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Guide to SmartLoop by Tailwind for Autoscheduling on Pinterest

That’s a mouthful isn’t it? All I can say is thank goodness Tailwind has come out with the SmartLoop option – finally! Since BoardBooster is no more this is just what bloggers need to make pinning life even more of a breeze. What the SmartLoop Pinterest scheduling option basically is, is the ability to reshare your BEST Pinterest pins at the very best times. Meaning, when they receive the most engagement from your audience. This is great for several reasons!

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  • You can stay consistently active on Pinterest with minimal effort
  • You can make sure you’re not sharing duplicate content
  • You can keep up with those group board rules! Huge!
  • You can maximize your engagement
  • You can stay relevant with Seasonal content that shares up what your viewers want to see when they want to see it!
  • Your account is entrusted to an Official Pinterest Partner Tool!

Here’s how to use the SmartLoop option on Pinterest!

Once in your Tailwind dashboard head over to the left-hand side and click on the “Publisher” tab. Then select “SmartLoop.”

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This will bring you to the Tailwind SmartLoop dashboard. Here is where you can create different loops for your pins. Click the button that says New Loop.


Then you can choose between an Evergreen Loop or a Seasonal Loop.

Evergreen Smartloops will cycle through year-round. This is great for your content that is always relevant.

Seasonal SmartLoops you can set to only share at certain times of the year. This is perfect for holiday and seasonal content.

For example, you may set up a seasonal loop for your Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas related content that is shared from October to December, but then you can turn off the rest of the year.


Naming Your SmartLoop

It is important to name your loop something that will make it easy for you to remember.

Here is how I name my Smartloops for my Personal Boards vs. Group Boards.

For personal boards I always do E – (the E is the first letter of my name) and then the name of the board that I am looping.

So for example, for my personal board on Healthy eating tips I have it set up as H- Healthy. That way I know that loop is one of my personal boards and it is looping my content on my Parenting board.

For Group boards I do GB ( GB for group board) and then the type of content that I am looping.
So for example, for blogging content, I would have it be GB – Blogging Tips and Ideas and then set it up to post to all of my group boards that allow blogging content.


Adding Boards To Your SmartLoop

When adding boards to your SmartLoop you can add just one board, like if you wanted to just loop content on your personal boards, select multiple boards individually, or add entire Board Lists.

Once you have selected the boards that you want to loop you can click “Next: Add Your Pins” in the bottom right corner.

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Adding Your Pins To Your Loop

Next you can select which pins you want to add to your Tailwind Smartloop. You can filter your content a few ways.

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By Board – This is great if you are looping just one personal board or if you have content on a specific board that you want to schedule out to your group boards.

Your Most Popular Content – Tailwind will sort through your most popular pins so you can select your highest performing content to share.

You can also sort by just pins from your domain or from all pins you have on your boards. Right now the majority of the pins that I am looping are from my domain.

If you have a board where you pin all of the content from your site then I recommend filtering by that board and then you can quickly scan through and select the pins that are relevant to your loop you are setting up.

To select pins click on the ones you would like to include in your SmartLoop. This will then create a blue border around that pin that shows it has been selected.

Once you’ve selected all the pins you want in the loop click next to set up your schedule.


Setting Your Tailwind SmartLoop Schedule

Now you can schedule how often you want your loop to be pinning, how frequently you want that same pin to be pinned to ANY board and then it will give you an estimate of how long it will take to cycle through your loop before it starts repeating again.

If you have a lot of content on in the loop or a lot of boards to schedule to you can set it to schedule more pins per day. For smaller selections start with 1-3 pins per day.

When selecting how long to wait before the pin is pinned to another board is totally your call. If you are pinning to a lot of high volume group boards then this can be a much smaller number. If you are posting to fewer boards or slower boards you may want to spread this out a bit.

Once you have the settings how you want it hit “Create Loop” and you are done!

Setting Up Board Rules

Some group boards have rules for how often you can pin to that board. Using Tailwind’s Board Rules feature you can make sure that you are complying with those group rules.

Using the Tailwind SmartLoop you can set up Board Rules for each individual board so you don’t spam your group boards or break rules that could get you kicked out.

To set up a Board Rule click on the blue button that says “Board Rules” then click “ Add Board Rule”.

This will bring up a list of all of your personal and group boards. Select which board you would like to edit and it will add it to the bottom of your Board Rules.

Then you can edit how often you want any of your Smartloops to pin to that board.

Once you’ve updated all of your Board Rules click “Save.”

How To Add New Pins To Your SmartLoop

The steps I showed you above are perfect for any of your existing content, but what about when you are pinning new pins?

When using the Tailwind scheduler or Chrome Extension click like you were going to schedule the pin and then go down below the pin description and click on “Add to SmartLoop”.

Then you can select which of your Loops you would like to add the pin to. Check any of the loops you would like and then click “ Add to Loops.”

I’ve been loving using Tailwind’s SmartLoop to recycle the content on both of my blogs!

If you want to try using the SmartLoop you can do 250 looped pins per month included with your regular Tailwind plan or you can grab a Power Up to add more looped pins to your plan.

What do you think? Will you try the Tailwind SmartLoop?

Comment below and let me know what you think!


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