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Looking to increase your online visibility after you’ve been in business for a year? Maintaining a strong and consistent online presence is key once you’ve established your business. As a prominent online visibility consultant Jenny Hale specializes in helping busy and motivated female online entrepreneurs who are established and ready to scale past current $5k months. Learn how you can skyrocket your visibility online so that their message can reach more ideal audience members, and find influencer status, and make more sales, all without needing more time in their day to market.

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Building the foundation to your business is only the first step, and that includes getting seen by your target audience enough to make sales.  Yet, after you’ve created that first-year success and generated consistent high-level sales, the passionate and motivated entrepreneur will want more.

More visibility.

More leads and sales.

More publicity.

More referrals.

For female entrepreneurs with the foundational social media pages in place, a steady stream of new followers, a growing email list, and some business besties, hitting the next level in their business is vital.

It often means they know they are meant for something bigger – to make an impact and change the world.

They don’t want to be seen as just an entrepreneur, but as an influencer and expert in their business industry.

They don’t want to talk to just any old audience, but an audience of followers that are highly engaged with questions and opinions.

They want to create more community over competition and build up together.

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It means bigger podcasts, guest blog traffic, media interviews, events, collaborations, contests, getting your current audiences involved and attracting new ones.

That’s when a visibility campaign is key – a series of content and events surrounding a single theme that skyrockets your business in front of more people with goals of increasing awareness, establishing yourself as an expert, and priming your followers to purchase in the future.

This is the best strategy to launch prior to a new course or program offering, a major shopping holiday, or to increase awareness of your business (and you!).


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A visibility campaign has the following elements:

Profit Can’t be the Main Focus

  1. The entrepreneur must have a business that means more to them than money. Campaigns must be authentic, or audiences will tune out and stop participating.  The best campaigns come from the heart, entertain or inform, and help to change your ideal audience’s life.

2. Have a Cohesive Theme

The campaign must have a clear, concise theme. When creating the campaign, know yourself, your business, and your audience’s biggest problem.

3. Focus on a Niche

Create a hashtag or central phrase for your campaign that is easy for your audience to understand if they stumbled upon it with no context. For example, the best campaigns include the target audience, what the hashtag/phrase is about, and what it would be used for.  #ParentingProblems is broad compared to #ToddlerBedtimeProblems, for example.

This needs to be very specific because if your campaign goes viral and starts trending on social media, users who were not informed of your campaign or know about your business may join in, and targeted users are always better.

4. Set a Time Frame

I recommend a month, unless it’s specifically for a holiday or certain week (whatever makes sense for the campaign).

5. Have a Specific Marketing Strategy

Build out your marketing tactics and events. Your goal should be to establish yourself as the authority figure, so take a step away from participant and start hosting events and moving towards publicity or collaborations.

Consider online summits, webinars, Twitter Chats, podcast outreach, collaborations, contests, and more.  Build out multiple events and publicity outreach for the entire month.


Using these strategies, established businesses can see massive follower increases, skyrocketed organic reach and engagement, increased positioning, and for some, viral status.

Campaigns are one of the best strategies to skyrocket visibility, lead to influencer status, as well as gain leads and business opportunities.

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Jenny Hale is a visibility consultant offering done-for-you marketing campaigns to established and experienced female, online entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world with their business.  Owner of JH Marketing Results, Jenny started her first business at 19 years old. By 20, she expanded into marketing consulting for franchises and local. You can find Jenny on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@ResultsinaMonth), as well as in her private Facebook group (Results in a Month).

Get in touch with Jenny to schedule your visibility assessment call today!

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