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We read a lot of titles about people making thousands of dollars from home. Gone are the days of limited, mind-numbing opportunities to work from home like ‘Medical Billing and Data Entry’.  Depending on your ambition, your goals, how much energy, passion and persistence you have, there are some very legitimate, highly lucrative and sure-fire ways to make a flexible, part or full time living from home with many viable programs on the internet.

Explore what you’re really interested in and have a true passion for because the opportunities are many.

After all, once you get invested you won’t be in it for a sprint, it will be a multi leg marathon and you will need to have a deep-seated desire to make it work and be in it for the long haul.

Just like a relationship or marriage, it will definitely have it’s share of rough patches. But in the end with patience and perseverance it you could have a full fledged machine that you’ve created all on your own that cranks out some pretty decent cash flow.

You’re not going to see any real results overnight. Anything that makes promises like that is definitely a scam. Real profit and legitimate business takes time and effort so do your research first and some soul searching and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What are my passions?
  • How much time do I have to put into this?
  • What are my resources? (personal energy and financial)

More and more people are searching for various work from home opportunities and fortunately the results are plentiful!

However, some of the work from home programs developed to lure you in are NOT legitimate. It can be difficult to distinguish the real ones from the rip-offs which will just waste your valuable money and time.

The truth is that unless you are a professional Internet marketer, you won’t be able to identify what online opportunities are bogus. There are people who started their online business trying one system after another and spending tons of money and time on them.

Don’t make that same mistake.

What can be done? How can you determine the legit ones from the fake?

There’s 2 categories:

Online Work From Home Programs:

These are the various approaches, methods and ways that can be utilized to make profit from home. You will discover the legit opportunities under this category, but approximately 95 percent of the systems or methods that can be found there will never help you to generate actual money.

Or, they’re literally designed to be so complicated that you will give up after a couple of weeks. What’s a budding entrepreneur to do? Don’t lose hope!

This post contains over 400 sites that offer work from home jobs that are part time, full time, freelance and remote.

And they contain everything ranging from entry level to professional advanced degree careers.

How to Find Legitimate Remote Work

Offline Work-From-Home Programs:

It is a fact that almost all offline money-making programs are bogus, rip-offs or methods/schemes that will not generate profits for you whatsoever.

Any program that starts out asking you right away to send in money you should avoid like the plague!

Even the kind that has you sign up for their email list so they can sell it or try and sell you their money-making system over and over again is for the birds!

They never actually send you any real work to do anyway!

So, what should you do in order to avoid such rip-offs?

Start Your Own Online Business Venture! 

If you are just starting out, then the simplest and only way for you to steer clear of bogus programs and start earning real money on the Internet at the comfort of your home is to completely avoid all of them and just concentrate on developing your own Internet business venture.

This can be starting a blog, learning affiliate marketing, copywriting, or freelance writing, opening an Etsy shop, selling digital products, being an SEO expert, or even having your own social media consulting business.

Read the articles below to get some great ideas!

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Some of these businesses take a great deal of time and research to explore, & ultimately implement & monetize. But they sure as heck are educational and inspiring and could lead you right on track to your true passion.

If you’re more impatient to get started right away you might want to explore a direct sales type of business such as being an online Social Selling Sales representative if you’re into Fashion, or a Wine Ambassador for the Boisset Wine Company in California.

These types are companies are very hot right now and you can have great success with them with the reach of the internet and social media. You are not locked into the days of having to have parties to sell your wares and meet a certain quota each month either.

Check out some of the articles below for more details and ideas. Depending upon your interests, experience and talents there’s a wealth of opportunities out there!

Just a little creative thinking (and marketing) is involved.

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Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Another option that is my absolute favorite way to make money online is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is set to grow by 6.8 Billion ‘ – Forrester Research.

In this Digital Age it’s not going anywhere.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing:

  • You can start out by being an affiliate marketer – advertising products or service of other people. And you don’t need a blog or website to do so. By way of affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission whenever you refer a prospective customer to the website of the product owner.
  • This is one of the easiest methods to make a profit online if you are just starting out as it requires no technical ability.  In addition, you can start generating money safe and quickly and you can do it anywhere – all you need is access to the Internet, diligence and you are good to go.

You can read my detailed review below of the two behemoths in the industry, Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama. Both programs can also be sampled for free.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama – My Review

No matter which option you choose the important thing is that you recognize that there are legitimate, highly lucrative ways to work from home.

But the great thing about starting your very own Internet business right from the ground up is that it’s easier than you would imagine to get started, and you won’t be taking any risks of getting scammed if you get off on the right foot with a solid course like Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. 

Just keep in mind that it is starting a legitimate business and therefore takes as much if not more effort in terms of consistency, diligence and fortitude.

You cannot just go into it thinking you will ‘try’ it for a month and quit.

Investing in yourself and your business is the #1 thing you can do for yourself and your family. You can have an unlimited income potential, flexible hours and be as creative as you please.

And did I mention how awesome it is being your own boss? 😉

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