of goods, so you retain the majority of your sales in profits.
  • Potential to automate. Orders can be delivered instantly, letting you be relatively hands-off with fulfillment.
  • Flexible products. You can offer free products to build your email list, monthly paid subscriptions for access to exclusive digital content, or licenses to use your digital products. You have a lot of options as to how you incorporate digital products into your business.
  • E-learning is the future of education. You have a massive opportunity to expand your business and impact with e-learning, an industry expected to be worth $331 billion by 2025.


In fact, you don’t even need a website to sell digital products! Of course, chances are if you do have a website or blog your sales are likely to increase substantially more.

But if you’re just starting out don’t worry. Now you can send customers directly from your social media platform or an email to a sales description page, with a buy now button or a one-page landing page.



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How to Sell Digital Products

There are numerous platforms, tools and apps you can use to sell your digital products with little to no tech involved.

Some of them are;

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To a lot of people including myself in the beginning, creating such a thing as an online course without any technical know-how seems rather daunting. 

This is where some folks get stuck. They have a great idea but get intimidated and don’t move forward because they think a lot of technical aspects are involved.

Getting your idea to reality can seem complicated and confusing.

Believe it or not you don’t need to be a tech wizard these days to create a course online. I am far from one which is why I chose the online platform Podia. 

Below is my personal review of the Podia platform.

Read how this creator made $100K with one online course created with Podia:

Below are my own reasons why I chose Podia and how you can get started creating your digital products and start a money-making online business selling them!



Podia is an online learning platform that provides helpful tutorials and resources to course creators, allowing them to create professional online products, downloads, memberships and subscriptions without all of the technical jargon and complexities. 

Whether you want to sell a high value $1000 course or a $16 short guide, Podia has all of the things you need to get you started. 


So, how good is this digital products selling app? 


As a host for online courses Podia endeavors to reach as many prospective students as they can and provides you with the tools you need to create your own customized landing pages to host your course in your own branding style or color scheme.

You can migrate any form of online learning or product you have such as courses, ebooks and even webinars so that they all appear in one easy to find place. Virtually creating an entire library or bundle for your audience. 




The features 

There are two different packages you can choose when you open an account with Podia: ‘Mover’ and ‘Shaker’.

In order to decide which one is best for you let us break down some of the features and see what Podia can provide you with. 


  • Online Courses –  the main thing that Podia gives you is a space to build your online course as well as host it. The great thing about this is that you can download a lot of different types of files such as word docs, PDFs, images, and videos to supplement learning. You’re able to create and customize from a range of themes to create a landing page that works for you and looks amazing with your website. You can even input a pre-launch countdown to generate some interest going in to lead up to your course. 


  • Membership – as mentioned there are two different levels of membership; Mover which is $39 per month and Shaker @ $79 per month is the more expensive one. But to me is totally worth it. This is the one I have. It even eliminates the need for an Email service provider (ESP). I still choose to have an email provider which is Convertkit which I love. However Podia has all of the features included that you need to build your own newsletter. 


  • Emails – One of the most important parts of creating an online course is retention. You want to be sure that when a student starts a course they are willing to stick to a schedule and complete the course to learn a new skill. Podia allows you to set up an email marketing flow to remind students of lessons and provide helpful tips and tricks. It is highly intuitive and a very a useful tool and one you should definitely use if you have an online course. With this feature you can send out newsletters and drip campaigns to keep your audience engaged. You can also track metrics like who clicked, who opened and view your unsubscribe rates.


  • Embeds – A buy button is something you may not think you need right away, but it’s great to have to entice people in. Having the ability to embed a buy button into your landing page is a good incentive for people to purchase your course, because it makes the process much easier. 


  • Bundle it up – Whenever you are creating a range of products whether they be physical or digital it is a good idea to have the option to bundle. Podia allows you to create a bundle of your products so that people can get the most for their money and you can also make more. 


  • Affiliates – Another great feature on the Shaker plan is that they allow you to offer your audience a chance to be an affiliate for your products offering them a commission to sell your courses or products for you and build up a group of promoters literally ALL AROUND THE WORLD helping to share your goods and services! You can turn this on or off and choose the exact percentages you want share. 


