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Affiliate marketing has been a hot topic for some time as a means to earn passive income. It’s a thriving industry with plenty of marketers earning nice commissions setting up one or two or more affiliate marketing websites online. This post goes over how to make money with a ready-made affiliate marketing website. 

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a $6.8 billion dollar industry and growing. With affiliate marketing, you basically make money advertising or promoting for other companies.

You partner with a reputable company, recommend their products to your audience, then you get a slice of commission if any of your readers make a purchase.

You don’t need to create your own website to be successful at affiliate marketing. You can have a ready-made affiliate marketing website and get started right away. Read on!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost to you and we thank you. For more information please read my disclosure.

Smart highly successful affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn and Michelle Schroeder Gardner just to name two make over $150,000 a month promoting just one product! But there are many, many others.

People every day with no special skills at all are great earning money partnering up with companies like Amazon affiliates, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Canva Design, Shopify and thousands of others.

Many top well-known companies offer hefty commissions to their affiliates along with their partnership opportunities.

Read about some of the companies that pay bloggers and internet marketers the highest commissions in this post:

100 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

If you’re an affiliate marketer, portfolio manager or simply someone who wants to start making money online, Brand Builders is one of the ways to start.

With more than 8 years of experience in affiliate marketing and >$1,000,000 in generated revenue, their team can take your business to the next level.

All you have to do is click on the link below, order one of their pre-made or custom packages and let them do what they do best – build sites that convert.

Or…you can do it all yourself which we go over next!

So, how do you start making money with an affiliate website?

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For you DIY’ers who like to take the hard route here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set your site up and earn passive income:

Find a Host for your Affiliate Marketing Site

The first step in setting up your affiliate website is finding the best web host out there.

You’ve got plenty of options, but Bluehost or Siteground is your best bet. Once you’re on their site, you can get started by selecting a website hosting plan that suits your needs. For most people, you can deal with the basic option they offer which is only $3.95 a month – and sometimes even less!

You can check to see if your preferred address is available right here:

This is the cheapest hosting plan, so you minimize the costs of your website – which is helpful. As your site grows and gets more traffic, you may need to upgrade to a different plan with more features to help fine-tune your website performance.


Install WordPress

One of the reasons you should choose Bluehost is that you can install WordPress in just one click.

Go to the My Sites section of Bluehost, then click Create Site.

From here, you can automatically go through all the different WordPress themes and settle on one that you like the most.

Once you’ve done this, just follow all the steps as they pop up on screen, and you’ll soon have a WordPress site up and running in no time.


When your site is structurally set up and ready to go, you need to think about the content. Ideally, you should have a vague idea for your website – seeing as you’ve chosen the domain name.

The best way to make passive income from affiliate marketing is to focus on a specific topic to write about. In doing so, you instantly target a particular market.

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Therefore, you can work on bringing in your target audience to get more readers all the time.

The more more website traffic you have, the more chance there is of making money.


Join an affiliate program

Of course, you can’t earn a passive income from affiliate marketing without becoming an official partner. Select an affiliate program or network that you believe aligns with your blog the best.

ShareASale is one of the simplest and best IMO. But there are many others which I go over in this detailed guide.


Many major companies run their own affiliate marketing program. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Personally if you’re just starting out I don’t recommend Amazon in the very beginning.

Why? Because you need a ton of traffic to generate enough clicks to earn a decent profit.

Once you have enough traffic though, Amazon is an excellent program that provides a lot of good incentives for affiliate marketers and helpful ways to earn.

I recommend partnering up with well known reputable companies that sometimes offer lifetime cookies and bigger payouts. Or you can search for your own favorites that are related to your blog content.

Read this detailed post to learn exactly how I make money with affiliate marketing websites.

Ultimate Beginners Strategy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

It’s crucial that you join a program that relates to your blog and your audience. You have to promote things that you think your audience will actually use and benefit from.

This dramatically increases your chances of making money!

If you promote things that don’t relate to your audience, then why would they click on your affiliate link? Think about it.

If you are a blogger that gets decent traffic and you’re part of the Amazon affiliates program I recommend you get the Amalinks WordPress plugin.

This way you don’t have to go switching back and forth from Amazon and back to WordPress you can do it all from your WordPress site which is very convenient! Click on the banner to learn more about it.


Learn How to Create a Ready-Made Branded Affiliate Website with Brand Builders!

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Post engaging and informative content

It’s crucial that the content on your affiliate website is engaging. You have to draw people in and give them a reason to read your blog posts. Otherwise, why would they come to your blog over anyone else’s?

Your content has to provide value as this is what brings in an audience, to begin with. Think about your chosen topic, then think about content that helps the reader or appeals to them.

As an example, if your blog is focused on Finance or finding Remote Work, then create posts that provide helpful tips or guides that allow your audience to improve their budgeting skills or the best places to acquire a career working from home.

Or, create posts that explain specific topics and provide people with useful information.

Furthermore, your content shouldn’t be too promotional. Yes, you want to advertise your affiliate partner, but it has to be done correctly.

The best way to do this is by creating posts and showing your audience how your affiliate partner can benefit them. This shows them the value of the products you promote, increasing the likelihood that they make a purchase.

You can do this all yourself and spend lots of money, effort and time, or you can contact the folks at Brand Builders and they can do it all for you with their pre-made affordable turnkey affiliate websites. To learn more and get a pre-made or custom-made affiliate website.

Get a Turn Key Pre-Made Website or eCommerce Website HERE


Improve your SEO

Market your website, so you target different keywords in search engines. It’s a good idea to use SEO tools to help understand how you can improve the SEO of your website.

Our popular SEO course can help you rank higher in the SERPs!

Ultimate SEO Boss

In doing so, you will start appearing higher up the rankings, giving your site more authority.

Therefore, the chances of people visiting your site will increase, which expands your audience and boosts the potential profits you can make through affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, you should follow these steps to earn passive income through your affiliate blog. There’s one final point to consider; your affiliate link!

When you join a program, you’re given a unique link that you encourage people to click. This tells your affiliate partner that someone is on their site and buys something because of you. If you don’t use your affiliate link, then you won’t get any commission.



If you hate working for someone else consider starting your own wealth building affiliate website. You’ll own 100% of your business that either you created yourself or is already built specifically for you.

Get a shortcut on your way to success with a turnkey, ready-made, high-quality affiliate site from Brand Builders in a niche that has been thoroughly researched, content that is written by true, knowledgeable professional writers, fully optimized to rank in the search engines, and ready to earn!

Sign up for more ways to drive an avalanche of traffic to your site and build a better business online! 

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