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Earning passive income with affiliate programs is by far one of my favorite ways to earn passive dollars online. The benefits are many and the costs involve only your time and efforts. Almost anyone can start applying to affiliate marketing programs for items that pay the highest commissions. Read on for step-by-step instructions and tips to get started.

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There are several proven ways to make a substantial living online with the advancements of the internet, but in this post, I’m focusing on one of the most profitable ways to make money online, and that starts with learning about affiliate marketing

This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase anything through a link with no extra cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

Hands down, Affiliate Marketing is the best business model for anyone interested in creating a lifetime of passive income online, and the best part about it is that there it doesn’t even matter if you have low pageviews.

Unlike advertising with Google AdSense which requires you to have tons of traffic coming to your site each and every month. 

According to Forrester Research Affiliate Marketing has grown to over $8.2 billion since 2022! So for those who say affiliate marketing is a thing of the past simply have not reaped the benefits…

Digital marketing and top companies seeking affiliates or partners for their businesses aren’t going anywhere my friends. In fact, it’s only just beginning. 

  • It’s estimated that 80% of brands have affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate marketing spending is projected to grow by over 10% in the next couple of years.
  • Globally, the USA has the largest market share in the affiliate industry, with over 39% share.
  • Affiliate marketing accounts for over 16% of all eCommerce orders in the USA and Canada.
  • Nearly 65% of affiliate marketers worldwide generate traffic by blogging alone.
  • Affiliate marketing accounts for over 15% of all digital media revenue.
  • Statistics reveal that 94% of publishers use multiple affiliate marketing networks.

Read below about just a handful of these very successful blogging affiliate marketers income reports and stories.  

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

The quote from Warren Buffet above states perfectly why Affiliate Marketing is the ideal reason behind why Entrepreneurs like you who don’t want to settle for a mediocre paycheck to paycheck existence.

Scroll down for the 7 Steps to learn how I make $15,000 per month doing Affiliate Marketing.

Why Making Money Through Affiliate Programs is dubbed ‘Passive’ Income Online

For my first affiliate marketing ‘gig’ I made $100 in 5 minutes time and that beat any soul sucking corporate office job.

Ever since then my knowledge of affiliate marketing has grown exponentially and along with that my income levels via several reputable companies.

Wouldn’t you love to open up your email and see reports from various companies letting you know that you’ve earned an affiliate sale or sales overnight? 

Affiliate marketing earnings

Affiliate marketing is by NO means an overnight ‘get rich quick scheme’.  A lot of hard work and dedication goes into it. But once it’s put into place you can literally earn what’s called ‘passive income’ over and over again even when you’re not actively working on it. 

Below are just some examples of bloggers and affiliate marketers who make astronomical earnings with affiliate marketing.

Examples of highly successful Affiliate Marketers

  • Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income – $176,649.93 per month
    Pat was laid off in 2008, and I think it was probably a good thing to happen to him. He was able to put more time towards his blog, and it all grew quickly from there. His blog is a must-read if you want to earn a living online or be your own boss.
  • Michelle Schroeder Gardner –Making Sense of Cents – $100,324 per month
  • Michelle runs a well known personal finance and lifestyle blog. Famous for paying off $38,000 of student debt in 7 months. She’s a digital nomad who used to live in an RV (now a sailboat) and blogs about how to reach financial independence through blogging, affiliate marketing and debt payoff techniques.
  • Matthew Woodward – $24,298.27 per month
    Matt is a blogger who provides a very detailed income report each month. One thing I love about his reports is that he makes a decent amount of money from several different affiliates.
    Matt earned $24,298.27 in January of 2016.
  • The Busy Budgeter – $9,362.64 per month
    Rosemarie runs the blog The Busy Budgeter. She earned $9,362 in blogging income, which consists of income from advertising networks, affiliate marketing, advertising, and coaching.
  • What Mommy Does – $7,495 per month
    Lena used to be a CPA, and now she runs this fun blog as a stay-at-home mom.

The Downside of Affiliate Programs 

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you need to put time and effort in. It also helps to be consistent, have patience, be organized and have a willingness to learn.

This is true of any business or venture you work towards.

