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If you’ve got a new product launch, Instagram should be high on your list of marketing channels. It offers a huge and diverse audience over more than a billion monthly active users. On top of that, it has a stunning variety of creative features to help you get your content seen by the people that matter.

Want to use Instagram to build buzz for your new product launch? Read on for a few tips to get you started.

Instagram is great for product promotion, but it’s just one part of a social media strategy you need to embrace in 2022.

Get your profile perfect and product-ready

Your Instagram profile plays an important role in your new product launch. If you’re attracting new leads who might not be familiar with your brand, your profile will help convey your brand values and guide them onto your online store.

Consequently, it’s worth spending time crafting the perfect Instagram profile. This starts with your bio.

Your bio is where you will redirect people from your posts, and it will be one of the first things new leads check out when looking at your brand.

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As well as completing all required fields (name, location, website, etc), use the opportunity to convey your brand through copy.

Concisely explain what your business does and what it offers.

Short and snappy helps quickly convey who you are and what you do to new customers.

Clickable tags are of particular importance here. Include a branded hashtag for your product launch (more on this later) in your bio to let prospective leads trawl UGC related to your new product.

People can click these to easily see all content related to your new product hashtag.

Consider also temporarily updating your website URL to a dedicated landing page for your new product, where they can learn more and sign up for updates.

This will help when you direct your followers to your ‘link in bio’ in your feed content in the lead up to your final launch.


Create a branded product hashtag to collate your content

On Instagram, hashtags are everything.

They are what interlink every piece of visual content on the platform, helping users find the photos, videos, images, and accounts that they want to see.

So how can you implement hashtag research for your new product launch?

Start by identifying hashtags related to your product using a hashtag research tool.

Enter the keywords that describe your product and use a selection of the most popular and less popular so drive a blend of diverse traffic to your product promotional content.

As mentioned earlier, if you’re creating a sustained product launch strategy, consider using a branded hashtag to let you gather all related content under the same umbrella.

A branded hashtag makes it easier to collate all promotional content for your product for prospective customers to access.

 A designated branded hashtag for your product launch is also useful if you take your strategy onto other platforms too.


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Update your Story regularly with teaser content

Instagram Stories offer you a creative, dynamic way to connect with your audience and promote new products.

These short images or clips, available for 24 hours and no longer (unless you save them to your Highlights), are perfect for delivering teasers relating to your new product.

The best way to do this is to evoke mystery in your Stories. For instance, soundbites of people reviewing your product (e.g. “it made my life so much easier”) are perfect for piquing your audience’s curiosity.

Invite engagement with your promotional strategy by using the various Stickers available to you.

The hashtag Sticker lets you share your branded hashtag on the Story, while the questions Sticker lets you field queries from your followers about your new product.

Share your responses on your Story so your wider audience can see them too.

Finally, collect all your product-related Stories into a dedicated Highlights reel on your profile. This lets people who missed them view them again at a later date.

Consider investing in targeted paid ads

While launching an organic product promotional strategy on Instagram is viable, investing in paid ads lets you take it that bit further.

These can be targeted to help you reach those specific customer segments who are likely to be interested in your new product, increasing conversions as a result.

Take the time to optimize your ad through A/B testing.

If you’re promoting a new product, conversions are crucial. Plus, as you’re paying for the privilege, it’s worth getting it right.

Finally, your ad should lead to an engaging landing page.

Communicate the features of your product and the benefits they provide in a clear and concise manner.

Include two or three high-quality photos (or screenshots, where applicable) or a video to illustrate your product in action through visuals.

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Create content that addresses customer pain points

The content you share on your Instagram in the period leading up to your product launch should focus on the pain points that your customers have and that your new product solves.

Open your captions by explicitly referring to this pain point.

Captions over 125 characters get truncated, so keep it short and snappy to compel your followers to click the See More button.

Build on this opening statement by positioning your product as the solution to that specific problem, ending with a CTA to visit the aforementioned link in your profile. 

Find relevant imagery that captures the sentiment of that pain point too.

For instance, if you’re launching a customer relationship management system, you might use a graphic of a frustrated worker stressed out and gnawing on a pencil. 

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This would be accompanied by a caption of “do you struggle to keep track of your customer relationships?”

This is just an example of course, but it illustrates the importance of image relevancy to your copy.

Instagram offers brands plenty of opportunities to reach new customers, engage existing ones, and showcase your brand.

But it’s also a fine channel for creating buzz for a new product launch.

Follow the tips above and create a sustained promotional campaign that launches your product to the splash it deserves in 2022.


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