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How to Crush Your Competition as a Small Business

Unfortunately, you will always have other small businesses or bloggers that compete online with you. As a result, they could take a huge chunk of your traffic, they may round up all your potential leads thereby costing you a great deal of potential prospects, or readers and money! In today’s crowded online arena, especially as a new business or blog, you need to find a way to stand out and compete with them to completely dominate your online competition. If not dominate then at least level the playing field so you may have a chance to earn a decent living online as well! One way you can do this is with a special strategy weapon I use that has a free SEO and Social Media Marketing toolkit that lets you literally analyze and spy on your competitors so you can come out ahead.

SEMrush is one platform I use here at SBH that has a FREE all in one tool that helps you make the most out of your SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research.

In short, it pretty much handles all aspects of your online marketing strategy. 

If you know how to use it well, you then have the ability to crush a great deal of your online competition!

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With that in mind, here are some amazing tips and strategies you need to use which will help you stay on top of the online battle to be #ONE!

“If you’re not first, you’re last.”



Determine What Your Competitors Are Doing

The first step in competing with your rivals is understanding who they are and what they do best. SEMrush lets you do this with the competitive research abilities of the tool.

Here, you’re given accurate data of all your main competitors when you type your URL into the search bar within the tool. All you have to do is click on your competitors, and you’re provided with SEO information about their sites.


You can try it out right here:

To take this a step further, SEMrush also lets you find the top-ranking content of your online competition. Upon conducting the competitive analysis, you can click on a Pages section that shows the content that generates the most traffic for your rivals.

From here, you can use this to help construct your own content marketing strategy and blog posts to create higher-ranking content that beats theirs.

We rank #1 for social media in Miami for these particular keywords.


social buzz hive google results

Conduct an SEO audit

A massive feature of SEMrush is the ability to carry out SEO audits of your site. Essentially, you’re shown all the SEO stats and facts for your website.

You’ll find out your top keywords, your traffic sources, how much traffic you get from organic or paid search, etc.

The benefit of this is that it lets you figure out what you’re doing well enough, and what needs improving. By improving on your weak points, you can help beat your small business competition by making your SEO more effective.

SEMrush makes things even simpler by giving your site a health score and listing what you should improve.




Keyword research & analysis

Keywords are a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Keywords explain where all organic search trafic comes from. Keywords are the foundation for all digital marketing practices.

With SEMrush, you can take advantage of various features that let you conduct keyword research and track their performance. First and foremost, by checking which keywords your business can target by their competitor score and avoiding wasted spend.

You will waste lots of time and money if you target keywords that don’t really match your website or your target market. SEMrush looks at your site look at your competitors, then tells you the ideal keywords to target.



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Now, you can utilize these keywords when writing web content and optimizing your site. But, you can also use them when you try PPC advertising on Google as well.

SEMrush tells you the keywords you should bid on, and you get performance tracking to show how effective they are and whether or not you should change. By targeting the right keywords, you can get ahead of your biggest rivals.


Input your URL here and start checking:

Improve your link building strategy

Link building is an off-site SEO tactic where you generate backlinks to your website to show Googe how trustworthy and authoritative you are. You need high-quality backlinks from reputable sources – and you need lots of them.

SEMrush gives you the tools to find the perfect backlink opportunities. As a result, you can generate more links, improving your SEO and setting you apart from the competition. Most people neglect link building, but it’s one of the best ways to improve your ranking.


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Use the social media toolkit

Lastly, SEMrush comes with a social media toolkit that lets you take charge of your social strategy. There are two main things you can do; schedule and configure posts, and track your social media performance – along with your online competition.

Use the social media poster to draft your content and schedule it at the best times. This ensures you remain consistent and keep providing your followers with content. But, the tracker is perhaps the best thing here.

Create Your Epic Social Media Plan

You can find your closest social media competitors and compare their engagement with yours. It lets you figure out what’s working for them, so you can adapt this and improve your own strategy.

You can find out the type of content that attracts the most engagement in your target market, then adjust your content to suit this.


In summary, SEMrush helps you get on top of all your small business and blogger competition. It’s all about understanding how you can improve your strategy while also seeing what’s so great about your rival’s.

Use the tips above to get a head start in crushing your competitors and boosting your online presence today.