To win at affiliate marketing you need to work at building amazing content that engages your audience and solves problems for them.

Affiliate marketing is not about getting a bunch of links from any business and slapping them everywhere you can.

Affiliate marketing is indeed a legitimate formula that can potentially earn you unlimited passive income. Plain and simple.

The UPSIDE of Affiliate Programs

There’s no cap on earnings! If you learn the correct techniques you can be one of the many bloggers and freelancers out there who make upwards of $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000-$150,000 per month  – there’s no reason why you can’t learn the formula too.

Granted, the ones who earn the highest figures are in the top echelon of the affiliate marketing stratosphere, but the point is that it’s entirely possible.

Would you smirk at an extra $5K a month in passive income online? Not in this economy!

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The Pennyhoarder made 30 million last year with affiliate marketing. This is NOT a typo. And the owner hates to write! So, writing skills are not a necessary part of the job to be a successful affiliate marketer.

So why doesn’t everyone participate in affiliate marketing? Because it does take time and hard work to learn and get started, and people tend to get stuck in their comfort zones.

That’s it in a nutshell.

If you’re seeking a profession, or even a part time career where you can earn a lucrative income by means of the internet, where you can work anywhere on the planet, make your own schedule, earn money while you travel, while you sleep and even after you die then affiliate marketing is the technique you need to master. 

By using the free techniques below you will create a sustainable business model that will pay for years upon years to come. Again, they’ve dubbed it ‘passive’ income because it generates income actively all the time whether you’re working or not.

Now granted, successful affiliate marketers work a lot and that’s how the most successful one’s generated the most income. It doesn’t just fall into their laps! Here’s how.

Let’s get started learning how to make extra income with Affiliate Programs!

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Profit with Affiliate Marketing

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How Do I Get Started Make Passive Income with Affiliate Programs?

An Internet Connection and an Affiliate Program will get you going.

All you need to make passive income with the internet is an internet connection obviously:) some channels you want to use to promote such as; social media, a website or blog, an email newsletter or video channel, and then choose some high quality, high paying affiliate program you wish to promote.

What’s an affiliate program or partnership?

An affiliate program (affiliate marketing) is the process of you working on behalf of another company as an affiliate (or partner) with the goal of bringing customers or consumers to that business, and in return you receive payment (in the form of a commission) for your recommendation when the consumer makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

If you click on an affiliate link or a banner attached to one and you decide to make a purchase the company will pay you a small commission with no additional charge to the customer.

Sign up with Shareasale to monetize your content

When you sign up for your affiliate program through a company such as Share-A-Sale, Clickbank, Rakuten, Skimlinks etc. you will be issued an affiliate link id, which will be the identifier for your information with the company, and how your sales will be tracked to ensure you receive credit and payment.

To find an affiliate program to promote, I really suggest you look into a program that lines up with some of your interests and the niche that your website is related to. 

It can be tempting to promote something that offers a great commission, but you really want to be authentic and stand behind the product you’re representing.

For example; if you have a website that talks about French wine you wouldn’t partner with companies that promote computer software.

It simply wouldn’t go with your niche.

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join and promote to make money with, and most all major retailers have an affiliate program that you can join, from California table wines to comfy mattresses, to Steaks and Game and everything in between.

Don’t get disappointed if you get rejected from a program!

There are tons of other companies out there who will accept you even as a beginner.

To find an affiliate program that will peak your interest, just Google the niche that you have interest in within “quotes” i.e.  Sell My iPhone” or “invoicing for small business” and you will find a list of potential affiliate programs that you can join.

The Best-Selling Course to Start Earning 10,000 + Per Month Online

Below are 7 steps that will show you exactly how you can be successful using affiliate programs to grow passive income online while you sleep! 

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How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Sale in 7 Steps

1. Choose a Niche for Your Affiliate Program

Before you even begin building your first site, you’ll need to decide which niche you’re going to target.
Obviously, if you don’t know what your site is about or who you’re going to target with it, you can’t really build a site around it…can you?

If you’ve already figured this one out, way to go! This is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and overwhelming steps.

If you don’t quite know what your niche is yet, here’s some advice that you might find useful.
Some key questions to ask yourself when determining your niche are:

What topics am I already passionate about?

