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Are you considering using social media to support your employee retention? It has proven to be a valuable tool in the workplace. Managers and workers can use it for promoting communication, establishing a brand presence and strengthening workplace relationships.

About 60% of companies believe it supports the processes of decision-making and say it increases connection among employees.

If you decide social media use in the workplace is right for your business, follow these tips to keep your employees focused and productive.

Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace

While social media in the workplace can be a concern to employers, many benefits advocate its use. 

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1. Increases Employee Engagement

Once social media use takes effect, you’ll notice a strengthening of workplace relationships.

Encouraging the use of social media (to a point) allows employees to collaborate, introduce innovative ideas and promote emotional intelligence.

While employees engage with each other online, they also retain their awareness of the company’s brand.

Overall, an increase in engagement means motivation and a successful day of work. 

2. Keeps Everyone up to Date

Without social media, employees tend to miss out on what’s happening within the company. 

When it’s used, the streamlining of communication keeps everyone aware of the latest news.

Creating a platform for everyone to communicate internally allows the organization to discuss issues, solutions and insights. Allowing employees to collaborate in this environment achieves efficiency in productivity and encourages supportive ideas. 

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3. Expands Branding

Social media benefits the company as well as employee morale. Employers can maintain the company’s brand presence by mentioning workers online. Highlighting employees and their fantastic work can attract top talent and help them develop their branding.

How can you use social media to increase employee retention?


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Establish Awareness

Social media use in the workplace can increase employee motivation.

However, a few steps are needed to achieve this goal.

Start with choosing a channel you would like your company and its employees to use.

Discuss with your workers why the use of social media matters and how you will greatly appreciate their efforts.

Establish awareness around the workplace by motivating your employees to share the company’s content.

Employees will feel more involved and you’ll increase your brand’s presence online.  


Create a Workplace Policy Surrounding Social Media Use

If you already have social media experts managing your company’s profiles, have them train your employees on proper usage.

Social media can become a distraction if employees abuse it, but you can take measures to prevent this from happening.

Enforcing proper training in the workplace establishes guidelines moving forward.

These policies will assist you in keeping your employees on track with their productivity. 


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Encourage Employees to Share Content by Offering Incentives

Have your marketing team develop content and allow your employees to share it on their profiles.

Keep track of social media performance by using analytics tools and incentivize their hard work.

You can offer incentives such as gift cards, cash and material items.

Rewards can increase your employee retention rate, so people may feel like contributing more and having fun while doing it.

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Praise Your Employees and Celebrate Special Events

You must recognize your employees for all the hard work they do. Start using social media to highlight their accomplishments.

Placing a spotlight increases connection, and it helps your workers know they’re appreciated.

Your company can positively affect the workplace by welcoming new employees and sharing content surrounding their backgrounds.

You can also put the spotlight on seasoned employees by sharing their success stories.

Post relevant content for special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones.

Make your employees feel like they are part of the work family will increase their investment in your company.

Do you also have a memorable moment to share?

Posting content regarding holidays, special award events and funny workplace moments creates a happier environment and strengthens your company’s reputation.

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Make Internal Social Media Groups

Boost the overall dynamic of the workplace by creating a private group on Facebook.

Allow your employees to gain access to the group to share photos, innovative ideas and solutions for the company.

Private groups allow your business to improve communication and collaboration.

As time progresses, your employees will feel like they are part of the community, making work that much more meaningful and exciting to them.

Social Media in a New Perspective

Most employers believe that social media prevents employees from getting their work done in a timely manner.

However, social media has proven to increase productivity, support employee retention and inspire innovation within the workplace.

You can become the place that everyone wants to join by embracing the use of social media.

While social can support your company’s brand presence, it can also make a large impact on attracting potential employees.

Now that you see a new perspective on social media in the workplace, will you try it?

Test the use of social media to see if it truly works for your company.

Be sure to establish those guidelines first and start conducting new training on your employees.

If you see that social media in the workplace is going forth in a positive direction, you’ll end up asking yourself why you haven’t started before.

So instead of waiting to make your employees happy, allow this method to unfold for a few months.

Within that time frame, you can make a new chart to compare your productivity stats, and this will allow you to see that social media may not be as counterproductive as you thought it was before.

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