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Instagram has become a perfect marketplace for building a successful business and performing profitable sales. But you must increase your engagement on Instagram in order to be successful. Read on to learn the exact strategies. 


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You may observe the rising number of online shops and private entrepreneurs who consider the social network to be a prolific market platform. There are users that are not interested in business as such; they create profiles with the desire to get popularity and visibility. Taking into account the differences between the above-mentioned goals, there is one little common feature – desire to get as many followers and engagement as possible. This has proven to be a trusted success criterion and a special measure of future profit. 

However, you may also notice that some accounts with thousands of followers are less popular and successful than their rivals with little audience. Why is this? The answer is simple. A wealth of followers is not a key to success; engagement rate on Instagram is the characteristic that plays the main role on the promotion stage.

Now let`s examine in depth what engagement rate is, what its purposes, and how to work on its increase effectively


Engagement on Instagram and what should you know about it 

Engagement rate on Instagram is an indicator of how many people are interested in and visit your account. We do not take into account the number of followers now, we speak about how actively your audience like, share and save your posts, watch and reacts on stories, leave comments, and visit your profile in general. In a few words, ER is a percentage of users who stay up to date with your content and interact with it. 

The level of followers` involvement represents a leading power in the promotion and gaining popularity of an Instagram account. A few years ago promoting of an Instagram account was mostly based on cheating subscribers. You boost followers and advertisers queue up to get your attention and pay money. In recent years the situation has changed. Instagram began to work on different algorithms. 

For this reason, stage of involvement should receive priority attention when analyzing daily, weekly, and especially annual results. You will see reliable accurate statistics, compare it with the current state of your business, and identify problems. Performing simple steps, you will understand why being an owner of an intimate Instagram community with dozens of live and dynamic members is much more profitable than manage an account with millions of bots, ghosts and fakes.     



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The extreme importance of engagement rate on Instagram

The index of participation allows you to judge many important parameters for promotion in Instagram:

  • The level of trust in the brand. By how actively users respond to publications, you can tell if you’ve succeeded in establishing a trusting relationship with them. On a subconscious level, people are not ready to interact with the content or initiate a dialogue if they expect some kind of deception.
  • Popularity. Let’s face it: nothing indicates popularity among your audience like the number of likes, comments and reposts. And here is where ER. Metric allows you to determine what success you managed to achieve for a certain period of time.
  • Content Virality. Virality is a content characteristic which defines with what probability readers will want to share the publication. Viral content is actively shared by users on social networks, messengers and other channels.
  • Instagramability. ER indicates how interesting your product is within Instagram. This feature is limited by the only app. 


Different ways of counting engagement on Instagram 

Having looked through the information above, it is impossible to ignore significant advantages. You may ask how to check or count engagement rate of my Instagram account. To give a detailed answer, we prepared several approaches to involvement level measurement. First, you need to know that there are two ways of obtaining profound information on this point – manually and using special services. Both methods are equally effective and efficient. The choice depends on the amount of time and effort you are eager to spend on analyzing ER. 

Let`s start with identifying percentage of active subscribers manually. The developers and promoters have designed a few trusted formulas as all of them intend to analyze your account from different perspectives. 

  1. The calculation of daily ER. 

ERday=Reactions/day Number of followers 100%

In this formula «a day» means a number of published posts during one day. For example, there are 5000 people following your account. You published two catching posts and they got 100 likes and 75 comments. Thus, the daily ER – (175/2)5000100%=1%.  

The daily ER represents a number of users that participated actively in the live of your account during a day. You can see the result in percentage. Obviously, the above-mentioned strategy is not ideal as there may be certain inaccuracy such as:

  • One user can leave an unlimited number of commentaries and they will be taken as several different people. 
  • The specificity of an account and regularity of posts are not taken into account. Your followers may just miss the publication and not react on it. 


The calculation of engagement rate by reach. 

ERR=ReactionsReach 100%

This is a good way of counting level of involvement for a certain period. Interestingly, that here we do need to know a number of followers as we determine the number of active users besides your subscribers. Sometimes such approach can give even more vivid and deep understanding of the real present posture of affairs. It accommodates both followers and non-followers. Still, the strategy is mostly implemented to determine how viral the posted message was. 

Remember that you get only the rough estimation because the following cases may also take place:

  • Being reposted in another social website, the whole world may be aware of your message, but the ERR will be low. 
  • Instagram may introduce specific regulations or do not show your publications. Therefore, that will change the ERR.  


The calculation of engagement rate per post.

ERpost=Reactions on postFollowers 100%

ER per post is applied to get a more stable view of the social engagement of your followers. Rarely a vast number of followers leave your profile at one time. As a rule, this process takes time and is characterized by sequenced unsubscribe. Moreover, you will analyze the accurate figures and identify the most debated and attractive topics for the audience

The key minus was introduced by the Instagram itself – the bigger number of followers, the lower level of involvement. We can explain it by the next reasons:

  • People who follow your page for many years may lose interest to the topic or style of posts. 
  • Substitution of your publications by post of accounts with a higher engagement rate.