It’s much easier to work on something if you’re passionate about it. Plus, when you have a passion, you’re generally quite knowledgeable about it too. Keep in mind, you’ll have to be writing a tremendous amount encompassing your particular niche so if you don’t care about the topic it will go stale fast.

Is there money in this niche?

While following your passion is definitely the recommended option, sometimes the possibility of making money in a profitable niche trumps passion. So, you might not necessarily know much about your niche, but if it’s likely to make you money, you can always learn more about it, right?

What topic could I see myself easily writing 25, 50, or 100 blog posts about?

There are several profitable niches that are also very popular among affiliate markets. I’ll put it to you straight. Get laid, get paid and live forever. Sound familiar? These are the 3 most popular niche markets.

  • Relationships
  • Making money
  • Health

Granted, these are broad topics but you can always ‘niche down’.

Just make sure your niche is relevant to consumers purchasing relevant products that you are promoting. 

Are there affiliate programs available in this niche? With the hundreds of companies participating in Affiliate programs you are certain to find several to match up.

If you’re not certain how to choose your niche read my article How to Find a Profitable Niche for Your Online Business

ai writer writesonic


2. Research Affiliate Programs

Once you’ve decided on a niche, it’s time to find out what’s out there in terms of programs and products to promote.

You’ve probably already done a bit of research for this while researching your niche — now you need to dig deeper.

Choosing an affiliate program will take some work, but don’t be afraid to invest a significant amount of time into it because this is, of course, where your income will come from.

Choosing the right program will make it well worth your while!

When choosing an affiliate program here is just a small example of Merchants I work with – but there are literally THOUSANDS you could promote depending upon your niche.

AI Writing Generator Chatsonic

Elementor Landing Pages

Deluxe Business Services


AI Digital Art Creator

TikTok for Business

Cruelty Free Makeup

AISEO – All In One SEO PlugIN

and thousands more!

As you can see there’s a never-ending variety of merchants who use the program/ affiliate network. There’s sure to find one you will want to represent.

You want to make sure other similar sellers are also using the network, as this can help you gauge your likelihood of success with the particular program.

Below is a bestselling course that outlines everything you need to know to get started making a passive income online.

making sense of affiliate marketing
The best-selling course to making sense of affiliate marketing without selling your soul!

Some popular Networks that promote these merchants that successful bloggers use to make a lucrative income are:

  • ShareASale
  • ClickBank
  • Rakuten
  • LinkShare
  • Commission Junction.
  • Amazon Associates
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • Skimlinks
  • CJ Affiliate
  • FlexOffers
  • MaxBounty

How much commission are you likely to make from Affiliate Programs?

5 ways to monetize business and assets

Make sure you sign up for programs that are profitable and generate a sufficient return in on investment. Otherwise, they will be a waste of your time. 

And be certain that you want to be associated with the products and services.

The products and services you will be promoting to your audience must be relevant and good quality.

Make sure you believe in them and know everything about them, because this will be crucial to you delivering the sales pitch to your audience.

You need to build trust with your audience so make sure the products and services you choose to promote are trustworthy enough.

Be sure to check what kind of customer support you can expect from your affiliate program once you have signed up. Do your research online and if possible, speak to other sellers using the program to get their thoughts. You want to be associated with a reputable company that you stand behind.

***Learn how Michelle went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month***

3. Build a Passive Income Affiliate WebSite

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Steps 1 and 2 are all about research and figuring out what’s possible and profitable. Now, it’s time to start putting your research into action.

Assuming you don’t already have a website built, this will be the next step. Fortunately, building a site isn’t as complicated or labor-intensive as it was in the past.

If you’re a newbie to building sites, the easiest way to set up a site is by using Elementor & WordPress.

The WordPress CMS is very easy to use and while coding skills can come in handy, for the most part you will not require any tech knowledge to set up your site.

You need to follow just a few steps to have your site up and running:

How to Start a Blog (or Website) in 5 Simple Steps

Buy a domain

Your domain is the address for your website (e.g., so this is the first thing you will need to do when setting up your site.

