How to Generate More Traffic with UGC Marketing

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What is UGC Marketing (User Generated Content)

UGC, is any content that has been created, published and/or submitted by users of a brand. Often, contributors are unpaid fans who promote a brand instead of the brand promoting a marketing methodology that involves marketing your brand with authentic content generated by your users.

In a recent survey by TINT – they surveyed 500+ marketing and business professionals, 42% of which were UGC users and 58% professional marketers not using UGC, and found that user-generated content has had an impact in three key areas: humanizing marketing, boosting social media metrics, and supporting marketing campaigns.

Results showed that 25% of UGC users listed “increasing engagement” as their key goal, showing they adhere to the idea that content boosts awareness and engagement. A further 42% claimed that engagement was their key performance indicator (KPI), highlighting just how important interaction and community is for brands today.

The report also found that UGC users and non-UGC users alike struggled to find the time to create content.

Keeping up with the fast pace of the internet is a major sore point for marketers, with 36% saying that lack of time was the primary factor for not creating as much content as they’d like.


Key Statistics for UGC Marketers:

UGC has an impact beyond the top of the funnel

  • 59% of marketers say UGC helps them easily display content online
  • Almost half of marketers agree that UGC humanizes marketing – something that’s incredibly important in an age where consumers are seeking authentic connections with brands
  • UGC helps 45% of marketers increase their social metrics
  • 44% of marketers say that UGC supports their marketing campaigns

UGC is invaluable in wider marketing campaigns

  • Almost 60% of marketers claim UGC is a helpful addition to their overall marketing strategies
  • 43% go so far as to say that UGC is invaluable to their marketing
  • When it comes to authenticity, 70% agree that UGC makes marketing more human

UGC is a powerful Omni-Channel strategy

  • Marketers leverage UGC across all parts of their marketing strategy, from email marketing and ad campaigns to presentations and microsites
  • 65% of UGC users are able to easily leverage the UGC tool for their marketing activities.


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Key UGC Marketing Insights


1. UGC Makes Marketing Authentic

75% of respondents claimed that UGC makes content more authentic. Given that most consumers have used social media to share their candid thoughts on a brand, it makes sense that marketers see this strong relationship.


2. UGC Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Boosting Social Media Metrics

34% of TINT users surveyed and 45% of marketing professionals agreed that UGC helps increase those all-important social media stats. This result shows that UGC isn’t just about subjective feelings, it has the potential to improve key marketing metrics.



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3. Increasing Engagement is the Main Goal

So which metrics are impacted the most by UGC? 41% of marketing professionals ranked content engagement as their top KPI.

When seen in the context of the marketing funnel, it’s clear that the top of the funnel is the most impacted by UGC. For a brand looking to scale reach, UGC is compelling type of content.


4. Time is the Biggest Setback

36% of UGC users surveyed admitted their biggest concern when it came to content marketing was not having enough time. This insight reveals why so many marketers turn to software to automate their use of UGC, and why there are a plethora of UGC platforms available.


5. UGC is Now Mainstream

For 43% of UGC users and 42% of non-UGC users, UGC is already a key component of their marketing strategy. From this result, we predict that as UGC becomes more mainstream, audiences will come to expect brands to integrate it into their marketing.

Brands that don’t stand to lose trust and market share.



When 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend than branded content, the authentic approach to content is the best practice.

The UGC report from TINT shows that marketers are increasingly becoming aware of the power of UGC, and not just for top of the funnel activities. Authentic marketing in the form of UGC can be leveraged at all stages of the consumer journey, saving marketers time, money, and resources.


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