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Amazon is the 11th most visited website in the world, making it a tantalizing prospect for entrepreneurs looking to cash in by starting their businesses. To succeed in Amazon sales requires a detailed strategy. Getting started is the first step, but with the right planning and implementation, your amazon sales can fly. 

Succeed in Amazon Sales – Research

Researching is the most important component of starting any business. This is where you will seek to find gaps in markets that your business can take advantage of and grow.

Research tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium 11 are great tools to discover this information, as these tools will provide you with metrics for products already sold on Amazon. You will find information such as estimates of how many products each listing sells per month and how much revenue each product listing makes.

This allows you as a prospective Amazon seller to determine if product markets are oversaturated with other sellers or if there is an opportunity for you to stick your foot in the door.

Amazon is also a tricky beast to tame as it requires new sellers to soak up a lot of complex information to be able to sell within the strict guidelines of Amazon, but luckily there is plenty of information out there to help new sellers navigate this learning process.

You can learn by watching YouTube videos and reading information online, it is best to take information from many different places and see if it correlates; because if multiple sources are providing the same answers to your questions it is more likely to be right. 

Here’s a post that can help you get started selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scount and Helium 11 also have keyword research capabilities, allowing you to type in keywords and be shown relevant keywords to the keywords you have entered. This allows you to discover keywords that you may not have previously considered.

Each keyword these tools show you will be accompanied by information on how many people are searching for that keyword on Amazon and the level of competition that keyword has.

As the more competitors use the keywords you are using the more difficult it will be for you to rank higher in the Amazon search results. To get the best results you should pick keywords that have a high search volume and low competition among other sellers.

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Amazon FBA VS Amazon FBM

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for fulfilled by Amazon, this option entails you sending your stock of products you are going to sell to an Amazon warehouse.

Your products will be stored and once a customer purchases one of your products the product will be wrapped up and sent directly to the customer by Amazon. 

Usually, products are sent with next-day shipping, providing convenience to the customer. This option can be convenient if you don’t want to spend too much time on a day-to-day basis working on your business.

However, Amazon sellers pay for this service as Amazon takes around 30-40% of the product sales value in fees. This means if you are going to go down the route of FBA selling you need to have a product that has good profit margins already to make a profit.

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Amazon FBM

Amazon FBM stands for fulfilled by merchant and the merchant is you! It is up to you to store the products you are going to sell, you can either do this by storing it in your home residence or within a storage unit or warehouse that you own or rent.

Once a customer purchases a product it is again up to you to pack and send the product out to the address of the customer.

This can allow you to make higher profit margins per item in some cases because the fees will be lower as you are not relying upon Amazon for logistics.

However, Amazon favors sellers that sell on Amazon FBA and will show FBA listings more prominently on Amazon, resulting in FBA sellers generally selling higher volumes of items.

This is because FBM orders generally take several days to get to the customer. However, FBA orders will usually get there the next day.   

Succeed in Amazon Sales – Researching Your Product

When you are deciding the products you want to sell it is important to make slow and calculated decisions in this step to ensure that your products are the quality you expected and there is no problems as your products travel to your country. Here is what you need to do:

  • Purchasing: Before purchasing any products it is important to ensure that you have done extensive research on the product you are going to buy and selling to ensure that there is room in your chosen market for your business to thrive. 
  • Seller Reputation: Alibaba is a common site that Amazon sellers use to connect with overseas sellers that provide them with products, on Alibaba you can view information about different suppliers such as their location and other products that they sell. Alibaba also shows reviews from people who have done business with them in the past, from this you will be able to see comments and reviews to help you determine if you should buy from this supplier or look elsewhere if the reviews look bad. 
  • Samples: It is important to get a sample of the product you are interested in selling before you purchase a higher volume of products. Samples allow you to assess the quality of the product and determine if it is the quality you expected or not. Purchasing samples can help you avert significant headaches down the line if your products aren’t up to scratch.  


If you have done your research and have some capital to start your business, you can succeed in Amazon sales. Selling on Amazon could provide opportunities to foster a relatively consistent and passive income.

Remember to be mindful of scammers out there who prey on this type of optimistic thinking. If you find yourself a victim of an online scam you should contact your bank and investment fraud lawyers who will be able to maximize the chances you will get your money back.  

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