Considering there are millions of websites on the internet, it’s possible that the domain name you want may already be taken by someone else. So make sure you have several options in mind.

There are several places you can buy a domain, some well known options are: Weebly, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Network Solutions.

If you purchase from Bluehost you get a domain name for free along with the hosting service.

They also partner now with Constant Contact which makes it even easier for you to obtain customers by implementing automated email marketing services. That makes them even more powerful and appealing!

Discover the best domain for your brand

Purchase and Set Up Hosting

If your domain is your address, hosting is like the actual house within which your site will live. It’s your own little slice of the internet — the place where all your website files live. Hosting is very affordable these days, so don’t unnecessarily scrimp on costs.

Go with a reputable, reliable provider because your affiliate marketing business depends on it.

I recommend Bluehost or Siteground because they are both reliable, speedy and super affordable.


If you purchase your domain and hosting from different companies, you will need to link the two together. Don’t panic, it’s a simple process. I originally hosted on GoDaddy but was spending waay too much money.


Once your hosting is set up, you need to install a content management system (CMS) for your site. I recommend because it is easy to use and even a beginner can quite quickly figure out how it works.

Most good hosting providers will have a one-click install option for WordPress, which means it will only take you a couple of minutes and you will have WordPress installed on your site.

Install your theme

A WordPress theme provides all the styling of a site that you (and your audience) see on the front end. There are thousands of themes available, so choosing one might seem daunting at start.

My advice: go with something simple and easy to customize. You can always change the looks of it later.

4. Create content

Finally, once your site is ready, it’s time to create content for it.

The content you create must be relevant to your niche but also interesting and engaging enough to keep your audience coming back.

You should also ensure the site content is search engine-friendly.

Write Product Reviews for Affiliate Programs

Your affiliate site model could be based off writing reviews about different products or services. This is a common model and if done well, can prove very useful in generating affiliate income.

For example, I focus on writing reviews on several different kinds of products or services and help my readers make the best decision about the product they want to buy. If after reading the review the user clicks through to the product/service using the affiliate link, I earn a small commission from it.

Write honest, real reviews about products. Build up trust with your audience, and remember that they rely on your opinion.

Don’t just point out all the positives of a product and gloss over the negatives. An honest opinion will be valued. Add compelling images and make mention of useful features, specifications and other details.

Your product review can then link to the page (with your affiliate ID attached), where your audience can make a purchase if they’re interested. If you do, hooray! You’ve made your first sale.

product review
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Mind you, this costs nothing extra to the consumer.

Address common problems, questions or issues relevant to your target market.

Creating blog content is a very useful and effective way of consistently building content on a site.

When creating blog posts, it’s a good idea to do some keyword research I like Jaaxy, but you can also (Use a free Google Keyword tool or Buzzsumo)to figure out what it is that your audience is interested in and searching for online.

Also, be sure to research competitors, forums and social media to narrow down topics for your blog.

SEMrush is the perfect tool for this!


Create Evergreen Content

If you are building a site that has the potential for information that will never age and remain useful for your audience, you have the opportunity to create what is known as evergreen content.

It’s important to carry out extensive keyword research before planning any evergreen content for a site like this, as your site could hugely benefit from the proper usage of keywords within such content.

ai writer writesonic


5. Give Away Informational products

Giving away a free informational product such as an e-book, pdf, swipe file, an email series, resource library or a mini course is a popular tactic many affiliate marketers use. Usually, your readers will have to provide their email addresses to receive the product from you.

You can then use this to sell to them via email marketing. Additionally, an informational product can generate interest in the actual product you’re trying to sell.

Help grow your blog with Constant Contact email marketing

If your product is popular enough and brings enough traffic to your site, you could also monetize the traffic in other ways, such as Google AdSense, Medianet, Mediavine, Monumetric etc. Some of these programs require you to have a certain amount of traffic for qualifying first.

My post below will tell you which ones you can earn the most money with.

6 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Remember: Purchasing generic content is NOT an effective method to build your site.

While it may be tempting to populate your site this way, in the long run it won’t help you to position yourself as an expert in your niche (and ultimately means less traffic and fewer sales).

However, with the development of AI writing generators it’s now easier and more effortless than ever to create any content you can imagine in minutes.

