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Are you looking to return to the office or do you wish you could extend your working from home time indefinitely? Have you always dreamed of working from home? Well, if you’ve been temporarily working from home like most of the world, then you’re probably enjoying this brief trial run. You know millions of active users shop on Amazon daily. More than 50% of online shoppers go to Amazon first when looking for something they want to buy. Read on to learn how you can earn a piece of the massive pie and start a successful online business with Amazon. 

The truth is you can. If you currently work a job that you’re just not passionate about anymore, or you’re just not all that interested in at all, it’s entirely possible to start running your own business working from home.

Using Amazon to start an e-commerce business provides the perfect platform for marketing and connecting with customers. With Amazon’s FBA program they take care of everything from selling, billing, and even shipping your products.

Think about it. If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would it be? Because once you’re making 5k-10k a month selling your products online, you can run your business wherever. Beach or campground? Living room or backyard deck?

You may be surprised to find yourself more productive than before when you can choose where and how you work.

Making Money From Home

There’s a ton of different online businesses you can start yourself and run without an office or employees or any overhead whatsoever. One popular option is to start affiliate marketing sites and earn commissions selling other people’s products. 

Many successful bloggers and internet marketers make a very profitable living making commissions promoting high-quality reputable companies.


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Folks who want to work from home also choose to source, market, and sell their own brand of products.

This is why one of the best options for working from home is starting an Amazon FBA business. 

Here is why Amazon is one of the most popular and effective ways to grow an online business from home or anywhere. 


selling on amazon fba 10K a month

Why Use Amazon to Grow Your Business

According to Amazon in 2018, small and midsize businesses made an average of over $90K a month in Amazon sales.

  • It has a built-in customer base. Millions of people around the globe go to Amazon every single minute of the day and buy thousands of products.

That’s traffic you could probably never get to your own website without a ton of work and money spent.

That reach helps you make a profit in the early stages rather than spending months, if not years, spending most of your time and energy just trying to attract customers to your website.

  • Amazon is a household name. Everyone knows it! Because it’s been around so long and is so successful and only growing more so, it’s a trusted site.

As a new business starting out, you’d have to work very hard to earn your audience’s trust. When you sell on Amazon’s preexisting platform, you automatically leverage their reputation with customers from the first day.

  • Big one! The technical work is already done for you!

One of the major tasks that online sellers face is having to set up their e-commerce platform correctly from the start. This involves hiring someone if you’re not going to do it yourself. Or if you do it yourself, overlooking and managing every painstaking technical task. Not fun!

You don’t have to worry about setting up an online shopping website. You simply fit your products into Amazon’s system and it’s ready to go! All you focus on is promoting and Get more website traffic and let Amazon FBA do everything else.

When you work through Amazon, this is already done for you and the job of maintaining it is also covered! Whoo hoo!! This allows you to focus your time, energy and resources in other productive ways.

Get more website traffic

Another added bonus! You can pay yourself twice by selling on Amazon! By joining Amazon’s associate program you can include affiliate links to your own products!

This means when someone buys your products you not only get a profit from that sale…but also the referral commission.

Btw, here’s a list of some companies that pay the highest commissions to bloggers:

100 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers


***Important to note – Not every product is going to be a home run. In order to set yourself up as a successful seller, you need to research trends, best selling categories, and the hottest products.

This is where Jungle Scout scores huge points for giving you crystal ball insight into exactly what you need to make sure you don’t pick a loser!


Selling on Amazon FBA

How to Use Amazon FBA to Grow Your Business

If you don’t want to process orders, ship to customers yourself Amazon can do this for you. This is known as FBA or ‘fulfilled by Amazon’. Indicating that Amazon takes care of processing and shipping of an order, rather than the merchant.

The process is simple;

  1. You send the products to Amazon’s warehouse
  2. Each time an order comes in Amazon handles the steps to ship the product to your customer
  3. Amazon keeps a portion of each sale
  4. The net income from each of your sale is deposited into your bank account
  5. Amazon handles any returns or exchanges!

How to Get Started Selling On Amazon FBA

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA

  • You save time and money processing and shipping out orders
  • You can operate out of any size space
  • You keep a greater portion of your profits
  • Customers know what to expect for shipping and processing

Amazon’s streamlined systems that handle order fulfillment and returns manage these tasks much more efficiently and at lower cost than a small business or starter company ever could. The fees you pay to Amazon are lower than you would have to pay to store and ship everything yourself.


amazon image
How to make 100K with Amazon FBA

Tips for Running a Successful Amazon FBA Business

To jumpstart your listings on Amazon and increase your profits you need to make sure your listing are easy to find and stand out from the competition.

Having a website of your own to showcase your products so they appear at the top of online search results is very helpful. You can also harness the power of Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to generate organic traffic or PPC advertising that sends buyers to your Amazon products.

Email marketing is also helpful to send to customers that you know may be interested in your products directly to your Amazon listing.



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Create Accurate Descriptions and Titles

Clearly state what you are selling with details and include long-tail keywords.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing

Remember to always write with the customer in mind. Add FAQs and extras so all the features are clear.

Need help writing your e-commerce listing? Jungle Scout has EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED SELLING ON AMAZON FBA.

Include Multiple Clear Images

Invest in professional images of your products just as if they were going on your own website. Don’t use photos of similar products. Customers are unlikely to trust these.

It’s quite simple and affordable to invest in a quality camera, and a lightbox to enhance your listings in order to create stunning images easily.

Tip! Consider adding videos of your products to point out special features.

You can hire a company to make videos for you even with a low budget.


How to find the best products to sell on Amazon?

Picking the right niche and choosing the right products is key to being successful on Amazon.

JUNGLE SCOUT Breaks Down Every Step of The Process: 

  • Choosing what product to sell
  • Figuring out how to get the business off the ground
  • Learning the entire operation
  • Testing and implementing marketing methods
  • Learning how to scale the business, so it practically runs itself


The ASM platform is divided into separate modules so users can absorb the information at their own pace.

The best part about working from home? You can grow your income as much as you’d like. There’s no earnings cap selling on Amazon, the only thing holding you back is how much you’re willing to work.


If you can develop a strategy to select and market new products, if you know what to sell on amazon on amazon to make money, then you can start earning tens of thousands of dollars every month.

Your success depends solely on you, and guides like JUNGLE SCOUT make it plain easy to achieve new levels of success.


Next Steps to Success

In our opinion, Jungle Scout is one of the most effective ways to kickstart working from home and growing your million dollar brand. 

Selling on Amazon is a great way for new entrepreneurs to get started in this market. It takes dedication and patience, but almost anyone with enough drive can start a business on Amazon following the guidance of Jungle Scout. 

Let someone else do the hard work of shipping and managing inventory for you – And put the trusted and powerful name of Amazon to work on your behalf!

Then, once you’ve finally launched your brand of physical products on Amazon, you’re free to work from anywhere at any time. Why wait? The sooner you get started on this business, the closer you’ll be to financial freedom!

Click to get started building your million dollar brand NOW! 



grow your online business with amazon