Read how I earn consistent income monthly through my affiliate marketing methods in this post:

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podia features

Payment for Digital Products

One of the more confusing things about selling your own products is setting up payments. No worries because Podia takes care of all of this for you. 

Payments for a freelancer are usually carried out through invoices or through PayPal or Stripe.

The good thing with Podia is that they make the process absolutely seamless.  They allow you to automatically connect your PayPal or Stripe accounts for simple payment processing. 


What makes it different? 

We’ve gone through some of the key features of Podia and how it can simplify your online course process, but what are the actual benefits that differentiate it from one specific digital course selling service over another? 


Let’s face it; if you are looking for a method to sell an online course to make some extra cash, you don’t want to spend a ton of money setting it up and adding extra integrations, do you?

Podia is an affordable option compared to other competitors and one thing I really liked was that the price will not rise even when you start making more sales or adding more courses and products.

Other platforms charge you more when you want to add certain features or if you go over a certain number of students (subscribers). 

This means you can feel secure paying one flat rate steadily as you go and create as many courses and products as you wish!


Customer Service

The people behind the scenes at Podia are super friendly, prompt and very helpful answering all of your questions. They either answer via their live chat or if they’re offline they have always gotten back to me right away with any questions or concerns.

Some other online course platforms I have had to wait a while for answers or have received generic ‘tutorials’ or community answers which frankly drives me nuts. 

If you are looking for a team of people who will guide you through every step of the way with a very friendly attitude and detailed answers then this is the place to go.

At Podia, they offer a lot of customized customer service and they clearly go to all lengths to make sure you get answers to any level of question you have. 

The great thing about this service compared to other similar ones is that Podia understands the path of the entrepreneur because many of them are creators themselves.

It means that when you go through the building process the user experience is highly intuitive. It doesn’t take days or weeks of studying tutorials and watching videos to easily understand how to implement it.

There’s no confusing processes, just a great service that will allow you to create beautiful digital products and courses as simply as possible. 

And the faster you do this the faster you can start building your business!


Common Issues with Other Digital Course Platforms

With some other digital apps and storefronts things can get tricky and super confusing at times. If you have a site set up with WordPress you know you can create a digital store with WooCommerce or other plugin.

The problem is that you have to have a certain level of technical know-how to be hands on running your site.

This is where Podia excels and has the advantage over its competitors. It’s literally a drag and drop system makes everything so simple it’s seems almost too easy! But everything works perfectly as you need it to.


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I highly recommend you check out Podia’s platform because after all they give you a FREE 14-day free trial with no credit card required to play around with all their benefits.

I really love having all my digital products in one location and not having to worry about other plugins. It lets you host online courses, memberships, webinars, unlimited digital downloads all together.

You don’t even have to use dropbox or any third party storage apps. Yay!! This makes it so much easier to be organized and maintain everything in one place.

Podia for me is the perfect tool for beginners and intermediate users that aren’t tech or programming friendly. And they have a beautiful theme to start everything off.

The downside – not much. There could use a little more customization options but I say – sometimes less is more. And with Podia you can upload all your products without being overwhelmed or have to worry about any technical issues which is huge!

This is a perfect user friendly, all in one digital storefront you can use for all your digital selling needs.

Promoting Your Digital Products

Ok so you have an awesome course and you’ve been marketing like crazy. Remember, effective course promotion is as important as the content you’ve built itself.

It doesn’t matter how great it is if no one knows about it!

How do you go about setting up a promotional strategy for your products or course?

  • start with great visuals – immediate grab your audience with something that draws them in to look
  • use effective copy writing – compelling wording leads users to where you want them to go
  • set up a video marketing plan – videos are perfect for priming your audience for what you have in store
  • use email marketing – tell your existing or new audience about your course
  • use social media – news spreads like wildfire on social media, take advantage of all the platforms to find the right one for your niche

How to Embed Videos into WordPress

Promotion takes some time. Read my post below on helpful ways to promote your blog, services, products and offerings in front of the right audience so you can make sales faster!

It’s important not to get discouraged and quit with one promo campaign!

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