6. Build an Audience

Building an audience for your site will, in some ways, follow naturally once you start producing excellent content. An interested audience will not only bring you consistent traffic, but also result in consistent sales for you.

So how do you start building an audience for a completely new site?

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Here are some ideas to drive traffic to your website or blog:

Promote your content via social media

The easiest and most common way to start building an audience for a website is via social media.

Depending on your niche and industry, you can choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and several other niche and location-specific networks.

Building up an engaged and interested following on social media is a great opportunity to build relationships and once you have their trust, promote your products and services to them.

social plug ins
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Guest post on high-traffic blogs

While your site is still new, it’s a good idea to start capitalizing on someone else’s audience.

Continue focusing on building your own content, but also considering writing content for a few big, high-traffic blogs that are relevant for your niche.

By writing content for a bigger site, you are able to get in front of another audience and showcase your expertise on a particular topic. This will eventually lead to more traffic to your site, as well.

Build an email list

grow your email list

Let no one tell you that email marketing is dead. An email list is crucial for every affiliate marketer.

You can start building up your email list with a lead magnet (like the information products mentioned previously) or even just by encouraging your audience to sign up for your updates.

15 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

You can then push your content to this audience via email and also direct them to your affiliate offers.

Don’t be sleazy about the sales, but if you build up enough trust with your email audience; when the time comes, they will not mind purchasing a product from you if you prove your trust and authority.

Use basic SEO techniques to increase search engine traffic to your site

seo social media audit socialbuzzhive

Organic search remains an important source of traffic for any website, so it’s important that you optimize your website for search engines as well. When creating your content, you must always do so keeping the reader in mind first, but don’t forget to follow a few basic SEO principles as well.

Learn SEO yourself or hire a good SEO marketer to help you maximize on-page and off-page SEO opportunities for your site. If your site starts to appear in search results for terms relevant to your niche, it will be a huge boost towards building your audience (and your sales)!

Ultimate SEO Boss – How to Master SEO Without Losing Your Mind


Invest in paid advertising

TikTok for business

Many affiliate marketers use paid advertising to generate additional traffic to their site and drive more sales. Paid advertising on social media is often a good place to start, as these networks tend to be more affordable.

You may also want to consider taking out inexpensive banner ads on small niche sites. Depending on your niche, Google AdWords could also be a good option to drive some paid traffic to your site.

How to Build Your Epic Online Business – eBook


7. Promote Affiliate Offers


This is the exciting part! Many fly-by-night affiliates will jump right to this step and bypass steps 1–5 completely. And this is what will set you apart.

Once you’ve shown that you can offer something of value in your niche, it’s time to continue adding value by promoting products that will be useful and helpful for your audience.

You can promote your offers in a number of ways. It will depend on the type of site you’ve built and also what you’re selling. Some ideas include:

You can put up banners on your site, to promote your affiliate offers. Most affiliate programs will usually provide their own creatives when you sign up for their offers.

All you have to do is insert the banner on a highly trafficked page (your affiliate tracking is usually embedded within the code).

Banner ads in the right locations can do a great job of driving sales.

This is a very common way to promote offers. For example, you will often see a blog post with links to certain products or services. If the reader clicks through and makes a purchase, the blog owner will make a commission.

These in-text links blend in with other content on your site and are a great way of promoting an offer within your content, without being over-the-top salesy with banners.

If you already have built up an email list, you could also promote your affiliate offers via email promotions.

Just make sure you build up a relationship with your audience first instead of going for the hard sell straightaway.

The emails you send out must contain your affiliate links to products so when your audience click through. the sale is attributed to you.

Discounts and giveaways for Passive Income Online


Many affiliate programs will often run promotions with good discounts or giveaways that might be attractive to your audience.

For example, if you’re an Ebay Associate and the site has a big Holiday Sale, it would be the perfect opportunity for you to promote discounts to your website visitors.

This is a great way to promote your offers while also providing good value to your audience.

When promoting affiliate offers, just make sure you are fully aware of all the terms and conditions attached to your affiliate program. Some programs can be strict about how they allow you to promote their products.

