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Here at SBH we post about great ways to make money online as well as strategies to save more money. This article goes over how to earn money with the popular shopping app Shopstyle Collective now known as Collective Voice.

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Shopstyle Collective now known as ‘COLLECTIVE VOICE‘ offers influencer programs to help creators grow, monetize and track their efforts. is a well-known monetization platform that compiles products from hundreds of top-of-the-line brands into one website.

Their affiliate program, ShopStyle Collective (Collective Voice) allows bloggers, creators and other influencers to create links and widgets of those products to share them with their followers.

You get paid every time someone clicks on those links regardless of whether they make a purchase or not.

If you’re NOT a fashion or beauty blogger (like me), you still may be intrigued by the idea of a shopping website.

This is not my niche by any means, but I do have a personal interest in clothes and beauty products, so I decided to check it out.

I discovered ShopStyle Collective several years ago when I got distracted on Pinterest seeking out some cute boots for the Fall.

It led to the Shopstyle website and I thought what an incredible platform!

Since I blog frequently about profitable affiliate programs I decided to give this one a go.

Here’s how to get started making money with the ShopStyle Collective (Collective Voice) program.

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Many companies nowadays offer affiliate partner programs that just about anyone can sign up for.

When you sign up with a partner program, you’re given a special link that contains a special tracking code so the company knows you’re the one referring customers to their site.

When someone clicks on your link or makes a purchase you are given a commission percentage.

Some sites only offer commissions when the person who clicked on the link purchases a product from the retailer, but ShopStyle Collective offers a commission every time someone just clicks on your link.

This is what my referral link looks like:

Here are 100 other companies that also offer high paying commissions for affiliates:

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Sign up and create your ShopStyle Collective account and get familiar with their interface.

They even have a whole learning center Academy with tutorials, blogs and even videos that make it very simple for you to learn.

You can also visit the regular ShopStyle page and use the navigation bar to search for all sorts of products.

Try not to get distracted shopping because they have so many incredible items in multiple categories!


Lists are helpful for grouping together products of a specific category.

You can create a list and add a product to it by clicking the heart below a products picture:

shopstyle collective


To make a link, head to your ShopStyle Collective (Collective Voice) dashboard and select Search in the sidebar.

From there, find the product you want to make a link for by either searching for it or choosing it from one of your lists.

Hover over it and select ADD TO LIST.

shopstyle collective


Widgets are a powerful tool that allow you to display multiple products at once anywhere on your blog, or social channels along with information about them like price and brand.

Go to New> Select Product Widget and select any items you want to include.

Then click ADD TO WIDGET.

You can also choose what information you want to be displayed on the widget like Brand, Sale information, Product details etc.

Below is an example of my beauty collection widget:


shopstyle widget

Finally, name your widget and select Publish.

You’ll be given a chunk of code that you can copy and paste anywhere on your site, like inside your posts, on Pinterest or social networks.


My worst mistake when I first started, was that I just started putting the links everywhere. This is very common.

Figuring out who your audience is key to your success and will narrow down the kinds of links you should be posting, as well as the types of posts you should be writing.

If your audience is “New Moms” or “College Age Women” then you’ll want to be searching for clothes and accessories that a are relative to this demographic.

By narrowing down your audience you can choose more specific items that relate to your audience better.

These links will generate more clicks because a larger portion of your audience will be interested in the items you’re promoting.


shopstyle collective data


The trick to successfully using affiliate links isn’t placing links and widgets just any ole’ place and expecting people to just click them.

Instead, you want to write posts with captivating titles that direct attention to those links and create a reason for your audience to click on them.

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Here are a few blog post options that generally work the best:



‘How To’ posts are key in the blogging world.

People are constantly searching online how to do something and if your title can convince them of this then that’s a powerful asset.

Tutorial posts also do well in search engines, because they’re filled with keywords and phrases that match up with popular “how to…” searches.

When a reader types in your product’s name, you want your post to be popping up on that first page.

To do that, you need to write a great tutorial that solves a real problem while still relating to the product you’re trying to advertise!

Here are some examples of tutorials you might write that revolve around possible ShopStyle links:

  • Teach someone how to accomplish a certain trendy style/hairstyle/makeup look and share the products you used.
  • Show how you use a single product in a variety of ways.
  • Make a “what to pack for your first trip as a new couple” post and include all the products you would take.

Grab my e-guide:

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Listicles are a great way to pack a ton of links into one post. Make sure the list you’re creating is not too generalized and targeted and super unique.

For example, instead of making a “Beauty Essentials” list, you could make a “10 Top Beauty Essentials to Get Korean Glass Skin”.

Widgets are your best friend for these kinds of posts.

Instead of having to create a link for every single product you include, you can throw all of the products into a single widget that your readers can scroll through and see the picture/price in one place.

Here are some list ideas to get you going:

  • Bestselling gifts for special people
  • Special occasion outfits for celebrations
  • Vegan Makeup products for a Holiday look
  • Sophisticated luggage for elegant travel

The ideas are quite endless!



This is one of the most popular uses of ShopStyle links. Organizing and sharing wish list items or mood boards.

Get Sale Alerts to notify your audience when your favorite products go on sale!

If you’re a fashion blogger this is a perfect way to connect your reader to items that inspire you the most!


I’m far from a fashion expert but here are some ideas that you can expand on:

  • Date night looks from glam to casual
  • A specific celebrity outfit
  • Professional wear for an interview
  • Outfits for a certain travel destination


After seeing hundreds of fashion posts across Pinterest, I used to think ShopStyle was exclusively for fashion bloggers.

They also have tons of other products like accessories, gift cards, household items and more.

In fact, my most successful widget I created is Best Items for Babies where I listed my favorite items for babies and toddlers.

I found cribs, bassinets, strollers, cute baby outfits and a ton of other cool items to include for new parents.

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One of the easiest ways to add ShopStyle (Collective Voice) links to your blog is by creating a page that contains all of your favorite products.

This will allow your audience to send their favorite items from your product widgets directly to their inbox to either shop later or be alerted of any sales.

This feature is available for US influencers and their shoppers.

You can link to this page in your navigation bar, so all of your readers know where to find products you recommend!

You can create separate widgets for a variety of categories (household, children, fashion, cosmetics, etc…) and categorize everything easily.

Here’s an example of my cosmetic widget I set up:



NEW!! Earn a percentage of every sale you drive to Shopstyle’s Collective Voice with their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) structure.

This program offers a higher revenue share than any other platform and are dedicated to providing you with actionable analytics and support every step of the way.

Know your earning potential upfront and make the right decision for your content and business.

shopstyle collective cpa program by socialbuzzhive

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Now that you have the strategies, it’s time to PUT THEM TO WORK to earn more money online!

It takes a bit of time to get familiar with the Shopstyle platform but there are lots of helpful tutorials and once your posts start making their way around your social channels you should see an increase in earnings.

Payments are made on a monthly basis with a minimum payout of $25.

To view their payment terms go to: Shopstyle Collective Terms

Keep consistent and after that you should be hitting your goals each month!

And keep in mind that you can collaborate with other brands and platforms as a successful influencer and creator and expand your reach and profits even further!

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