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You may think it’s outlandish but writing quotes for Instagram and other platforms is one way this writer earns more than $1,000 per hour! Think it’s not possible? Read on.

And today with the latest technology of programs like ChatGTP there’s no limit to what type of content you can create and how much you can earn.

Monetizing Your Words

Words matter. We’ve all heard the ‘sticks and stones…’ saying but we know in truth words carry tons of power. Words can help us, hurt us, drive us to action, and words can heal.

Big companies know this helps them to sell their products. And they pay the right people big money to create the right emotions to get behind them and target their audience.

Case in point. I had a call the other day from a tee shirt company in California looking for someone to write Inspirational quotes for them on Instagram. You wouldn’t think that an actual job existed for that, but it definitely does.

Those words we read every day on Instagram and social media and your favorite products and Big Pharma ads don’t just come out of nowhere. Someone actually gets paid to write them.

This could be you.

Content marketing and content creation has exploded in the last few years. According to analysts from Technavio, the industry is projected to be worth $412.88 billion in 2021.

Did you know that some companies and brands pay rates of over $1,000 per hour for short sayings and original quotes like ones you read every day? It almost seems unbelievable.

However, a woman named Laura Belgray who is the owner of talkingshrimp charges over $1,000 per hour.

Update! She now charges $1,450 per hour! Whaaat?

Now keep in mind that Laura has built up a business that has earned her a stellar reputation allowing her to command those rates from top firms.

Even if you don’t earn her rates, the fact is that major companies and corporations are PAYING big money for great copy and content that catches attention and vibes with their audience.

Read on to learn how you can make money as a freelance writer or content creator to grow a successful business and charge clients’ top rates to write quotes or build content on Instagram and other social media channels.

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How to get paid to write short, quotable social media posts

More and more businesses and companies are using Instagram and other social media to reinforce their brands across the globe.

They need words that captivate, persuade and sell — and let’s face it, writing is hard.

Most people need help writing catchy phrases, witty sayings and motivational quotes, and many companies will pay big money for it.

That’s where the power of compelling copywriting comes in.


How AI Helps Content Creators Generate Big Profits in 2023

Don’t wait for permission to write quotes

Of course, anyone can publish quotes, develop content or be a ghostwriter these days especially with top writing tools.

People do it all the time on Amazon and on ibooks and other digital platforms and make a small bundle every single month!

One of the great things about freelance writing is that if you love to write, you can start doing so professionally — without permission, an agent, a book deal, a publisher, or working your way up a corporate ladder.

Back in the day it would take years of effort and success to accumulate a portfolio of high-quality copy or print ads, but as a freelance online writer you can create your own work easily even in bulk.

Hate to write? With AI writing tools like WriteSonic you don’t even need to be a writer these days to create engaging optimized content! In over 24 languages!

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Highlight your talent

There are plenty of free, no-permission-required ways to show off your writing skills.

  • Write and publish stories and articles on and Medium
  • Submit your articles to these sites that pay big money for posts: 115 Sites That Pay You Well to Write and Blog
  • Build your own website, and fill it up with examples of your work
  • Create content in bulk and in multiple languages with AI writing tools to get more sales
  • Post your own original, quotable sayings on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Even if that’s not the writing service you want to offer, your own quotes and tips are a great way to build a following stand out to your target audience.
  • Get testimonials from others who have liked your work and post them on your website, social and Google My Business


Create your own quote graphics

You don’t have to be a designer to create amazing graphics these days. Anyone can do it. Here’s how:

  • Use an easy graphic editing app like Canva, – which offers a variety of Instagram and social media quote templates, animated graphics, drag and drop designs and much more. 
  • Use an AI digital creator to post stunning images that are relevant to your brand or business
  • Post the quote on Twitter, then take a screenshot and use that as your Instagram image. This style of quote is easy to create and read and grabs attention.
give up being perfect for being authentic quote
Design anything for free with Canva

If you want to be hired and make money as a writer or write quotes for Instagram – make it clear that you are one for the job and it’s easy to book you.

    • On your website, have a “Services” or “Hire Me” page that allows people to contact you for more information.
    • Offer your services (even if no one has ever paid you for them yet) on a freelancer site like FreeUp or Fiverr. Some people make up to $100K a year using these sites.
    • If you want to write Instagram quotes, use your own original captions to let people know. For instance, when you post an original quote, the caption can include a sentence like, “Original quotes to brand your business... DM me for details.” 
    • Contact companies on Instagram or LinkedIn in a niche you like that can use your writing services.


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Set Your Rates

You can check out various freelance rate sites online but remember to be firm with your prices.

As a newbie obviously you’re not going to charge what Laura does – at least not right away;)

But remember, the more demand you build for yourself, the more you can charge. And don’t forget to always keep building your skills and getting positive reviews.


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It doesn’t take innate talent to get started writing masterful, commanding copy and content to help you stand out on the web and get more traffic and leads to your business!

Powerful programs like WriteSonic uses ChatGTP AI technology that can help you write for anyone in multiple languages.

Sign up for free today!

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