For example, some may limit you to banner ads and links only, while others will allow you to use paid advertising, but won’t allow email marketing.

Also, make sure you have a disclaimer on your website and social media posts that advises your audience that you may have links that promote affiliate offers.

This is necessary for several affiliate programs and also a basic courtesy to your website visitors.

In the U.S., the FTC mandates disclosure for affiliate marketers (and anyone issuing endorsements), as well.


Rinse, Lather, and Repeat

Now to earn consistent passive income online, simply to keep doing what you’re doing.

Your ongoing work as an affiliate marketer will be to repeat these steps on a continual basis.

Building a site up to a point where it can make you consistent income takes a bit of work and you must be willing to constantly create, promote, market, innovate and of course, sell!

But here’s the thing, once the formula is set and in place, that is when your income is on automatic pilot and you will keep earning from those posts, reviews and links that are established long after you’ve written them!


Review of Key Points

It can feel overwhelming to do all the necessary work involved in setting up your site and building your reputation.

But trust me, once you’ve made that first sale, and start to get email notices that you’re earning commissions on automatic, all the hard work will be worth it!

To sum it all up, making your first affiliate commission requires a bit of work but if you break it all down and follow it step by step, it won’t seem so overwhelming at all. Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do:

  • Choose your niche.
  • Research different affiliate programs and products.
  • Build a site.
  • Produce excellent content.
  • Build an audience.
  • Promote your affiliate product(s).
  • Repeat steps on a continual basis! As you can see, there is a tried-and-true strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing for beginners. Put in the work, and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of your first sale.


Write Your Way to Passive Income Online

writer coffee cup

Another one of the best solutions to how to make money with the internet is called article marketing, this is related to affiliate marketing.

Article Marketing is where you write articles based on keywords that are related to the affiliate offer that you are promoting. Start out with the Google external keyword tool, and type in your niche such as “Wedding planning, baby photo albums, organic smoothies” etc.

The SEMrush SEO tool will give you a list of keywords that are related to that niche, and you will want to stick to this criteria when choosing keywords to write articles about. Make sure that:

1. There are at least 1,000 monthly searches for the chosen keyword
2. No more than 10,000 total web page results
3. Keep your keyword density between 1-2% (keyword should appear in the article 5-9 times for a 450-500 word article.

You can also get paid for your great content and find a sponsor for your web site.


These are the basics about how to make money and passive income online with Affiliate Programs.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your earnings will grow IF you remain consistent, patient and persistent. 

It may sound like a lot at first but once everything is in place all the hard work will be worth it! 

Listen – No matter what line of work you are in everything takes hard work in the beginning.

Blogging can be really difficult. With affiliate marketing you don’t even need your own blog! Of course it does help to have one I must admit. If you don’t want to build one from scratch there are plenty on the open market! 

Many bloggers and online influencers skip over partnering with affiliate programs.

They either think it’s too hard, that it’s a waste of time, that they will turn followers away, or that their followers just won’t be interested.

However, if you’re not earning money through affiliate marketing, then you are literally leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Perhaps you have zero experience with affiliate marketing or you’ve even tried affiliate marketing in the past, but nothing seemed to work.

Trust me, I know how you feel. When I started out blogging, I knew NOTHING about it.

And due to that, I was afraid to try new things, and I was definitely afraid of affiliate marketing because I didn’t want to scare my readers away or waste my time.


Of course, you can always try to do it on your own and waste YEARS figure it out, but I always think it’s best to learn from the pros who have had the best success from it and can show you all the best short cuts:)


If you want to learn the best ways about how to make passive income through affiliate programs, sign up with Shareasale and be sure to check out Michelle Gardner’s winning Affiliate Marketing program course.

Remember, with affiliate marketing there’s no cap on how much you can earn and no better feeling than opening up those emails saying, “Congratulations, you’ve earning a commission” Or, “We’ve deposited xxxx amount of dollars into your bank account or PayPal account today”.

There’s no time like the present to get started! And there’s a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF YOU’RE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED!


making sense of affiliate marketing
The Best Affiliate Marketing course to help you Make Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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Follow for more tips on how to make money online and grow your epic online business!

make passive income with affiliate marketing programs