On the whole, we described the most popular and widely implemented methods of identifying the level of active participation of followers by yourself. But what to do if there loads of publications? Do you want to spend days and nights calculating and making notes? Of course, not. You need to get an automatic help. To facilitate the process of analyzing, marketing specialists address trusted services to get professional help. 

Pay attention to the reliable service that stands on the top in the list of the most efficient tools for analyzing and increasing engagement rate. In a minute you will be given a whole pack of benefits that boost an Instagram account and make it visible and memorable. 


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The average figure of Instagram engagement or a so-called norm

If you want to know the average engagement rates in your particular industry, you’ll have to do a little research to find out, but this range serves as a good average baseline. Having performed the unchallenging steps of counting the involvement level, you need to compare it with an average figure. In other words, it may seem that being close or stick to the norm, it is a perfect direction for fast development. But, the situation is not always so straightforward. 

Unfortunately, the so-called norm of engagement on Instagram suitable for any account does not exist. When comparing the obtained figures with the collected figures of the rivals, pay attention to a scope of essential features:

  • Page specificity
  • Audience composition
  • Time of the day for posts 
  • Regularity of publications and many others.

Only considering all the aspects, the correct result will be achieved. If you are eager to get at least approximate values, the next information is for you.

  • less than 1% – bad indicator;
  • 1% to 3.5% – average indicator;
  • 3.5% to 6% – high indicator;
  • over 6% – very high indicator.

A very high level of followers` activity is an absolutely reachable dimension. One of the most crucial rules to remember is that you have to be presented to as many users as possible without boring them with too much content. But this affirmation may be called as just a top of iceberg. We need to dive at the depth of up-to-date valuable information of Instagram promotion.  



Useful tips of how to increase engagement on Instagram 

SMM-managers and market specialists can boast of a vast number of possible ways of how to increase the engagement rate on Instagram. What should you do if there is an absence of deep knowledge? Read our article and do not waste a minute.

We are glad to introduce a list of 5 best tips for promoting your account to increase engagement

1. Focus upon interactive stories and reels. Instagram offers an ocean of opportunities for communicating with the audience via interactive content. You may add widgets, stickers, and gifs. A good solution is to conduct surveys, polls, arrange voting, ask questions or make up games – everything is limited only by your imagination. Go live more often and post clips on IGTV. As a rule, people are interested in the real lives of famous people, internal sides of manufacturing, and other involving activiti


2. Regularly hold contests with simple rules. This is an easy, although costly way to work with the audience. For instance, a language school can present a certificate for attending free lessons or speaking clubs. Be creative when deciding on gifts, think of what you personally would like to fight for. In additions, people do not intend to undertake step that take lots of time, even for valuable offers. The more difficult the conditions of the contest, the less activity. So I recommend coming up with some simple condition: for example, write a short comment, post a photo in a stories. 


3. Write a little bit controversial text that will provoke people to comment. Avoid radical ideas to get rid of quarrels under posts. Let your audience speak about daily things and everything they are surrounded by. Do not forget to answer questions in comments. This is the main ways of how to show your followers that you appreciate each of them. Psychologically it will create more tight bonds.


4. Address special services, like GhostHunter, to get a trusted view. aims at cleaning up your account from inactive followers and protecting the profile. You will collaborate with a team of experienced specialists that help to eliminate commercial accounts, bots, and ghosts from the number of your subscribers. Besides, you get a shield from spam attacks and phishing. Customized settings that are available with GhostHunter make you visible in the organic field. Such non-complicated but highly important opportunities result in increasing engagement rate and attracting more potential customers to the business. 


5. Use hashtags under each post. Hashtags are a good tool for navigation and search, so be sure to put them in the post description. They allow your followers to instantly find the posts they want and navigate through the Instagram space. Include both general and special hashtags. The main thing is not to go overboard, do not use only high-frequency ones. Bright idea is to invent your personal hashtag, something creating and catching. This indicator will be associated with your identity and spring up in mind of audience


The most crucial outcomes to make note of

Engagement rate on Instagram is one of the most important indicators of a profile, which is taken into account in both collaboration and promotion in general. You can use it to determine the interest and loyalty of your audience, how often they see your publications and interact with them.

Promoting Instagram account and building a prolific business career require more effort that may seem.

Remember that you create and post messages not for abstract number indicated on your page, but for live personalities. All of them want to get attention and feedback from their favorite brand.

Do not offend you customers with strict norms and distancing. Tremendous amount of offers produced by high competition allows followers not to forgive your silence. Open your mind to each of people, analyze the media sphere, identify the most emotional topics, and work regularly.  



By following the simple Instagram engagement rules described above, you can not only increase engagement, but also sales.

Work in collaboration with personalized services and you will see how beneficial they are. It is the investment that will definitely pay off.   


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